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Grape fruit benefits | Various uses of grapes

Grapes are a nutritious food for healthy humans and powerful food for the sick. In severe and complicated diseases, no food of any kind goes to eat or

Various Uses of Grapes :

The scientific name of the grape:  Vitis vinifera

Grapes are a nutritious food for healthy humans and powerful food for the sick. In severe and complicated diseases, no food of any kind goes to eat or drink, yet grapes are given to them to eat. In the form of food, grapes are given for cancer, tuberculosis, pyorrhea, appendicitis, children's rickets, rheumatism, fits, blood disorders, stomach wounds, knots, syphilis, frequent urination, weakness, etc. 

Uses of Grapes

Grape benefits only when eaten alone. It should not be eaten by mixing it with any other item. When the grapes dry, they turn into raisins. When grapes are not available, raisins can be used instead of grapes. The habit of cigarettes, tea, coffee, yolk, and alcohol, is removed by eating only grapes.

Cold :

By eating at least 50 grams of grapes daily, frequent colds end.

Gout :

Grapes remove those waste salts from the body due to which arthritis is formed. To clear the conditions of rheumatism, one should eat figs in the morning.

Helpful in curing Cancer :

Fasting the patient for the first three days of cancer. Then start consuming grapes. Apply enemas occasionally. Do not feed more than two kg of grapes in a day. After a few days, buttermilk can be given to drink after eating grapes. Do not give anything else to eat. The benefit from this comes gradually, over months. Its poultice can be applied to wounds. In the treatment of this disease, sometimes taking grapefruit juice causes stomach ache, a burning sensation in the anus. Don't be afraid of it. The pain gets better in a few days. You can compress when there is pain. This cures cancer quickly.

Cancer patients should do the following :

  • Do not give cooked food on the stove to the patient for six months.
  • For the first two months, the diet of the cancer patient should be kept only grapes.
  • Along with grapes, other fruits can be given in the diet. Do this for a month.
  • After this, in the next one month, uncooked (uncooked) food can be taken with grapes and fruits. Tomatoes, oranges, mangoes, cashews, and almonds can be taken as fruits.
  • After this, some cooked food can be given for a month.
  • One should take complete rest during the entire period of Angoor Kalpa.

Chickenpox :

Washing grapes with warm water and eating it is beneficial in the heat of smallpox.

Epilepsy :

Eating grapes is very beneficial for epileptic patients. So they should eat grapes.

Half Headache :

Half a headache (pain that increases with the sun) is cured by drinking a cup of grapefruit juice every morning before sunrise.

Cough-Phlegm :

Eating grapes gives strength to the lungs. Cough and cough go away. The phlegm comes out. Do not drink water after eating grapes.

Asthma :

Eating grapes for asthma is very beneficial. Even if there is blood in the sputum, eating grapes is beneficial.

Heart pain and palpitations :

If heart patients stay after eating grapes for a few days, then heart disease gets cured soon. When there is pain in the heart and the heartbeat is high, drinking grape juice stops the pain and the heartbeat becomes normal. Within a short time, the patient gets relief and the emergency of the disease goes away.

Rhetoric :

Eating grapes removes nervousness.

Baby teething :

At the time of teething, by giving two spoons of grapefruit juice regularly, the teeth come out easily and quickly, there is no frequent diarrhea, and the child does not cry much. He keeps smiling. The child remains curvy. There is no drought disease. Due to this, children do not have (fit) seizures and do not get dizzy. Grapes are sweet. If desired, honey can also be added for taste.

Irregular menstruation, leucorrhoea :

By eating 100 grams of grapes regularly, menstruation comes regularly. This will lead to good health. It is a good tonic for this. White leucorrhoea is cured.

Kidney pain :

Grind 30 grams of leaves of grapevine and mix it with water, filter it, mix salt, and drink, it provides relief to the patient suffering from kidney pain.

Frequent urination is not good for the bladder. Eating grapes reduce the frequency of urination.

Nosebleeds :

Applying the juice of sweet grapes to the nose stops the bleeding immediately.

Milk growth :

Milk increases by eating grapes, a woman with less milk should eat more grapes.

Energizer :

The juice of fresh grapes is beneficial for the weak patient. It makes blood and strengthens the body. Drinking grapefruit juice twice a day regularly improves digestion power, cures constipation, and prevents air accumulation in the stomach. Grapes digest quickly. Consumption of grapes removes weakness, headache, fainting attacks, and dizziness, grapes are useful in chest diseases. Removes blood disorders. Removes toxins from the body. There is a benefit to white leucorrhoea. The child born in the womb becomes healthy and strong. Grapes give iron to the blood.

Sore :

Wounds heal quickly by eating grapes regularly.

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