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How to Start Blogging, Understand Easily

If you also want to start blogging or want to publish articles, posts or ideas related to any topic by creating your own blog website, then before entering this field you should understand some important things or facts, otherwise your valuable time and money may be wasted. I am saying this because we have faced this situation. So let us first describe the facts which one should know before starting blogging:

How to Start Blogging

What happens in blogging?

To do blogging, a blog website is created by the CMS platform itself, and then published on it by writing posts/articles containing several paragraphs containing images, and videos related to a particular topic or many topics. This blog website is ranked on the Internet, so that anyone from anywhere in the world can use the Internet to read your content and gain knowledge.

What are the benefits of blogging?

What happens with blogging, this question is very important. With the help of your blog website, you can share your knowledge with people all over the world through internet. At the same time, you can also earn from it, because ads will run on your website and there are some processes; Like getting your website monetized with an advertising network. With your content, you earn money when they see and use your ads. The amount of money you can earn through blogging can be minimum and maximum, it depends on the traffic coming to your website.

How many days do you have to do blogging?

There is no fixed time for how many days blogging has to be done. If you use it as a career then you can be blogging for life as you put your hard work in uploading the content on your website. If you stop your website then your hard work will be in vain. That's why it is always best to keep your blog website started. If you want, you can leave your blogging career at any time or you can close your blog website at any time. It is up to your wish.

Who can do Blogging:

Who can do blogging, this is a very dumb question. Broadly speaking, the answer to this is that the person who has knowledge of the Internet, understands the language of the Internet, and has knowledge of a particular topic, the article related to the topic, he can post on his blog website. can publish. It can be a student, male or female. How much time do you have to spend every day for blogging?

What you need to start blogging:

First of all, you must be over 18 years old, so that you can create your own email account, Google account is the main one.

Along with this, to get success in the blogging field, you have to devote full time to blogging, if you use it as a career.

For blogging you need to have a laptop or computer. Because success in blogging field cannot be achieved only with Android mobile and it will be a waste of time.

You should have information related to a particular topic or many topics so that you can publish articles related to it on your blog website.

Many students get into blogging career along with their valuable studies after hearing the name of blogging and thinking of earning money from blogging. We suggest that students doing special studies should not enter the blogging field, because either they will be able to do blogging or they will be able to study only. Can't do both at the same time. This is because blogging is such a business in which studies will be wasted, because it will always require time for many tasks, to do something or the other. Like analyzing traffic, writing articles, creating content, sharing, creating backlinks, getting ranked in Google, etc., work has to be done in the blogging field, for which all your time will be spent in blogging. So start blogging only those people who have enough time.

CMS platforms that launch blog websites:

Blog websites are mainly operated by Google's Blogger and CMS platforms like Google Site, WordPress, Wix, Joomla, Drupal, Wibbly, GoDaddy, etc. It is up to you which CMS platform you will be using.

From which CMS platform the blog website should be operated:

To determine from which CMS platform you should operate the blog website, you must first collect the information of all the CMS platforms, which CMS platform provides what features. Each CMS platform has its different features, so users can use different CMS platforms as per their wish.

All the above mentioned CMS platforms also operate blog websites for absolutely free but they have a subdomain in it. For example, if you will operate your blog website from Google site for free, then the URL address of your block website will be prefixed with Similarly, if you operate a blog website for free through WordPress, then will be prefixed to the address of your blog website. Likewise for others.

Out of this, Google Site and Google's Blogger CMS platform are always free. Especially in this you will have to spend money only for the domain name. You can buy and use domain names anywhere.

Nevertheless, if you want to earn from your blog website and for this you want to get it monetized from advertising network, then you should not use Google site because Google site cannot be monetized from any advertising network.

If you are using Google's Blogger CMS platform to operate your blog website, then it also has prefixed to your blog website's address. You can change it with your custom domain name. However, the blog website with prefix also gets monetized by the advertising network, and earns well. Therefore, those who do not want to spend money, they should use Google's Blogger.

Monetizing a blog website from an advertising network is very difficult and it requires a lot of attention. For this, there is a need to get a lot of information and always analyze the website, analyze the traffic. If you want to spend even some money to be successful in this field, then you should pay attention to WordPress. WordPress Content Management System can also be used directly or can be operated by hosting providers such as Microsoft Azure, AWS, Hostinger, Bluehost, GoDaddy or Google Cloud, etc. You will have to spend money for this. How much money will be spent depends on the choice of your plan and the features used.


We have explained the important facts related to starting blogging, we will publish further facts in the next post.

Thanks for reading: How to Start Blogging, Understand Easily, Please, share this article. If this article helped you, then you must write your feedback in the comment box.

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