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Coconut benefits | Amazing properties of coconut water and oil

Drinking 250 grams of coconut water daily in the morning and evening dissolves new stones.

Health Benefits of Coconut:

Scientific name of coconut: Cocos nucifera

coconut benefits

Benefits of coconut water:


Drinking 250 grams of coconut water daily in the morning and evening dissolves new stones.


After drinking coconut water, eating 50 grams coconut kernels kills intestinal worms.


If there is a burning sensation in the body due to vomiting, diarrhoea, high fever or any other reason, then after squeezing lemon in raw coconut water according to taste and giving sips of water repeatedly, there is no burning sensation and the patient becomes healthy.

Facial spots:

By applying coconut water on the face twice a day, facial nails, acne, blemishes, blemishes, smallpox marks etc.

Birth of a beautiful child:

Beautiful children by drinking coconut water regularly during pregnancy is born.


By drinking coconut water, the temperature of fever is reduced, the temperature of all types of high fever is reduced.

Benefits of coconut oil:

Hair fall:

By applying coconut oil on the scalp regularly, hair fall stops and the hair becomes long and black. However, people whose hair is born brown or colored, their hair cannot be black.


Mixing juice of two lemons in 50 grams of coconut oil and massaging it ends itching.

Nail beauty:

Massage of coconut oil on the nails increases the natural shine and age of the nails.

Whooping Cough:

 In Whooping Cough, taking 4-4 ​​grams of pure coconut oil without any added fragrance mixed with it four times a day is beneficial.

Body heat:

Mixing a little water in coconut oil, churning it well or shaking it a lot, massaging it on the soles of the head and hands and feet pacifies the heat of the body.

Benefits of eating coconut:


Taking 25 grams of dry coconut and the same amount of sugar candy before the rising of the sun ends headache and all kinds of half-headache and half-scapular pain. After this, drink a cup of lukewarm water and take food after 2 hours. This should be eaten continuously for a month in the morning. Weak eyesight is also cured by this use.


Taking 25 grams coconut in the morning on a hungry stomach stops the bleeding. Eat this for seven days.

Common eye diseases:

Taking 25 grams dry kernels of coconut and 60 grams sugar daily for a week is beneficial. Do not eat salt or at least eat it when the eyes hurt. Eat roti with ghee, sugar and black pepper.

Tongue cracking:

If the tongue is cracking due to any reason, then chewing dry coconut kernels and sugar candy is beneficial.


Consuming 25 grams of raw coconut or grinding it regularly destroys the germs of tuberculosis and strengthens the lungs.

Urinary tract diseases:

Coconut makes urine clear. Reduces burning of urination. Eliminates inflammation of the bladder. is fetish. Thickens semen, menstruation opens and controls.


Coconut makes the body fat. Removes weakness of the brain.

Normal delivery:

Consuming 25-25 grams of coconut shell (dry kernel) and sugar candy a few days before delivery does not cause pain in labor and leads to normal delivery. The child is strong. Eating raw coconut also gives special benefits.

Benefits of coconut peel:

Hemorrhagic hemorrhoids:

In bleeding piles, grind the hair of coconut and mix it with sugar and take ten grams of it with funky water, it provides relief.

Caution in eating coconut:

Those with cough, cold and asthma should not eat or drink raw coconut and coconut water.

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