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How to create web stories for Blogger

If you are not using the WordPress CMS platform or are using Blogger, Joomla or other CMS platforms by not operating your website on WordPress, you...

Web Stories

Many people wonder how to create web stories for blogger. Web stories are AMP webpage that can be easily viewed in the Stories section of the Google or Chrome search engine’s Discover on Android devices. In addition, you can view web stories as gadgets in multiple websites by Android or non-Android (Windows, Chromebook, Linux) devices. Each of these web stories is at least five pages, and each page contains some text with images, videos or audios and hyperlinking is also done, so that visitors to those web stories can access the original websites through hyperlinks. to reach.

Benefits of web stories

Since most of the people always use Android or Smartphone and are always watching something or the other on the internet. To do this, they often use the Google or Chrome search engine, and as soon as a person opens the Google or Chrome search engine, he first sees the Discover section, in which he sees the web stories of many websites. . This is because web stories are AMP based and go to Google Discover very soon after they are published.

How to create web stories for Blogger

Its biggest advantage is that high quality organic traffic is generated through hyperlinks placed on web stories to the original website or to the articles or posts published on it. Along with this, advertisements are also placed on web stories, through which the person gets financial benefits. Provided that, web stories are created and published following all the rules of search engines like Google and after that getting more traffic through Discover.

In this way, the owners of websites create and publish web stories to keep their website and the posts published on it connected with their readers or visitors, in which they often make interesting brief descriptions about a post.

We recommend you follow our best practices and experiences below for creating web stories to keep your readers engaged. Focus on the important tasks first.

How to create web stories

To create web stories for your website, you must first decide which CMS platform you are using, such as (WordPress, Blogger, Joomla or Drupal).

If you are using the WordPress CMS platform or running your website on WordPress, then it would be best for you to create and publish web stories for your website through the Google Web Stories plugin. You can use this plugin absolutely free. just you

All you have to do is install the Google Web Stories plugin and after completing a few settings, you can create and publish beautiful web stories.

If you are not using the WordPress CMS platform or are using Blogger, Joomla or other CMS platforms by not operating your website on WordPress, you can access your website through the web story creation tool websites recommended by Google. Create and publish the best web stories for But for this it is necessary that you are using custom domain in your website. Some of the best web story making tool websites are listed below:

1. Visual Stories
. MakeStories 
3.Newsroom AI

Since web stories are often created by website owners, but even if you do not own or do not want to operate any website, you can still create and publish web stories with the help of webstories creators tool websites.

Best Web Story Builders For Bloggers

As Google recommends and guidelines for web stories, links or URLs to web stories should be direct or based on your main website’s URL. That’s why we’ve come to the realization that Visual Stories is the best web story builder for bloggers by working on a number of web story creation tool websites and through Google’s guidelines. This is because, with the help of Visual Stories, you can create beautiful, SEO friendly, high-ranking, unlimited and free web stories on your own hosting and domain base by creating a subdomain or subfolder based web stories blog, and on your website. Along with getting more traffic, you can get more economic benefits. To do this, all its steps and guidelines are available on the Visual Stories website. You can visit here to see more of its benefits, and understand the setting steps.

Here I will only say in the context of Visual Stories setup for bloggers that if you are controlling your domain’s DNS hosting or DNS control by Cloudflare or AWS then you can create subfolder based web stories blog in Visual Stories . Otherwise, you should create a subdomain based web stories blog, so that only a few DNS records can complete the settings. However, I will explain the Visual Stories setup for bloggers in detail in another post.

Important guidelines for creating a web story

When you create a web story, take advantage of the guidelines below to make your webstory look more engaging.

1. Video is more engaging than text or images. As much as possible, use video in web stories, and supplement them with images and text.

2. Decrease your number of characters and convey your point in an engaging way with fewer words. If you are using text then use user friendly animations with clearly visible fonts and designs.

3. Provide high quality content in your web story that is useful and interesting to your readers. Briefly include a complete story. Keep the title, description and other text within the word limit given there.

4. You make sure Google Search can find your story. Do not include the noindex attribute in your story. Additionally, add your web stories to Google Search Console and sitemaps.

5. Make the story AMP valid, as web stories must be valid AMP pages. To avoid invalid AMP issues, test your story using the AMP Verifier tool and correct any errors found quickly.

6. Do not include text in the poster image and avoid using images that contain text, as it can disrupt the title of your story when users preview your story in search results. If users are unable to clearly read the title because of a texted poster image (first page), they may be less likely to continue on that story.


Dear Friends! In this article we have provided initial information about web story, which we have learned and leveraged from experience. We hope that you have also understood about web story and also learned to create high-ranking web story. If you want to know more about this or you have not understood anything, then write in the comment box below.

Thanks for reading: How to create web stories for Blogger, Please, share this article. If this article helped you, then you must write your feedback in the comment box.

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