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Laptop hang problem solution of Windows 10, Computer or laptop freezes

If you are looking for the solution of laptop hang problem solution windows 10 or Computer or Laptop freezes then you have come to the right place.

The Solution of Laptop or PC Hanging:

If you are looking for the solution of laptop hang problem solution windows 10 or Computer or Laptop freezes then you have come to the right place. If you also use a laptop or computer (PC), then you must have seen your laptop or computer hanging and you must have faced or are facing this problem, no matter what window you are using. Have been Or you are troubled by the low battery backup of your PC.

Laptop hang problem solution of Windows 10

In this article, ways to completely fix the problem of laptop or computer hanging and ways to increase the battery backup have been given. For this, read this article completely and if you follow all the methods mentioned in it, then your laptop or computer (PC) will never hang and will work absolutely fast.

What is Microsoft Windows:

Microsoft Windows is an operating system developed by Microsoft for personal computers (PCs or Laptops) that provides many features with multi-tasking, graphical user interface (GUI), and virtual memory.

The full name of Microsoft Windows is “Microsoft- Wide Interactive Network Development for Office Work Solution”.

Microsoft windows with different features are used by users as Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, and 11 installed on PC or Laptop.

Why does Laptop or Computer (PC) hang:

Just like cars, motorcycles, buses, aircraft, etc. are machines, and they need repair, cleaning and greasing from time to time to keep them working smoothly, so does your laptop or computer (PC) is also.

A laptop or computer (PC) has two aspects- Hardware and Software.

Hardware remains fine for the time being, and we will not even talk about the hardware here. Here we will talk about the proper maintenance and care of the software of Laptop or Computer (PC).

The only reason for the laptop or computer (PC) to hang is- the RAM (memory) is completely filled while using. And the special reason for low backup of a good quality battery of computer (PC), drivers of computer (PC) is not up to date.

Now it comes to how the RAM gets filled up so that the laptop or computer (PC) is hanging. There are many reasons for this which are given below-

1. Creation of junk files in large quantities.

2. Creation of a large number of temp files.

3. Creating a large number of prefetch files.

4. Installed windows are not up to date.

5. All the drivers of  Windows and PC are not up to date.

6. Using any type of Emulator to use Android App on Computer.

7. To start up many apps and keep them.

8. Starting multiple programs or applications at the same time.

9. Do not use Windows Security.

10. Using other Windows Security instead of using Windows Security for Security in Microsoft Windows.

11. Using more and more non-special apps, applications, or software.

12. Drives to be defragmented and not optimized.

13. Creation of Windows History (Task view) in large quantity.

14. Unwanted software installed in Windows.

15. Overloading of Local Disk C.

16. Not keeping photos, videos, PDFs, etc. in an organized manner.

How to fix Laptop or PC Hang problem:

To fix this problem, the 16 reasons mentioned above, let’s read about fixing them first. For some of these problems, understand by reading this article completely-

1. To remove or delete Junk files:

For this, you press the Windows key + R key, so that the Run tab opens. To open the Run tab, even if you typically run in the search box below, the Run tab will open.

Now you have to OK by typing the tree in the Run tab. Tree junk files will be automatically deleted in a few seconds or milliseconds.

Now you have to open the Run tab again and OK by typing temp in it. Now all your temp files will be shown. Select all and permanently delete all temp files.

Now you have to open the Run tab again and OK by typing %temp% in it. Now all your Temp files will be shown. These files are different from temp files. Select all and permanently delete all the temp files.

Now you have to open the Run tab again and OK by typing prefetch in it. Now all your prefetch files will be shown. Select all and permanently delete all prefetch files.

Now you have to open the Run tab again and OK by typing cleanmgr in it. Now select Disk C and OK. Now all the useless files on your Disk C will be shown. Select all and delete them.

Always for good speed and the response of PC, whenever you start your PC, first of all, do any work only after deleting tree, temp, %temp%, prefetch files.

