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Benefits of raisins | Eat raisins and away from diseases

Regular consumption of dry grapes is more beneficial in the winter season. Wash dry grapes with warm water and soak it overnight. Drink its water in t

Benefits of Raisins

The nature of Raisins: Moist and hot

Regular consumption of dry grapes is more beneficial in the winter season. Wash dry grapes with warm water and soak it overnight. Drink its water in the morning and eat the grains. In this way, the weakness of the body gets removed by using it regularly. Blood and energy are generated. 

Benefits of raisins

The lungs get strength. Give soaked water of dry grapes to the weak patient regularly.

Vertigo :

Roast 20 grams dry grapes in ghee and add rock salt and eat it, it stops dizziness.

Constipation :

In constipation, taking 20 grams dry grapes boiled in milk regularly is beneficial.

Blood disorder :

Soak 20 grams dry grapes in water overnight. Grind it in the morning and dissolve it in a cup of water and drink it every day, it purifies the blood.

Chicken pox :

Feeding a small amount of dry grapes several times a day is beneficial to the smallpox patient.

Cold :

Consumption of dry grapes is beneficial in cough and cold. If cold occurs frequently, if it does not get cured quickly, then soak 11 dry grapes, 11 black pepper, 5 almonds and grind them after flowering. Then mix it with 25 grams of butter and eat it at bedtime. Drink boiled milk mixed with two peepplies, 10 black pepper and dry ginger in the morning. Do this for several days. Cold will be cured permanently.

Blood and Semen increaser:

Wash and soak 60 grams dry grapes. Eat them after twelve hours. Soaked dry grapes removes stomach diseases and increases blood and semen. Grains can be gradually increased to 100 grams.

Appetite :

Eating dry grapes, salt, black pepper mixed together increases appetite. When there is no appetite in chronic fever, this experiment is especially beneficial.

T. B. :

Grind equal parts of dry grapes, peeppali, sugar and eat one spoon in the morning and evening, it ends TB, respiratory diseases, cough.

Testicle enlargement (hydrocele):

If they swell after filling water in the testicles, then eating raisins regularly is beneficial.

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