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Increase battery backup of smartphone

Increase your smartphone battery backup:

Many people keep looking for ways to increase their battery backup, because nowadays, the use of smartphones is not only for calling, but people’s multitasking on it is also huge. Apart from calling, people are doing many things related to their business on this, because multitasking has become quite easy on the smartphone due to the powerful processor and high-resolution display, but it also affects the battery of the phone. Earlier, where 3000 mAh battery was considered very powerful, now smartphones with 6000 mAh battery are also available in the market, yet it is difficult to get battery backup of up to 2 days, especially if the phone starts getting old, the problems increase even more. 

Increase Battery Backup of Smartphone

Anyway, most of the electronic devices mostly use Lithium Ion or Lithium Poly batteries. Although they come with a quick charge feature, but this does not mean that the battery backup will also be good. In such a situation, by trying some methods, you can easily increase the backup and life of the battery. Those tricks we are providing you below.

1. Keep control on location tracking:

Usually, most people don’t like that the apps of the smartphone follow or they don’t want to give location permissions to the apps, and by doing that they fix it. However, it is useful when using travel apps or geotagging photos. If you keep the location service on all the time, then it also has a bad effect on the battery of the phone. In such a situation, it is better to turn off location tracking of apps that do not need location or turn on location service only when it is needed. 

If you use an iPhone, then go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services to see which app is tracking the location and which one you need to allow to track the location. On most Android devices, you can completely turn off location tracking by going to Location in Settings. If you want to avoid the hassle of turning location tracking on and off, you can use the browser app. When you exit the browser app, it turns off automatic location permissions.

2. Reduce screen brightness:

If we talk about smartphones, then more AMOLED or LCD screen is being used in most of them. It not only consumes more battery but also has a bad effect on the eyes. If you lower the brightness of your smartphone screen, not only will the battery consumption be saved, but you will also maintain a comfortable level of using the smartphone and your eyes will also be protected. 

For this, first set the screen brightness to auto mode, but sometimes even after auto setting, the display seems to be too bright, then disable it. For this, go to Settings > Display > Brightness in Android, while for iPhone you have to go to Settings > Display & Brightness. Then set the brightness according to your need. 

Apart from this, it is also important to know that the longer the display is on, its effect is also on the battery. So set the screen timeout properly. For this, you can use the auto-lock feature in the iPhone. Whereas in other Androids, you have to go to Settings> Display> Screen Timeout and then set the minimum display timing as per your requirement.

3. Use dark wallpaper:

Most users keep trying something new about the wallpaper of their smartphones. Especially now that animated and live wallpapers are becoming very much liked, which are constantly auto-updated. But it also affects the battery of the smartphone. If the smartphone has an AMOLED screen then it consumes more battery.

It is better that you use only black or dark wallpaper. This saves battery life and increases battery backup, as black pixels require less power. By the way, black wallpaper is also good for the eyes because it does not put much pressure on the eyes and it also emits less radiation. Live wallpaper consumes more battery than static wallpaper. So if you want to save battery power and increase the backup, then use static wallpaper only.

4. Turn on power-saving mode:

Nowadays devices have started coming with power-saving mode. This feature monitors the battery of the Android smartphone all the time and gets activated automatically after the battery is consumed up to the specified limit.

Once this mode is activated, it disables the non-essential apps on your smartphone. This mode is automatically turned off as soon as you connect your smartphone to the charging plug for charging. This feature has to be enabled by going to the phone’s settings. You can enable and disable it anytime by tapping on it. The iPhone also has a low power mode, which turns off background refresh visual effects and automatic downloads. You can access this feature by going to the Battery option from Settings. If you want, you can also use a special app for battery saving.

5. Use Airplane Mode: 

If the battery of the smartphone is running out fast and there is no option of charging around, then you can save the battery through Airplane Mode or Flight Mode. This prevents the battery from discharging by turning off all radio signals. To enable it, click Settings in Android by swiping down. From here you can enable Flight Mode or Airplane Mode. On the iPhone, this option will be found inside the settings.

6. Using Battery Calibration:

Battery calibration is a means by which battery performance can be improved. Most people don’t know how to use this feature. To calibrate the battery in an Android phone, no separate software is required nor does it have to be opened. 

For this, just let the phone turn itself off completely. When it’s off, then turn it back on. There is still some power left after discharge, so turn it on again and let it turn off by itself. Now charge the battery to 100%, and do not remove the charger during this time. Once the phone is fully charged, turn it on and then charge it again. When the battery power shows 100%, then turn it off and then charge it once. The restart process has to be done two or three times. This is the battery calibration. 

Keep in mind that if a lithium-ion battery is repeatedly discharged, performance is affected. Therefore, the battery of the phone should not be allowed to discharge again and again. Battery calibration can be done once in 40 to 50 days.

7. The correct way to charge a smartphone:

If you put your smartphone in charging again and again, then you should avoid it because it affects the life and backup of the battery. Often users put the phone in charge even after having a 40% to 50% battery, which is not correct. Only charge the battery power when it reaches 20% and never charge the phone to more than 90%. This increases the battery life and gives more battery backup.

8. Turn off mobile data, when not in use:

Keeping the data of the smartphone phone on all the time also increases the battery consumption as the battery is affected due to auto-sync being turned on.

9. Keep apps Up-to-Date:

Always update all the apps. This will also help in maintaining the battery life.

10. If apps are running in the background, then disable them.

11. Nowadays, smartphones have started coming up with Quad HD Plus displays. Battery life can be better if you lower the resolution of the display.

12. Minimize or do not use the visit as much as possible. Also, keep notifications off.

13. If you are not using it, then keep WiFi, Bluetooth, and NFC off. With this, the battery will last longer and the battery backup will also be good.


In this article, we have mentioned all the methods to increase the battery backup of the smartphone. We believe that it will prove beneficial for you.

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