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Apple fruit benefits | Uses of apple in various way

Apple contains 'malic acid' and this sourness is useful for the intestines, liver and brain. Phosphorus is also found in it, so eating it clears the s

Uses of apple in various way

Scientific name of apple:  Malus sylvestris

Apple fruit benefits


Apple contains 'malic acid' and this sourness is useful for the intestines, liver and brain. Phosphorus is also found in it, so eating it clears the stomach and gives confirmation to the stomach. Apple and its juice are rich in vitamins and minerals. Cut small pieces of two apples and put half a kilo of boiling water on it. When the water cools down, filter it and drink it. If sweetness is required then add sugar candy to it. This is a nutritious and delicious apple sherbet. It soon mixes in the blood and gives strength and energy to the heart, brain, liver and every cell of the body. Apple juice strengthens the heart; sharpens eye sight; Removes the toxic toxins of the body and blood, removes various diseases; Makes lean people strong. Those who want to remain strong, healthy and young, they should consume more and more apple juice regularly. 

There is also a saying - 'An apple a day, keeps the doctor away. That is, by eating one apple regularly, there is no need for a doctor. It is good to eat apple on an hungry stomach. It removes heat and happiness. Its jam removes weakness of heart, blood, brain. If you eat apple on an empty stomach every morning and drink milk from above, then within a month or two, the color of the skin will improve, redness will appear on the face, all the weaknesses related to sex will be removed and energy will start running in life. This is a very good tonic. Weakness of heart, heart ache is reduced by taking apple murabba for 15-20 days.

Eating two apples regularly is beneficial in mental stress, skin diseases, rheumatism, rheumatoid arthritis, diseases of the respiratory system. Apple is more beneficial if eaten on an empty stomach before the meal. Apple is a semen enhancer. Phosphorus is the highest in apples, which is very beneficial for the nerves and brain. Feeding apple regularly is beneficial in stomach diseases of children.


If you do not sleep, eating apple marmalade makes you sleepy. Sleeping after eating apples also helps in getting sleep.

Dental diseases:

If the teeth are missing, there are holes, the gums are swollen, then after eating food, eat apple regularly. With this, the teeth and gums will be fine and will not deteriorate. It is a refreshing fruit.


Due to the weak nervous system, cold and cold always persist. Such patients do not benefit from cold medicines. Such people should eat apple with peel before meals to cure cold. It also removes the weakness of the brain.


Taking out a glass of ripe apple juice mixed with sugar candy and drinking it in the morning cures chronic cough. Apple juice, its marmalade is beneficial in mental diseases, phlegm, cough, tuberculosis.


Drinking apple juice is very beneficial for those who have typhoid fever.

High blood pressure:

If there is a condition of high blood pressure, eating two apples regularly is beneficial.

Memory power: 

People whose brain and nerves have become weak, students do not remember the lesson, then the memory power increases by consuming apple. For this, eat one or two apples without peeling and chewing them fifteen minutes before the meal.

Excessive thirst :

Drinking apple juice mixed with water reduces thirst. Those who have air disorders, it will not be beneficial for them.


Stones continue to form in the kidney and bladder. Stones often form even after the operation is done and removed. By drinking apple juice continuously for two months, the formation of stones stops and the stones formed come out with urine after grinding with ghee.

Drinking Habit:

By drinking apple juice repeatedly, eating one or two well-ripened apples three times a day, one gets rid of the habit of drinking alcohol. Eating apple at the time of intoxication gets rid of intoxication. Its juice can also be drunk. Eating apple with food also breaks the habit of drinking alcohol.

Friend cough:

Consuming ripe sweet apples regularly provides relief in dry cough.

Loss of appetite:

A glass of sour apple juice, mix sugar candy according to taste and drink it regularly for a few days, the appetite will start feeling good.
Make roti by kneading the dough in the juice of sour apple and eat it regularly.

Malaria fever:

Fever is cured quickly by eating apple in fever. In malaria, eating apples before the onset of fever does not cause fever.
Quantity: Eat as many as you can, from one to three apples at a time.
Caution: Do not eat apple on sore throat. Do not eat apple that sings.

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