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Purpose and benefits of facial | Why do facials?

Many curious people want to know that when they go to a salon or beauty parlor for a facial, what are the expectations there? Perhaps the most popular

Many curious people want to know that when they go to a salon or beauty parlor for a facial, what are the expectations there? Perhaps the most popular facial skin treatment at present is the facial, which protects, maintains, and improves the skin. The first responsibility of a modern cosmetic therapist is to identify the skin type and the type of treatment she needs. The facial involves various procedures, but its main purpose is facial massage.

Purpose of facial

Significant research on the skin suggests that facials have many benefits, including both physical and psychological benefits; Provided that the method of doing facials should be correct and the products used in facials should be harmless and of high quality.

Purpose and benefits of facial

It helps the skin, and skin function to operate more effectively and prevents the effects of aging on the skin. In my opinion, the most important benefit of getting a facial is that it definitely retains the youthful properties of the skin, and makes it safe. Not only this, facials remove the signs of aging like wrinkles, stiffness, and lines, making the skin soft and smooth. Facials tone the skin and skin muscles and tissues, so it maintains stability and flexibility.

Facials also help in deep cleansing of the skin and increase and adjust the blood circulation to the inner surface of the skin. The lymphatic circulation from the facial helps in the removal of toxins and waste (harmful substances).

Facials help maintain the acid-alkaline balance of the skin as well as the oil-moisture balance. Facials relax the skin, which helps in relieving stress and fatigue. Weekly facials after the age of 25 maintain the beauty of the skin by helping to prevent the signs of aging.

In facials, the entire area of ​​the face and throat is treated according to the need. For example, the skin around the eyes is thin and delicate, so it requires very light touch, specific finger direction and movement. Multiple strokes, movements, directions and pressure are applied to different parts as needed.

Use of aloe vera in facial

The purpose of facial treatment is deep-clanging and protection. Most facialists use a cleanser cutting aloe vera, which rehydrates the skin while cleansing. If your skin is more sensitive then it also has a healing action. It removes dead skin cells and makes them easier to remove along with all the dirt. This restores the normal acid-alkaline balance and also improves the normal function of the skin.

Especially helps in the renewal of cells (cells) and maintaining moisture. It is exfoliated with scrubs and peels for deep pore cleansing and removal of dead skin cells. It helps in reducing blemishes such as dark patches and spots of the skin.

Use of massage in facial

Cleansing is often followed by facial massage, which helps to improve the normal function of the skin. It also strengthens the supporting tissue (tissues) of the skin. It also increases the elasticity of the skin making it firm, soft and supple.

Different massage techniques are adopted for specific areas of the skin. Like a separate massage of the soft skin around the eyes. Massage also increases blood circulation and releases a small amount of lymph, which helps in flushing out toxins.

High-end facial salons and beauty parlors offer therapies that purify the skin and create a germicidal environment for those with oily skin and associated conditions. Rose skin tonic is often used by special techniques to tone the skin.

The mask uses herbal ingredients to complete the cleansing process and improve cell renewal.

skin freshness and health; Depend on the effective renewal of skin cells. Special gadgets are also used during the facial treatment, which enhances the absorption ability of the screen so that the products are well absorbed into the skin.

At the end of the facial massage, cold compresses are also given to tone the skin, after which protective creams and moisturizers are applied.

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