2. Keep Windows up to date:

Keeping windows and Windows drivers up to date is an important aspect if you want your computer or laptop to function well.

If you have Microsoft Windows installed on your PC or Laptop, then every two or three days many updates of Microsoft Windows keep coming. Therefore, for the best working PC or Laptop, every week, you should update the window by going to Update and Security in Settings and always keep your windows up-to-date. It does not cost you much data nor much time.

The version of Windows is updated by Microsoft almost twice every year (in the month of May and November), in which many features of Windows are increased, decreased, or changed.

For its users, Microsoft makes the new version of Windows available for free on its website

The version of windows that users are using on their PC or Laptop, when the update comes, those windows have to be updated to take advantage of the new windows version.

If users go to the update and security section in their PC or Laptop’s settings and update them through windows update, then only the current windows activated on the PC or Laptop will be updated and they will not be able to get the benefit of the latest version of windows.

To install and activate the latest version of Windows, users (you) have to go to Microsoft’s website and take the help of an update assistant or windows to upgrade.

When you open Update Assistant on your PC or Laptop, it easily installs the latest version of windows in a few hours with some process and it gets activated automatically. This whole process takes about 5 – 6 hours.

Required data to update Windows Version:

To update the version of windows with this method, there should be at least 10-15 GB of unlimited data and also the internet speed should be fast.

Benefits of updating Windows:

If you keep the Windows installed on your computer or laptop up to date, then it has many advantages, some of which are as follows-

1. Enjoy the new features and facilities.

2. Fast working of PC or Laptop. If an app or software suddenly stops working, then by updating the window, it starts working well again.

3. Reduction in Hanging Problem.

4. Many drivers become up to date. Because only updating windows does not update all the drivers.

5. Increasing the backup of the battery.

6. App and software become new.

7. Get rid of junk files on PC or Laptop.

8. Do not delete any images, videos, PDFs, etc.

9. Keeping PC or Laptop always up to date, PC or Laptop does not get too hot and PC or Laptop does not spoil quickly.

3. Important tasks after updating Windows:

After updating Windows, it is very important to do some work. If you do not do these tasks then there will not be many benefits of updating windows. That’s why I am telling below some important tasks after updating windows, you must do them-

1. Update all those drivers, which are not updated.

For this, go to the Control Panel and go to Device Manager. There you will see all the drivers. Now update all the drivers one by one. This is more important when the version of Windows is updated.

By updating the battery and network adapter drivers from time to time, the battery backup increases and the network speed remains good.

You can take the help of Driver Booster to update the drivers.

2. Defragment and optimize drives.

For this, type Def in the search box below. You will see Defragment and Optimize. Optimize all the three disks in turn.

3. Restart PC or Laptop.

4. After restarting, perform Disk C cleanup. (Press the Windows key + R key simultaneously, so that the Run command will open. Now type cleanmgr in it and OK. Now select (C) and OK. Now all the garbage of local disk C will be open. Select all. and delete it.)

4. Use Microsoft Windows Security:

Use Microsoft Windows Security for all types of protection in Microsoft Windows.

It is advanced security developed by Microsoft to protect against today’s cyber threats. It’s regularly updated, and powerful Windows protection at no extra cost. Which is available in all Windows versions. It uses very little RAM of computer or laptop as compared to other windows security.

This Windows Security does not need to be obtained and installed separately. It stays attached to the windows themselves, so you can easily take the best protection on the window.

To work online, you may use the Bing browser or Internet Explorer, or use the Microsoft Defender online security extension or other online security extension when using the Google Chrome search engine or Firefox search engine.


If you do all this then congratulations to you. Your computer or laptop will never hang and work very fast, your battery backup will also be good.

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Thanks for reading: Laptop hang problem solution of Windows 10, Computer or laptop freezes, Please, share this article. If this article helped you, then you must write your feedback in the comment box.

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