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Orange: Use of orange to cure many diseases

Orange is cool and gives happiness to the body and mind. Orange can be given in fasting and for all diseases. Those whose digestive power is poor, ora

Learn how to use oranges

The scientific name of orange: Citrus reticulata

Orange is cool and gives happiness to the body and mind. Orange can be given in fasting and for all diseases. Those whose digestive power is poor, orange juice mixed with three times water should be given.

Use of orange

It is most beneficial to consume oranges in the morning on a hungry stomach or five hours after a meal. It is enough for a person to take one or two oranges at a time. Vitamin C is found in abundance in oranges. The amount of Vitamin 'C' needed by a person is fulfilled by eating one orange daily.

Consumption of oranges is beneficial for jaundice.

Homeopathic Dr. EP Enshuse has described orange as useful in many diseases.

Smallpox stains:

Dry and grind the orange peels. Mix four spoons of rose water in it and make a paste and rub it on the face regularly. Smallpox stains will lighten.


In some parts of the world, there is a belief that eating oranges can be avoided when influenza is occurring or spreading as a pandemic, but it is beneficial even if you have the flu. If you have influenza, keep eating only oranges, and drink hot water, it will be fine.

Kidney diseases:

In the morning before breakfast, after eating 1-2 oranges, drinking hot water or drinking orange juice cures diseases of the throat. Diseases of the throat are prevented. Orange is useful in keeping the kidneys healthy. Sev and Angar also bring similar benefits. To keep the kidneys healthy, fruit juice is useful in the morning on a hungry stomach.


In case of a cold, or cough, drinking orange juice with cold water in summer and with hot water in winter is beneficial.

In case of a cough and cold, drinking a glass of orange juice regularly will be beneficial. You can drink it by adding salt or sugar candy to taste.

Children's protection from cold:

Regularly giving sweet orange juice to children does not cause any disease during the winter season. It is beneficial for a breastfed baby. This also increases the power.

Nutritious food for children:

Give a part of that milk mixed with sweet orange juice in the amount of milk that the child is fed. It is a nutritious drink for children. This also increases body weight.

Pregnancy food:

If a pregnant woman is fed two oranges daily in the afternoon for the whole pregnancy, the baby born is beautiful.

Baby booster:

By giving orange juice to children, they become fat and fresh in a short time and their nutrition is done faster. Weakness and stiffness of the bones are removed and the bones become strong. Children start walking very quickly. It is necessary to give orange juice regularly to children who drink cans or bottles of cow's milk. Due to its juice, children suffering from rickets become fat and fresh. Its juice corrects the movement of the intestines.

To stop drinking wine:

Eating oranges before breakfast reduces the desire to drink wine. -Clarks Prescriber


Eating oranges regularly is beneficial for pyorrhoea. Dry the orange peels in shade and grind them. Wash it regularly.


Orange can be given in small quantities to diabetic patients.


Orange removes heat, fever, and unrest. Give the patient orange juice mixed with milk or give orange juice after drinking milk. Oranges should be fed several times a day. This reduces heat.

When thirst is high, eating oranges reduces thirst.

Blood purifier:

Orange purifies the blood.


By drinking orange juice in the morning breakfast for several days, the stool starts coming naturally. It enhances digestion power.

Orange juice is beneficial in beriberi disease, scurvy, joint pain, and inflammation. Gives strength and vigor to the brain and liver.

Gas formation in the stomach from milk:

For those whose milk makes air, giving oranges with milk does not create air.

Wounds heal quickly by eating oranges.

Loss of appetite:

Eat ground ginger and black salt on orange buds. Within a week, the appetite will start feeling good. Eating two oranges on a hungry stomach in the morning gives a good appetite. This cures upset stomachs.


Boil two orange peels in two cups of water. Filter it after half the water remains and drink it hot.

Chest Diseases:

Orange is beneficial in all diseases of breathing, TB, heart, and chest.

Children's diarrhea:

Taking orange juice mixed with milk in children's diarrhea is beneficial.


Consumption of oranges is beneficial in case of nausea and vomiting. Orange should be consumed while traveling by car etc.

Flies, mosquitoes:

Throw dried orange peels over the burning coals. Its smoke will be bright and fragrant, so that flies, and mosquitoes will not live nearby. Wherever there are bedbugs, keep orange peels there, bedbugs will not stay there.

Gas in the stomach:

Liver diseases are cured by the consumption of oranges. Whose stomach is due to gas or any reason

It is beneficial for them if they bloat, remain heavy, and have indigestion. If a glass of orange juice is drunk in the morning, then the intestines get cleaned, due to which constipation does not remain.


If a weak person keeps drinking a glass of orange juice in the morning, and in the afternoon for a few weeks regularly, then the body gets strength. Orange juice is very beneficial for children who are weak, and who drink milk from a bottle.


Grinding dried peels of orange and rubbing them on the face ends acne.

Energizing Neurological:

Orange stimulates the nervous system, which removes constipation. Orange is beneficial for patients suffering from nervous diseases and nervous tension.

Peptic Ulcer:

Consuming orange is useful if there is a wound, ulcer, or canker in the stomach.

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