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Diabetes: Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

Diabetes is one of the deadliest diseases out of all the deadly diseases. Most human beings are suffering from this disease, and even after......

Diabetes: Introduction

Your life is not like a cigarette stuck between two fingers to smoke and throw it somewhere.

Diabetes is one of the deadliest diseases out of all the deadly diseases. Most human beings are suffering from this disease, and even after prolonged treatment, many patients get untimely death. 

New patients often die if they are not treated promptly.

Diabetes: Symptoms

This disease usually occurs to those people who give a lot of rest to their bodies and do very little work of physical exertion.
This disease is very less in women who do household chores.

In this disease, 65% of patients die due to the hardening of the arteries of the human body.

Types of Diabetes:

It is of two types-

1. Diabetes Insipidus (polyuria),
2. Diabetes Mellitus.

1. Polyurea (Diabetes Insipidus):

Symptoms of polyuria disease  

1. In this disease, watery urine comes in more quantity and more frequently because the water-conserving capacity of the kidney is reduced.
2. In this disease, the patient passes about one gallon of urine in 24 hours, resulting in dehydration

Cause to disease of polyuria:

1. This disease occurs due to the low secretion of vasopressin or anti-diuretic (ADH) hormone secreted by the pituitary gland
2.  It arises due to the consumption of more cold water and feeling cold.
3. Due to working hard with muscle weakness.
4. This disease arises when there is mental stimulation.
5. Constipation.
6. Drinking too much alcohol causes this disease.

Home remedies for polyuria:

1. Keep the stomach clean and remove constipation.
2. Do light exercise every day in the open space.
3. Consume alkaline food (fruits, vegetables).
4. Add lemon juice to the water and drink it a lot.
5. After eating roasted gram, eat jaggery from above.
6. Eat ajwain and sesame together.
7. Petha sweets can be eaten.
9. Eat an apple.
10. Drink hot water for a few days, then drink only cold water.
11. Wear warm clothes to keep the body warm.

Homeopathic medicine for polyuria:

1. Excess amount of urine, more at night, inability to hold urine, urinating when coughing, more in old person --- Caustium 200 + Belladonna 200 
2. Excessive burning of urine, little or no more - Cantharis 200 + Belladonna 200
3. Medicine to cure many urinary diseases - Sarsaparilla 200 
4. Get treatment from an intelligent homeopathic doctor.

2. Diabetes Mellitus:

Carbohydrate foods convert into glucose as a result of digestion and provide energy to the body after assimilation into the mitochondria of cells. But in diabetic patients, glucose is not absorbed properly and the level of sugar in the blood remains high. Due to which destructive actions start taking place in the body.
Due to the increase in the unnecessary sugar level in the blood, the kidneys start excreting sugar along with urine.

Symptoms of Diabetes Mellitus:

1. First there is a lot of hunger, then gradually it decreases or it seems more and more.
2. The weight is reduced rapidly.
3. Severe dizziness, headache, fainting.
4. Asthenia, dryness of the skin.
5. Shortness of breath.
6. Irregular heart rate, high blood pressure.
7. Fever 
8. Eye Disorders  
9. Boils, carbuncles do not heal quickly.
10. Neurological Disorders. 

Cause of diabetes:

1. This disease arises due to the under secretion of hypoglycemic hormone insulin secreted by beta cells of the pancreas.

Function of insulin- This allows glucose to enter the cell. In the absence of insulin, glucose cannot enter the cell properly.
2. Anxiety, anger, fear, grief, attachment, greed, etc. mental disorders give rise to this disease.
3. With malnutrition, working more at a young age and consuming more carbohydrates.
4. Most obese people and people who do not have physical exertion and are lazy and who eat more delicious food become prone to this disease.
5. 90% of diabetics are either obese or have been obese.

Insulin injections, tablets should be used only to control diabetes, otherwise the habit of taking insulin will soon lead to death.

Home remedies for Diabetes Mellitus:

1. After fasting for a few days, eat milk and fruits (oranges, pineapple, grapes, mangoes, pomegranates, apples, etc.) and raw green greens.
2. After 10 minutes of massaging the whole body thoroughly with mustard oil, take a bath with plain cold water.
3. Exercise vigorously, and walk-in pure air.
4. Keep constipation away.
5. Eat 10 neem leaves + 5 black peppers on an empty stomach in the morning and drink lukewarm water.
6. Grind bitter gourd + 10 bael leaves + 5 black pepper and take it thrice a day.
7. Grind blackberry kernels + blackberry leaves + little rock salt as required and drink it.
8. Drink a little water of acacia gum regularly.

Homeopathic medicine for Diabetes Mellitus:

1. To get rid of diabetes - Take 10-20 drops of Alfalfa Q four times a day.

2. Eugenia Jambolina Q for quick relief from diabetes, take 10-20 drops four times a day.
3. If there is severe pain in the feet due to diabetes, then for complete relief from diabetes disease - Sulphur 1M one dose at an interval of five days  
4. If the patient with diabetes already has symptoms of incomplete assimilation then - Silicea 1 M

Or get treatment from a specialized homeopathic doctor.
Diabetes diseases are also cured by allopathic medicines, but it is very important to organize your diet and lifestyle for complete health.

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