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Benefits of tamarind (Imli) | 10 uses of tamarind

(1) Mixing ripe tamarind pulp in a little water and rubbing on the soles of the hands and feet ends the effect of heat.

Health Benefits of Tamarind:

Tamarind's scientific name: Tamarindus Indica

Heat stroke: 

(1) Mixing ripe tamarind pulp in a little water and rubbing on the soles of the hands and feet ends the effect of heat.

(2) Soaking 25 grams of ripe tamarind in a glass of water and drinking its water does not cause heatstroke in the summer.

Benefits of tamarind

Heart heat:

Drinking the juice of tamarind tamarind with sugar candy eliminates heart irritation.


Grind on the fallen stone of tamarind seeds like sandalwood and apply it on Guheri. This will immediately reach the cold. This is the best use for Guheri.

Boil pimples:

If there is boils pimples, ulcers, churning 30 grams of tamarind in a glass of water and drinking it is beneficial.

It is beneficial to feed tamarind water in summer fever, jaundice. The intoxication of the mind and dissolution is cured by soaking the tamarind in water and drinking the juice.

Cold drink:

Give tamarind and sugar wet in a glass of cold water according to taste. After an hour, churn the tamarind and drink it. It is a good soft drink. The coincidence of good with tamarind erases disorders from tamarind.

Bleeding hemorrhoids:

Drinking juice of tamarind leaves in hemorrhoids hemorrhoids, it stops falling blood by jumping a little to three times a day.


Soak half a kilo of tamarind seeds in water for four days and then remove and dry it in the shade. When dry, grind the equal part of sugar candy and grind it. Take a fourth teaspoon of milk twice in the morning, evening. Consuming 50 days will relieve quickly. The semen will be thick.


Soak 50 grams of tamarind in half a kilo of water and mash and mash. In this, any sweet thing like taste like sugar candy, sugar mix and filter it. Due to this, diseases like heat stroke, restlessness, nausea etc. are cured. Diarrhea comes clearly. Body irritation is less. If you want to fix the taste of the mouth, then drink salt, pepper, and cumin seeds in place of sweet thing. The taste of the mouth will be cured by removing the anorexia. 


It is a bone related disease. When a person drinks more fluoride ion water, he gets fluorosis. In this disease, the teeth get spoiled and yellow, melting and the weight of bones increases, the joints are tight and spasms in the spinal cord.

Drinking tamarind water does not have a fluorosis disease. The water of the tamarind destroys fluoride ion. Drinking salt mixed with tamarind water increases the ability to remove fluoride ion.

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