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Create email with domain name | Cloudflare business email

Now we explain how to create business email with Cloudflare. First of all, open your cloudflare dashboard. For this, by login with your username and

What is business email:

A business email address uses your company's domain name instead of a normal Gmail, Outlook or Yahoo account. Eg: [email protected]

Create email with domain name

Do you want to create a professional business email address for free? Perhaps you have come to this article of ours while searching for the same. We've covered here how to create a business email address, so you can create multiple business email addresses in just a few steps from Cloudflare, a certified, trusted website, absolutely free and secure for a lifetime.

Why is a business email address needed?

Most of the beginner business man people use normal free business email accounts without domain name with or etc. attached, which is not very professional. Because anyone can create these generic email accounts, it becomes difficult for customers and other businesses to trust such email addresses as legitimate business email accounts. At the same time a businessman needs professional business email in many places. That's why a Businessman needs a Professional Business Email Address. Briefly understand it as follows:

1. A custom business email address looks more professional.
2. It's also short and easy to remember with a domain name.
3. A professional business email address helps you earn the trust of customers as a legitimate business.
4. Sending emails with your own domain name allows you to promote your brand with every email you send.

If you want your customers and other business people or visitors to your website to take you seriously, you should start using a professional business email address immediately.

Requirement to create business email address with Cloudflare?

1. To create a free business email address, you must have a custom domain and that domain is set up in a website.

2. Now the DNS of that domain must be hosted on Cloudflare, ie the nameserver of your custom domain uses the nameservers of Cloudflare. (Cloudflare provides an absolutely free feature for Lifetime to do this). You can also buy a custom domain from Cloudflare and host it for free or as per any plan.

Creating a Business Email Address with Cloudflare:

Now we explain how to create business email with Cloudflare. First of all, open your cloudflare dashboard. For this, by login with your username and password, open the dashboard of your website, it will look something like this:

Create email with domain name

Now after selecting your website, you will be taken to the dashboard of your website. There you click on Email in the left sidebar, it can be seen as shown in the picture below:

Cloudflare business email free

After clicking on the email section, that dashboard will open, in which 4 menus will appear. Click on Route in it and then click on Create Address. You can understand it by following picture:

Cloudflare business email free

After clicking on Create Address, in the page that will open, you write info or contact or any one of your desired words in the custom address and in the destination address you give the email address on which you want to receive the email sent to this professional email. want. Attribute The email address on which the website is hosted is the same email address used in the distribution address. After that click on save. You can understand it by following picture:

Create business email

After clicking on save, the page that will appear will show pending verification in status as this setup is not verified yet.

Create email with domain name

At the same time, an email from Cloudflare will have been sent to your destination email which you will have to open, which will look something like this.

Create email with domain name

In which Verify email address button will be given, you verify the email address by clicking on it, then you will refresh the page, then your status will be shown as active.

Create email with domain name

Now you have to click on the 'Setting' option given in the top menu and then click on the 'Enable Email Routing' button there. It can be understood according to a picture:

Cloudflare business email free

After clicking on 'Enable Email Routing' button three MX records and one TXT record will be displayed where 'Add Record and Enable' button will appear at the bottom.

Create email with domain name

On clicking the 'Add Record and Enable' button, you, those four records will be automatically added to the domain's DNA and your email will be successfully routed or setup. An overview of the email dashboard will look like this:

Cloudflare business email free

If you want, you can create multiple 
professional business email on the same domain in the same way. Since the professional business email you have created in this way will only be sent to that email address, it will be received at your destination email. And it may also happen that the email sent to your professional business email is received in the spam folder of your destination email because your professional business email is not set up in Gmail yet.

If you want that you can send email to anyone from your professional business email, then you have to set this email in Gmail. We will provide that process in the next article. If you want that the image can also be set in this professional business profile email or profile image can also be shown, then we will provide its process in the next article.

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Thanks for reading: Create email with domain name | Cloudflare business email, Please, share this article. If this article helped you, then you must write your feedback in the comment box.

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