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Symptoms and treatment of encephalitis

Encephalitis is called meningitis. It is a serious disease, which is caused by virus and bacterial infection. This disease causes swelling of the

Detailed information of encephalitis

Encephalitis is called meningitis. It is a serious disease, which is caused by virus and bacterial infection. This disease causes swelling of the brain covering, causing severe symptoms and disturbances in the body.

Encephalitis or Japanese encephalitis and an acute encephalitis syndrome (AES) as soon as the rainy season begins; The outbreak of both often increases. During the last almost 4 decades, more than 30000 children lost their lives untimely due to this disease and thousands of children have been forced to live a life of paralysis.

Every year more than 500 people lose their lives untimely due to this disease in the government statistics alone, while the reality is that their number remains somewhat higher than this, because all the people are often not counted. According to non-governmental organizations, 3000 to 4000 children become increasingly affected by encephalitis every rainy season.

Children between the ages of 3 and 15 are the most prone to encephalitis. Encephalitis disease spreads between the months of July to December. This disease is at its peak in the month of September-October. Statistics show that of the total number of people who suffer from encephalitis, only 10% show symptoms of meningitis, such as tremors, epileptic symptoms, unconsciousness and coma. 

These symptoms appear suddenly in children over several days of continuous fever. Of these, 50% to 60% of patients die. About half of the remaining patients with meningitis become paralyzed, their eyes and ears, etc., also do not function properly. Some patients continue to have seizures for the rest of their lives. Some encephalitis patients also become mentally handicapped.

Symptoms of encephalitis

1. Common symptoms like flu and cough for the first 15 days,

2. More headache with high fever,

3. Diarrhea and vomiting (vomiting),

4. Symptoms of cold-bloodedness,

5. If the right treatment is not done in time, then tremors like epilepsy start coming,

6. Patient faints,

7. Lack of memory power, talking nonsense,

8. Somebody become paralyzed,

9. Having some practical changes, such as not recognizing loved ones.

Cause of encephalitis

The main reason for the spread and spread of encephalitis disease is due to lack of proper hygiene. This disease is spread due to dirt. Viruses and bacteria are responsible for this disease, but viruses are often responsible for the disease which is found in the eastern regions of Uttar Pradesh, India.

Viruses of encephalitis disease are found on the bodies of swine and aquatic birds called herons. If a mosquito bites a person after biting them, then there is a possibility of encephalitis. The larva of the encephalitis virus even from contaminated water reaches the body and starts flourishing.

Protection against encephalitis

Keep the environment around your house and your house clean and tidy. Use insecticides to prevent mosquitoes and use mosquito nets while sleeping. Mosquitoes that carry encephalitis disease bite more in the evening, so try to stay safe from mosquitoes when you go out in the evening.

Children must be vaccinated against encephalitis to protect against encephalitis. Three doses of this vaccine are administered. This vaccine is administered to children up to 15 years of age.

If a child sees any symptoms of encephalitis in any area, then taking it seriously and getting treatment from a good doctor. There is no specific treatment for encephalitis, rather doctors treat people with symptoms. The earlier the disease is detected, the greater the chances of survival and recovery of the patient.

To prevent convulsions in this disease, to eliminate infection in the brain, to cure diarrhoea, to regulate blood pressure and to cure pneumonia, different medicines are given by the doctors. 

Admit the serious patient of encephalitis where there is a special arrangement for treatment and if needed, the facility of ventilator and oxygen etc. can be made available.

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