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Vitamin C: Functions and sources of Ascorbic acid

While studying vitamins, it is very important to study vitamin C. Since vitamin C is the best in itself like all other vitamins, the requirement of

Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid): Introduction

While studying vitamins, it is very important to study vitamin C. Since vitamin C is the best in itself like all other vitamins, the requirement of vitamin C in the body cannot be replaced by any other vitamin. Therefore vitamin C is also a very important vitamin due to its special properties, which the body needs continuously and in large quantities throughout life. So let us know about Vitamin C in detail.

Vitamin C

The chemical name of Vitamin C is ‘Ascorbic Acid‘ and it is also known as Anti-Scorbutic. Its molecular formula is C6H8O6. Vitamin C comes under the category of water-soluble vitamins, that is, vitamin C is water soluble and is found more in water-rich foods. Vitamin C being water soluble, it does not get stored in the body for a long time. For good health, foods containing vitamin C should be included in the diet regularly, as it is excreted from the body with urine.

This vitamin was first discovered in the 18th century. The relationship of this vitamin with the scurvy disease of water travelers was known since ancient times.

Symptoms of Vitamin C Deficiency Diseases

Deficiency of vitamin C mainly causes a disease called scurvy (swelling, pain and pus in the gums). A significant effect of vitamin C deficiency is the non-healing of wounds. Due to the inactivation of collagen fibers and intracellular substances, wounds take several months to heal. Along with this, the growth of bones and teeth stops and teeth start to deteriorate. The bones become weak and break with a slight shock and it becomes difficult to join the broken bone. Along with this, anemia also occurs and due to weakening of the walls of blood capillaries, they start bursting. Apart from this, the immunity and fertility of the body decreases, the muscles become weak, gums start bleeding and pus, teeth start falling, bad breath comes from the mouth.

Vitamin C deficiency causes some people to vomit blood, blood in the stool, swollen joints, high fever, frequent colds, sneezing, increased brain power. It becomes weak, there is a lot of dryness in the head and hair. Most of the patients with vitamin C deficiency have frequent swelling of the edge of the toenails, and they run out of pus and are very painful.

Causes of low vitamin C in the body

The biggest reason for the lack of vitamin C in the body is dehydration due to some serious disease like diarrhoea. Along with this, there are reasons for not consuming natural foods containing vitamin C, poor digestive system etc. Along with this, improper eating habits, irregular lifestyle and other serious diseases etc. are due to vitamin C deficiency.

Diagnosing Vitamin C Deficiency

Vitamin C deficiency can be seen by observing irregularities related to blood disorders, such as poor healing of wounds, anemia, gum infection etc. To identify the deficiency of Vitamin C in the body, attention should be paid to the symptoms of the above diseases. Apart from this, the deficiency of vitamin C is also detected precisely by pathology examination.

Functions of Vitamin C

Vitamin C has many important functions in the body, which every person should know, because everyone wants to be healthy. Firstly, the symptoms of vitamin C deficiency which have been mentioned above, if there is sufficient supply of vitamin C in the body, then the function of vitamin C is to eliminate those symptoms. Along with this, there are many other functions of Vitamin C as follows:

The power of the body to fight diseases is obtained from this vitamin, because it contributes the most in strengthening the body’s immunity.

The main function of vitamin C is to build and maintain the matrix of intracellular material that binds cells together in tissues, collagen fibers, bone matrix and dentin of teeth. Vitamin C is probably a coenzyme component of the enzymes used in the reactions involved in the synthesis of these substances. Vitamin C helps in the formation of red blood cells by properly controlling iron metabolism.

Rich sources of Vitamin C

Gooseberry is a major source of Vitamin C, as it is rich in Vitamin C available in whatever form it is consumed. Secondly, it can be preserved for a long time while maintaining its edible utility. Along with this, vitamin C is mainly found in high amounts in citrus fruits (orange, lemon, seasonal, pineapple), mango, tomato, tamarind, guava, radish leaves, green chili etc.

The amount (in milligrams) of vitamin C in each 100 grams of food is shown in the table below:

1. Gooseberry70013. Tomato32
2. Guava30014. Okra16
3. Radish Leaves10315. Brinjal12
4. Green Coriander13516. Spinach28
5. Orange6817. Radish27
6. Lemon5218. Pineapple11
7. Cabbage6619. Grapes11
8. Papaya4620. Fenugreek54
9. Gram1521. Mint27
10. Carrot322. Banana1
11. Bean1423. Apple2
12. Mango2424. Sprouts Moong16

Daily requirement of Vitamin C

Every healthy person should take at least 50mg of Vitamin C per day in the diet. According to the situation, disease, and need, its quantity has to be taken up to 500-1500 mg daily in many situations. Listed below are normal amounts of vitamin C by age:

Age Stage.Daily Needs
1. Birth to 6 months40 mg
2. 7–12 months50 mg
3. 1–3 years15 mg
4. 4–8 years25 mg
5. 9–13 years45 mg
6. 14–18 years75 mg
7. 19-50 years75-85 mg
8. 51+ years75-90 mg
9. Pregnancy85 mg
10. Lactation115-125 mg
11. Maximum for children & adults120 mg 
12. Maximum for pregnancy & Lactation130 mg 

Remedy to remove Vitamin C deficiency in the body

Deficiency of vitamin C in the body is a serious condition, and in this situation, one should take the help of tablets or injections supplying vitamin C in the beginning or use of Gooseberry, lemon, orange etc. Should be consumed Along with this, improve your lifestyle and keep the digestive system right, otherwise, no matter how many natural or artificial vitamin C food supplements are eaten, they cannot be absorbed in the body. So try to keep the digestive system healthy as well.

By consuming artificial vitamin C supplements for a long time, the body can become dependent on them. Therefore, the consumption of artificial vitamin C supplements should be avoided for a long time or repeatedly.

Is an overdose of vitamin C harmful?

Yes! If artificial vitamin C is being consumed more and more frequently than necessary, it can be harmful and can lead to the formation of stones in the kidney or gall bladder or gout. It is often impossible to get enough vitamin C in the body if natural foods containing vitamin C are being consumed, as the body absorbs only the vitamin C needed from natural foods. However, stone patients should eat very little food containing vitamin C.


We have provided important information related to Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) in this post and we believe that you must have come to know about Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) well with the help of this post. If still you have any doubt then feel free to write in below comment box.

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