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6 Best CMS Platforms for Blogging and Start a Website

That's why in this article we are discussing the CMS platform to create your own blog website in which you can set your own domain name. So let's

CMS platform for Blogging and starting a website:

Articles are published on the Internet only after writing articles in blogging. It is published in two ways; First on social media, like Facebook, Medium, Quora, etc., and secondly by creating your own blog website. You cannot make much profit by blogging on social media and can make more profit by creating your own website and blocking it. Because on your own website you can set your own domain name, but on social media, there is no option to set your own domain name. That's why in this article we are discussing the CMS platform to create your own blog website in which you can set your own domain name.

CMS Platforms

If you are venturing into the blogging field, then to become a successful blogger you must first choose the right CMS platform. However, all CMS platforms are different in one way or the other and are good in their own right. You have to decide what type of blog website you want to create and what features you want to use in it. Operating a blog website with the right CMS platform helps in building a successful blog, be it for business or personal. Only the right blogging platform will make it easy to create and publish your content, according to your needs.

Some CMS platforms can help you create a blog website with a personalized design. Some CMS platforms focus primarily on content and all offer a nearly identical layout. You will need to know HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to operate an advanced website from any CMS platform.

To narrow down the options, we have compiled a list of the seven best CMS platforms for blogging. We'll cover the major pros and cons of each platform, as well as explain which type of blogger it might be best for. Once you know about the different CMS platforms for blogging, we will share essential facts to consider when looking for the most suitable platform. So let's first know about the important CMS platform for blogging:

. WordPress

WordPress is one of the best blogging CMS platforms providing a Content Management System (CMS). Along with blog websites, all types of websites are operated by WordPress. WordPress is suitable for all types of websites, from personal to professional.


The WordPress site is an open-source content management system (CMS) that powers over 40% of all websites launched so far.

Key Features of WordPress:

WordPress's popularity comes from its wide selection of themes and plugins, which help create any type of blog, and provide all kinds of features in a website. WordPress plugins also give website owners and operators complete control over customization and content creation and operation.

In addition, users have more opportunities to rank a WordPress blog, such as turning it into an online store or business site, as well as reaching more followers and getting more visitors.

WordPress is the best blogging platform in terms of features. Its library of over 58,000 WordPress plugins helps a website grow by providing additional tools and functions.

In WordPress, you get the facility to do advanced search engine optimization (Advance SEO) with basic SEO of your content, which plays an important role in getting the website ranked.

Along with this, by using WordPress, you can improve the quality of traffic to your blog website or any type of website, which is necessary when monetization by an advertising network.

The website that is operated by WordPress, the bandwidth and visitors of that website are controlled because according to the money spent, the visitors to your website and the bandwidth of your website are determined. Also, there is a limit on the number of blog posts that can be published, so you can say that the visitors to your website are controlled. The more money you spend, the more visitors and bandwidth you will be able to power your website with.

With so many options available, finding the right plugins and tools can be overwhelming. Since WordPress is open-source, not all plugins and themes are high-quality and secure.

Launching a blog website from WordPress:

first; If you want to use WordPress for free, then you have to launch your website directly from, which will have attached to your website address. You can upgrade it later if you want.

another; WordPress is also launched from hosting providers, such as Hostinger, Bluehost, Azure, Google Cloud, AWS, Alibaba Cloud, Godaddy, etc. WordPress is launched by hosting providers. To launch WordPress from hosting providers, you will need a domain name of your own and then you will have to spend money on it from the beginning.

To launch a website through WordPress, you must have knowledge of much important information related to WordPress, otherwise you will not be successful in launching a WordPress website and you may suffer any kind of loss.

. Blogger

Blogger is a product of Google and is specially designed to create and operate blog websites, it is always free. Blogger is one of the best free blogging platforms, operating over 600,000 blog websites.


Key Features of Blogger:

Since this blogging platform is owned by Google, you will only need a Google account to create an account. It is possible to create multiple free blog sites and have multiple authors using a single Google account.

Google's Blogger platform is integrated with several Google services such as Google Domains, Google Photos, and Google Analytics. Each service provides additional tools and functions for customizing blogs.

Another notable feature of Blogger is its ease of monetization with Google AdSense, which helps in monetizing a free website. Additionally, Google also provides a free SSL certificate for security for all Blogger websites, whether you use a custom domain or run your blog website on Blogger's own subdomain. Additionally, some Blogger gadgets act as plugins to improve your free blogging site.

Blogger is not the best blogging platform when it comes to managing complex content types. Its limited scalability and customization make it difficult to develop a blog into an online store or any other type of website. In fact, Blogger is also a good platform for publishing just by writing articles.

With Blogger, users can start blogging without spending any money. However, this is an additional cost if you want to use a custom domain name. Since Blogger only offers a free subdomain, it is possible to buy a custom domain elsewhere.

Blogger is the best free platform for new bloggers looking to join the blogging community. Bloggers using this platform have opportunities to attract readers faster. In addition, its user interface is perfect for those who want to create and publish content that is quick and straightforward.

