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Blogger post fast indexing SEO tips

I have discussed about Blogger post fast indexing SEO tips, the post writing method, and its SEO setting which will help in this blogger’s SEO and....

Helpful SEO Tips: Settings SEO

In this post, I have discussed about Blogger post fast indexing SEO tips, the post writing method, and its SEO setting which will help in this blogger’s SEO and high ranking.

Blogger post fast indexing SEO tips

Basic Settings

Use unique keywords to help your site show up high in search results. For this, give a unique name to the URL and title of your blog website.

Enter the Description and Meta Description for your website. You can easily do all this by going to Blogger’s Settings Panel.

Privacy Settings

Make your blog eligible for search engine crawl to allow search engines to find your blog-

Sign in to blogger.

In the top left, select the blog you want.

From the menu on the left, click on the ‘Settings‘ option.

Under “Privacy,” turn on Visible to search engines.

Publishing Settings

When using a custom domain, turn on Redirect Domains. That is, redirect the domain to

HTTPS Settings

Enable HTTPS availability and HTTPS redirect in the HTTPS section.

Meta tags Settings

In the Meta tags section, ‘Enable search description’ and write a search description about your blog in 150 characters. This is the Meta description of your blog website.

Crawlers and indexing Settings

You can turn on ‘Enable custom robots.txt‘ in the Crawlers and indexing section if you want to add your custom robots.txt. But if you keep it off, then robots.txt is automatically set according to the SEO on behalf of the blogger.

Enable custom robots header tags and then set Home page tagsArchive and search page tags, and Post and page tags very intelligently.

Turn on all and noodp in ‘Home page tags’. 

In ‘Archive and search page tags’, just turn on noodp

Turn on all and noodp in ‘Post and page tags’ for better search results and faster indexing of each post.

Submit your blog website to search engines (Google Search Console, Bing Webmaster, and Yandex).

Blogger Post SEO (On-Page-SEO)

Paying attention to SEO while creating posts or writing articles in Blogger is an important part of on-page SEO. Many people who use Blogger do not understand how they have to give the title of the blogger post and make sure to put the heading, subheading, etc. The level also has to be put in keeping in mind the SEO. Permalinks etc. also have to be determined as per SEO. Otherwise, the blogger post does not rank in Google. So let’s see how to do SEO of blogger posts.

SEO of Title and Headings

The title of a blogger post is Major Heading or H1 Heading. So you should keep it in mind that there should not be any other H1 heading inside blogger posts, because having two or three H1 headings is not good for SEO and hinders the rank of the post.
Keep other headings inside the post H2, H3, and H4 only, that is, use heading, sub-heading use minor-heading only. According to SEO, limit the blog post title to 60 characters only. If possible, do keyword research and put the title.

SEO of Paragraphs in Blogger Post

Apart from the heading, whatever paragraph you write in the blog post, keep in mind that it should be user-friendly and in small pieces. Do not use more colors. Do not even use translation, that is, if you are writing the post in the English language, then do not translate it and write it there in Hindi or any other language. Use only one language while writing a post.
Bold the main keyword of your block post wherever it appears in the paragraph of the blog post. Doing this is good for SEO and search engines catch your blog posts quickly.

Image SEO in Blogger Post

According to new changes in Google and other search engines, now only those images are put forward on websites that are in WebP format. That is, there has been a demand to use Next Generation Images. Therefore, instead of using JPG or PNG images in your blogger post, convert that image to a WebP image and use it. This is because the WebP image is of less KB and gets loaded very quickly and this does not have a negative effect on the speed of the website. 
Be sure to write alt text and title text related to the post in the image of your blog post. You can write this easily by clicking on the image and clicking on the setting.
For this, Add an image to your post and click on it.Click on setting to edit.In the “Alt text” section: Type a longer description.In the “Title text” section: Write a short description.
To remove image scratching, by opening the post in HTML mode, auto-set the height in the coding of the image and set the weight to 100%. 
Avoid using more images, it is better to use one image per 400 words.

SEO of Labels in Blogger Posts

Be sure to put a label in each of your blog posts. Put only one label in one of your blog posts. Using more than one label in a blog post or not applying the level will result in a breadcrumbs error in Google Search Console and your post will not be indexed in Google.

SEO of Permalink in Blogger Posts

If you write the title of your blog post in the English language, then the permalink or link of your blog post will be made in English according to SEO. But if you are using any other language in your blog post title then you need to create a custom permalink for SEO. To create a custom permalink, you should use only small letters in English and not give any space in between. Use a hyphen (-) to separate words in the permalink. Do not make the permalink too long.

SEO of Search description in Blogger Posts

Be sure to write the search description in your blog post, because it becomes the meta description of your blog post and is very important for SEO. You can write it in only 150 characters.

SEO of Location in Blogger Posts

You must set the location of your blog post because of which country this blog post is related to and where it should appear most often. This is extremely necessary. If you do not add the location, then that blog post of yours will not appear in Google search results. That is, if someone is searching for something related to your post, then your blog post will not be indexed there. If you keep the location set, the index will be there. If you have given the title of your blog post by doing keyword research, then you must have known in which country this blog post of ours will rank higher. You add that country to the location of the blog post.
It is not that if you add a location to your blog post, then it will not be visible in other places. It is not like that at all, it will be visible everywhere but will be visible exclusively at that location.

SEO of Custom robots tags in Blogger Posts

You can also set custom robot tags in your blog posts as you wish, but by default or by default, which helps in fast indexing.

Other SEO of your Blogger Posts

You can also add a link to your other blog post in your blog post if the words of that post have come in this post or also by reading. By doing this, visitors can stay on your blog post for a long time, which helps in Google ranking. There are other SEO tips that you will understand while blogging continuously for a few days.


In this article, I have described the important setting related to On-Page SEO of the blog post. In the next post, I will try to explain the customization of the blogger theme and the required meta tags and other important parts of the theme or template. How did you like my SEO experience, please let us know by commenting.

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