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How to improve Blogger site ranking on Google

So, I am told in the article that how to improve Blogger site ranking on Google.

Improve Blogger Site’s Google Ranking

Making a website on Google’s Blogger platform and launching it globally is as easy as bringing more traffic to the Blogger site than it is more difficult. And it is fair that when your blogger site will not get much traffic, then you will be unable to reach your knowledge to more people and when it comes to earning, you’re earning through advertisements will also be very less. It is often difficult to get more traffic and a higher ranking in Google due to the lack of SEO customization and many SEO plugins on Blogger sites as compared to other site hosting providers. So, I am told in the article that how to improve Blogger site ranking on Google.

Blogger site ranking on Google

But it is not that the websites made on Blogger do not get traffic; You can get more high-quality traffic from Google to your blogger website, just by adopting some special methods and those special methods I am describing in this article.

If you can get a high ranking on Google, then you can get more traffic to your website through Bing search engine, Yahoo search engine, and other search engines as well. So let’s see what are the ways by which you can get maximum high-quality traffic to your blogger site and get a high ranking on Google.

Use Custom Domain

To create a website on Blogger and create a website, to get a high ranking on Google, get more high-quality traffic, and attract visitors, you must use a custom domain. You buy the domain from a good domain provider, such as Google Domains, GoDaddy, and others. You can easily set up your custom domain in the blogger’s settings.

Use Premium Blogger Theme

To get a high ranking on Google and high-quality traffic on a blogger site, you must use a premium blogger theme because if you use a free blogger theme then its loading speed is bad and It contains redundant JavaScript and CSS code that is not needed and you cannot remove them; That’s why they reduce the speed of blogger website and prevent you from getting a good ranking on Google.

If you use a premium blogger theme then you get fast speed and no unnecessary CSS, or JavaScript codes, so that your website can get more traffic for high-ranking on google. There are many more benefits to using a premium theme.

Many bloggers keep on using free blogger themes in order not to spend money and waste much of their time. But if they use a premium blogger theme by spending a little money then they will get more profit in less time.

Increase your site’s SEO

SEO is essential for any website to get a high ranking on Google and to get more traffic with high quality. SEO means Search Engine Optimization, search engine crawlers understand your website well, which topic your website is related to, what information or service it provides, and when to display it to the people on the Internet. Page SEO and Off-Page SEO are two important parts of SEO.

The following facts are included in the off-page SEO such as-

Make your blogger site visible to all,

HTTPS Enabled,

SSL certificate or TLS certificate enabled, it is very simple.

Having a domain-compliant site name or a site-name-matching domain

Meta title and meta description and other required meta descriptions to be included in the site,

Blogger site with website schema markup and other schema markup, Breadcrumbs schema, etc.

Blogger websites look to be user-friendly,

Blogger website to be mobile friendly,

Properly set up a custom robots.txt file and setup custom robots header tag,

Submit your site to Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster, and follow their guideline to complete the other steps. 

While writing content or post, doing SEO properly is called on-page SEO, which includes applying proper title and description, heading and images SEO, labeling, set location, and making proper permalink, which I will provide in detail in the next article.

Choose to post in specific areas/niche

If you want your site to get a high ranking on Google and get more high-quality traffic to your site, then it is necessary that you like to write or post articles in one specific area/niche, in which area/niche. You should know more and better about Niche. If you want, you can choose two or three areas/niches, such as blogging, news, tech, information, education, etc.

But choosing a particular niche has been seen to get more benefits from working on it.

Post on site in the English language

If you want your website to get a high ranking on Google and get more traffic, then it is more beneficial for you to write or post your article in the English language; Because the English language is a global language and Google recommends it the most. It is often seen that only English language content goes to Google Discover, which gets more traffic.

Even if you are not very well versed in English, then you can write a post in your language and convert it to the English language with the help of Google Translator, then check its grammar with the help of Grammar Checker, then publish it.

Title your post by doing keyword research

For more organic traffic, you must give the title of your post or article, or content by doing keyword research. If you include those keywords in your title, then you will get a chance to get more traffic. 

There are many free keyword research tools available on the internet, you can use any one of them.

Publish unique articles on your blog site

You should publish unique articles only on your blog site because same to the same article picked up from someone’s site ranks low on Google or Bing, and users also do not like it.

Increase your site speed

The speed of the website is responsible for ranking well on Google and getting more traffic or organic traffic of high quality.

The speed of the site built on Blogger is increased in a limited way, which are as follows-

1. Use a premium blogger theme.

2. Use only images with WebP format in the post.

3. Use a minimum of gadgets on your site.

4. Follow the guidelines of Google Search Console, Google Analytics, and SEO Checker Tool.

Get your website approved in Google News

You can take the help of Google News to get more traffic to your website and a high ranking on Google. For this, you have to open Google Publishers Center and submit your website following its guidelines. There you have to fill in your site logo and other necessary information. After a few days, your site will be approved by Google News, then your website will get more and more organic traffic from Google. 

To get more organic traffic from Google News, your website speed must be fast and your website speed should be in A grade or green label in both desktop and mobile versions. It is better if your website is AMP, but it is not necessary to be AMP. Your website should be in any language recommended by Google, it will be approved by Google News, but to get traffic from it, your website speed should be very fast and daily posts should be published on your website.

Get your website approved in Bing News

If you get your website approved in Bing News and your website starts showing in Bing News then it will get you very high-quality traffic and you will also benefit a lot from it. For this, you now open Bing PubHub and submit your site following its guidelines in it. After a few days, your website will be approved in Bing News.

You will see Bing PubHub on the bottom left side of Bing Webmaster. You can also open Bing PubHub by searching Wing Bing PubHub in the search bar. To get your website approved by Bing PubHub quickly, your website must be in English language only and follow Bing PubHub guidelines.

Use Google Question Hub

If you submit the link of your new post to Google Question Hub, you will start getting Google organic traffic very soon. Many questions are sent to Google Question Hub by Android Google users.

For this, you have to open Google Question Hub and create your profile there, verifying your website. After this, you will easily get many questions suitable for your new article there. You submit the link to your post to those questions.


These were 10 important ways that will go a long way in getting your blogger site high ranking and high-quality organic traffic. Their description here is usually only briefly, and for detailed information, information will have to be given in different posts on different topics.

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Thanks for reading: How to improve Blogger site ranking on Google, Please, share this article. If this article helped you, then you must write your feedback in the comment box.

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