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Apple benefits | 10 important benefits of eating apples

“An apple a day, keeps the doctor away”. In this article we have described 10 important benefits of eating apples by which this old adage remains

Hi, In this article we have described 10 important properties of apple (Apple benefits). With the help of this article, you will be able to know and take advantage of 10 important properties of Apple.

10 Special Benefits of Eating Apple

“An apple a day, keeps the doctor away”. In this article we have described 10 important benefits of eating apples by which this old adage remains relevant even today.

Apple benefits

1. Apple for Diabetes Management/Management on Diabetes

The pectin present in a fruit called apple increases the body’s production of galacturonic acid, which reduces the body’s need for insulin, and thus apple also aids in diabetes management. Therefore, diabetic patients are advised to eat two apples every morning and evening so that they can get rid of diabetes quickly.

2. Apple to prevent colon (large bowel) and liver cancer

Scientists found in studies that rats who were fed apple peel extract did not have an increased risk of colon cancer by 43%.

According to other scientific research, the pectin present in apples reduces the risk of colon cancer (intestinal cancer) and helps in maintaining a healthy digestive tract.

A third study conducted on rats found that the risk of liver cancer was reduced by 60% in rats that ate apple peel extract.

According to Indian Ayurvedic system of medicine, since ancient times, it is recommended to eat one or two apples after two hours of every meal to keep the digestive system strong and healthy.

3. Apple to prevent lung cancer

According to a scientific research done on 10000 people in a country called Finland, people who ate maximum amount of apples, their risk of getting lung cancer was reduced by 50%. Researchers attribute this to the high level of flavonoids quercetin and naringin, a chemical found in apples. Therefore, by eating apple daily or drinking its fresh juice, lung cancer can be avoided and the condition of lung cancer patients improves.

4. Apples to Prevent Breast Cancer

Researchers from Cornell University found that rats who ate an apple per day reduced their risk of breast cancer by 18%. The risk of breast cancer was reduced by 37% in mice fed 3 apples per day, and the risk of breast cancer decreased by 44% in mice fed 6 apples per day.

According to Ayurveda, today breast cancer patients are advised to eat more quantity and it also benefits the patients, because apple has unique properties of blood purification.

5. Apples to Lower Cholesterol

The pectin found in apples effectively lowers LDL or Bed cholesterol. By beginning to eat two apples per day, an obese person can reduce cholesterol by more than 20%.

6. Apples to Prevent Alzheimer’s

A study conducted on rats at Cornell University found that a chemical found in apples called quercetin protects brain cells from a type of free radical damage that causes Alzheimer’s disease. Apple has unique properties in protecting against Alzheimer’s disease and currently most of the Alzheimer’s patients are consuming apple in their diet and getting the benefits.

7. Apple for Strong Bones

Scientific researchers in France found that a flavonoid, called floridgin, is found only in apples and not in other fruits. It also protects post menopausal women from osteoporosis. At the same time, it also increases bone density, because apples contain phosphorus, which combines with calcium to form bones. That is, it makes the bones strong and strong. Another element found in apples is boron, which gives advance strength to the bones.

8. Apple to prevent Asthma

According to research conducted at the National Lung and Heart Institute of America on children with asthma, children with asthma who consumed apple juice daily, compared to children with asthma who only once a month. Bar consumed apple juice, shortness of breath decreased.

Another study found that babies whose mothers consumed more apples during pregnancy had a significantly lower risk of developing asthma; But those mothers who did not consume apples during pregnancy. Asthma patients are advised to take one or two daily after meals and it also benefits the patients. In this way, by consuming apples continuously for a few days, the disease of asthma is cured.

9. Apples to Boost Immunity

Studies done in relation to immune boosters show that there is a special fiber called pectin found in apples which increases the level of immune-supporting proteins. Therefore, consuming only one apple in a day can save you from many diseases, because when your immune system is strong, you will be protected from many types of diseases.

10. Apples To Lose Weight

When usually obese people start consuming three apples daily in their diet.

If we eat, then they are able to reduce their unnecessary weight easily as compared to dieting, that is, their excess weight / obesity is reduced, because apple has amazing property of reducing bad cholesterol and unnecessary fat.

Caution in consumption of apple

If the patient has symptoms of bleeding / hemorrhagic disease (blood bleeding, hemorrhagic cancer, heavy bleeding etc.); That is, apple is not consumed in the condition of blood flowing through the body.


We have described ten important properties of consuming apples in this article. We believe that this article will prove beneficial for you.

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