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Basic rules of exercise/yoga | Vyayam kaise karna chahiye

The important rules of doing the exercises that are being described in this article can be done sitting or lying on the bed, covered with a sheet

Some basic rules for doing exercise/yoga

The important rules of doing the exercises that are being described in this article can be done sitting or lying on the bed, covered with a sheet, blanket, or bed. According to convenience, by laying a mat on the floor, it can be done sitting or lying on it.

Basic rules of exercise/yoga

Those important rules are as follows:

1. Exercise should be started by getting up early in the morning, and cleaning the mouth. It is better if it is done after retiring from defecation etc., otherwise, if defecation comes late, there is no problem in doing it without defecation.

2. While doing each exercise, numbers 1, 2, 3, etc. should be counted in the mind. It is best to do each exercise up to a certain number of times. For example, while exercising, keep counting up to 100 in your mind. This will keep the focus on the exercise and the practice time will also become regular. Take the number up to 50 first, then in a few days, you can increase it to 100. Om or Ram or holy words can also be chanted in mind in place of numbers. But in that, it is difficult to decide the duration of time.

3. While doing the exercise, keep in mind that practice should be done in pure air only. Exercise inside the room, then leave the doors and windows open so that clean air can enter the room, otherwise if you want to exercise outside, do exercise in the courtyard or on the terrace above the house because dust and dust do not reach there in the morning.

4. Deep breathing should be done while exercising, and that too at the base of the lungs. During the tension or contraction of the muscles, inhale the breath inside the lungs, during the relaxation of the muscles, exhale the breath out of the lungs. For example, keeping hands on either side of the waist, bending forward with the thighs making an angle of 90 degrees, and standing straight from this position while slowly inhaling the breath, this is a state of tension. After this, bend forward slowly to make a 90-degree angle of the waist with the thighs and with the bending, keep exhaling the breath slowly, this is a state of relaxation. Every practice requires tension and relaxation, and with tension, the breath is drawn in and with relaxation, the breath has to be exhaled. It is also a type of respiratory-by-lung friction.

5. The act of inhaling and exhaling should be done through the nostrils, not through the mouth.

6. When you have learned one exercise completely, then try to do the other. Give up the temptation to do all the exercises together. There is no benefit in doing it all at once. When you learn all the exercises one by one, then all of them should be done gradually.

7. After doing the exercises every morning, one must take a bath with a lot of water. If convenient, keep two buckets of hot or cold water. Take a bath first with warm water, then with cold water. In this way, by taking a bath with cold hot water sequentially, the power in the body increases. But those who cannot bear it should take bath only with Kosa water (normal).

8. Drinking plenty of water is good for health, but water should be drunk after 10 minutes of exercise. Keeping water in a copper vessel while sleeping and drinking it as soon as you wake up in the morning prevents constipation. Drinking the juice of Kagji lemon in water once a day strengthens the digestive power, improves liver health, cleanses the intestines, and purifies the blood. Do not take lemon in stone patients.

9. Eat the food by chewing it easily. There is a famous saying that solids should be drunk and liquids like milk etc. should be chewed. Its meaning is that chew bread and lentils etc. so much that the saliva present in the mouth gets mixed well in it. This is also the meaning of chewing liquids like milk etc. Don't just swallow it, saliva should get mixed in it too. In this way, when the food passes through the digestive canal of the mouth, it helps the stomach to digest the food. Eating too often makes the stomach and intestines weak. People who complain of stomach upset have been in a hurry to eat food in their childhood. Many people go on reading or talking and eating. In this way, it helps in the deterioration of the digestive power.

10. Urine etc. should not be stopped, it should be freed from it as soon as.
11. Keep the intestines clean, this will keep the inner cleanliness of the body. Keep the skin clean, this will keep the outside of the body clean. In this regard, exercises for the skin and intestines deserve special consideration in this article. If you follow the instructions given in this article, then it will definitely help in living a long life.
12. As far as possible, take the rays of the morning sun. The rays of the Sun have amazing life-giving power.


The rule of exercises in relation to exercise is given in this article. That rule is not a fixed-line. The sequence of exercises should be made by each person according to his convenience. The basic principles of these exercises are contraction and relaxation, friction, and massage. The exercise in which these three come, it is helpful in maintaining the youth of the body.

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