There is no limit on the number of blog posts that can be published on the blog website operated by Blogger, and there is no limit on the bandwidth. If more and more visitors come to your website, then your website will not be down in the slightest. If you work on a particular topic and get your website ranked on a particular topic, then you can get more and more traffic.

Compared to WordPress, Blogger does not require many beginners- knowledge to install and is auto-optimized. This platform is specially designed for bloggers, so it includes the appropriate blogging widgets and functions by default.

If we talk about SEO, then only basic SEO of content can be done in Blogger, in this more features are not available for more advanced SEO. You have to do all this manually with your mind.

Since Blogger is powered by a Google account, your blog website and your Google account will always be secure if you keep your Google account password strong and secure.

Launching a blog website from Blogger:

Here are the steps to create a blog website from Google's Blogger platform:

First of all, you open any browser, then sign in with your email id. Then open and click on the "Create Your Blog" button and you can easily launch a blog website by entering your desired blog title and address as prefixes. After this you have to complete the necessary settings and some processes, and then publish the article.

Although Blogger offers a free subdomain using If you want, you can buy your custom domain from a domain provider and add it, so that your website looks professional.

. Joomla

Joomla is also one of the best blogging platforms providing a Content Management System. Joomla is another open-source CMS and one of the most popular top ten free blogging CMS platforms. Just like WordPress, Joomla is also known for its great extensions. Although Joomla isn't just for blogs, Joomla has an advanced user management and multilingual CMS platform that works for building and customizing any type of site. However, you will need more technical knowledge to start blogging with Joomla.


Key Features of Joomla:

Joomla uses a robust PHP application-building framework system that provides a great foundation for scaling a blog into an application or other digital entity.

Joomla has integrated multilingual extensions to translate blog content into more than 75 languages, and a banner management tool for adding ads and website monetization support.

In addition, Joomla provides more than 8000 extensions for additional tools and many functions.

Joomla is a self-hosted platform, which means the software is always free. However, users will have to spend the cost of getting their own domain name and web hosting, and paid extensions for better tools and functionality. Since many Joomla extensions are free.

If asked what is Joomla best for? So we recommend this blogging platform for professional blogs, especially those that have multiple authors, as they will be able to benefit from Joomla's user management tools.

. Drupal

Drupal is also one of the best blog platforms with a Content Management System. Drupal is the CMS that offers great tools and features, making it one of the best platforms to start a blog.


Key Features of Drupal:

Drupal's built-in performance features drive and improves blog website speed and security significantly.

Compared to other CMS or free blog platforms, Drupal websites can handle extremely high web traffic. Its ability to support complex blogs with thousands of pages stands out among the benefits this platform offers.

Drupal's built-in features also include automatic translation that supports over 100 languages. In addition, Blogger uses geolocation, browser history, and behavior categorization to enhance the personalized customer experience.

Drupal Security's strong coding standards and strict community review process are also very helpful in preventing security threats. In addition to built-in features, Drupal also provides many extensions.

As a self-hosted platform, the pricing for Drupal depends on the chosen web hosting and custom domain name.

Although Drupal is great for websites with large traffic volumes, it is not the best blogging platform for simple personal blogs. Its setup requires web development skills and specialized experience. Yet Drupal can be the best CMS platform for advanced users who wish to build large-scale and complex sites.

. Zyro

Zyro also a website builder is one of the best CMS platforms. Zyro is a beginner-friendly website builder that offers a number of unique tools for customizing and designing a site. This drag-and-drop website builder uses cloud hosting for more reliable performance and minimal downtime.


Key Features of Zyro:

It is self-hosted like Google's Blogger, meaning it does not require any separate hosting. Zyro's high-quality themes are suitable for a wide variety of blog sites. Creating a Personal Blog with Zyro Create a Zyro account and launch your blog.

Although Zyro offers a free subdomain using Alternatively, you can add a custom domain to it.

From Google Analytics to social media platforms, Zyro's best feature is its third-party integrations. In addition, all Zyro-built websites have a Content Delivery Network (CDN) enabled by default to increase site speed.

In terms of security, Zyro adds a layer of protection to the website against DDoS attacks. In addition, Zyro also provides SSL certificates to secure your website and visitor data with HTTPS encryption.

Zyro also provides live blog previews, post descriptions, and advanced SEO tools to help you optimize blog content.

Zyro pricing plans come with a free SSL certificate, managed cloud hosting, AI tools, and SEO tools.

. Wix

Wix is ​​also one of the best CMS platforms to build and operate blogs and websites of all kinds.


Key Features of  Wix:

Like Google's Blogger, it is self-hosted, but premium. Although you can also use it for free with its subdomain When using Wix for free, its ads will be displayed on your website and when you use it for free, you will not be able to monetize your website with any advertising network. Therefore it is necessary to upgrade it. It has better customization, advanced SEO support, high traffic, and security-related support. The more cost you spend, the more profit you will be able to get, as its traffic capacity and bandwidth depend on your cost.


In this article, we have explained the six important CMS platforms that build and operate a blog website and have told its features. Most blog websites are operated by these CMS platforms.

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