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Create a WordPress site on Azure: Full Guide

When it comes to Create a WordPress site on Azure, Microsoft Azure is also one of the most popular open source CMS creating platforms.

WordPress on Microsoft Azure: Introduction

When it comes to Create a WordPress site on Azure, Microsoft Azure is also one of the most popular open source CMS creating platforms. This is because Microsoft Azure provides user friendly feature. Plus 40+ service access with a 12-month free trial plus $200 credits for 30 days, which you can use on the paid service.

Create a WordPress site on Azure: Full Guide

The Microsoft company launched the Azure cloud computing service in 2010 to help developers build and deploy Web apps, storage, and backups in the cloud, with data centers located around the world. WordPress is a popular and full-fledged open source Content Management System (CMS) that can be used to create general websites, marketing websites, business websites, blogs and other applications. More than 35% of web blogs to major news websites use WordPress. With the help of Microsoft Azure, you can launch your own WordPress in few simple and easy steps.

In this article, you will learn how to build your WordPress site in Azure App Service on Linux or Windows using WordPress from Azure Marketplace. It uses the Basic tier and covers the cost for your initial Azure subscription.

Steps to Create a WordPress site on Azure

Since we think that there is not much advanced information available on the Internet about Microsoft Azure, because we also could not launch successful WordPress on Azure at first, then after three or four attempts to build our own successful WordPress. It is very difficult for new users to understand which Azure system is where and how it works. So, let us go through all the steps you can take to have a successful WordPress launch from Azure:

1. First of all, you have to create a Microsoft account with your own email id.

2. Now you will open the Microsoft Azure Cloud website, and then click on the Start Free button given in it. Now you need to log in with a Microsoft account, and complete a few registration steps. To complete this registration step, you must have a credit card and mobile number linked with your bank. After verifying with the OTP sent by Azure and the OTP sent by the bank, your registration step will be completed, and then you will be able to access the Dashboard of Azure.

3. Now you will launch your desired WordPress from there Marketplace in few easy steps. Your primary WordPress launching URL will be given as to which you can launch your WordPress by adding the /wp-admin attachment. But we recommend that if you want to place your WordPress on a custom domain, do not launch WordPress at this default URL.

4. Add your custom domain for your WordPress to Azure.

5. Create an SSL or TLS certificate for your WordPress from Azure in your custom domain and set it up on your custom domain.

6. Now you will get your custom domain URL for your WordPress by Azure, to which you can launch your WordPress by adding /wp-admin attachment.

7. Since your WordPress site and WordPress admin dashboard will be open on your custom domain as well as the default primary URL given by Azure ( and whatever activities you will do in your WordPress admin dashboard, Along with your custom domain, the default primary URL ( will also appear. You have to fix this problem, otherwise your WordPress website will not rank and you will get duplicate content error.

After you launch the WordPress website for free with the help of Microsoft Azure, your website will be completely blocked by Microsoft Azure on the seventh or eighth day from the day of launch and you will receive a message in the email asking you to upgrade. will be called. So don't panic, just choose the subscription according to your plan and click on the upgrade button. You will not be charged anything for 12 months, only your subscription will be added. You can cancel it anytime. By choosing a subscription, your website will immediately start running the same way.


These are the seven important steps to a successful WordPress launch by Azure. We will describe all these steps in detail in other articles to be published on this website.

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