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Tomato benefits | Benefits of tomato juice

The more curvy and beautiful the tomato is to look at, the better it is. Tomatoes are eaten raw, after extracting juice, boiling, making salad, making

Health Benefits of Tomato :

Scientific Name of Tomato:  Lycopersicon esculentum

Nature of Tomato:  Medium

The more curvy and beautiful the tomato is to look at, the better it is. Tomatoes are eaten raw, after extracting juice, boiling, making salad, making soup, cooking in lentils and vegetables. But it is good to eat tomato hungry in the morning and nothing should be eaten for an hour after eating it. Apply wax to the ends of the tomato (where it attaches to the plant) and place it in cold water. This keeps tomatoes fresh for several days.

health benefits of tomatoes

Vitamins found in Tomatoes:

The author of Disease and Diet, Dr. S.J. Gajdar has written that Vitamin A.B.C. is found in such high quantities in tomatoes, as are not found in oranges and grapes. Tomato is more beneficial than orange and grapes. The vitamins found in it are not destroyed even by heating. Vitamin 'A' is found more in tomatoes. By eating four red tomatoes daily, the body gets the amount of vitamin 'A' it needs. Vitamin 'C' is also found in abundance in tomatoes, which removes the foreign elements present in the body. Riboflavin (B2) is also found in tomatoes, which is a very essential vitamin.

Per 100 grams of tomato, there are 0.9 grams of protein, 0.2 grams of fat, 3.6 grams of carbohydrates etc.

Calcium content in tomatoes:

Lime (calcium) is found more in tomatoes than other fruits and vegetables. Calcium makes bones strong. Tomato consumption is useful to remove the weakness of teeth and bones.

Iron content in tomatoes:

Iron element is also found in very high quantity in tomato. Iron element is required daily during pregnancy. Consumption of tomatoes is beneficial for pregnant women. Tomatoes contain five times more iron than eggs. Drinking one glass (250 grams) of tomato juice continuously for a few days ends anemia and increases blood flow.

Helpful in relieving constipation:

Constipation is cured by taking 50 grams of raw tomato regularly. Those who are constipated, they should eat raw tomatoes in their food.

Digestive enhancer:

Tomato gives strength to the large intestine. Removes wounds from the intestines. Improves digestion power. Constipation does not occur due to continuous consumption of tomatoes and the stomach remains clean: the problem of gas is removed. The stomach also remains healthy. Tomato keeps us healthy by taking out the acidity of the stomach. In Europe and America, tomato juice is also given to the breastfed baby.

Use of Tomato in Appendicitis:

In appendicitis, cutting 100 grams red tomato and putting rock salt and ginger pieces on it, eating it before meals is beneficial.


Eating red tomato pieces mixed with black pepper and salt on a hungry stomach destroys worms.

Mouth sores:

Those who have frequent blisters, he should eat more tomatoes. Tomato acts as a medicine for ulcers. Mixing tomato juice in lukewarm water and rinsing it also removes the blisters.

Power booster:

If you drink a glass of tomato juice mixed with 20 grams of honey in the morning breakfast, then the face and the whole body will glow like a tomato. Tomato gives strength to the liver, lungs and increases memory power. Lowers the blood pressure. It clears diarrhea. Removes obesity. Tomato also removes skin diseases.

Helpful in reducing fat:

Those who have more body weight and they control the diet: and pay attention to yogasanas and exercises - Tomato is beneficial for them because it helps to remove foreign matter from the body and stuck in the intestines, getting stuck food out of the body. Is.

Believe me, by eating a salad of raw tomato, lemon, salt, and onion regularly, your unnecessary heavy weight will gradually reduce. 


Jaundice is cured by drinking a glass of tomato juice regularly.

Tongue turbidity:

Putting rock salt on 100 grams of red tomato and eating it ends the turbidity of the tongue.


Tomato soup increases appetite; removes anemia; Removes tiredness-weakness and brings glow to the face.


In fever, harmful substances increase in the blood. Tomato juice and soup bring out these substances. This gives relief to the patient. Taking tomato in fever reduces the temperature. It should be given only in normal fever.

Skin diseases:

Tomato is sour but its properties are alkaline. Tomato sourness purifies the blood. For blood purification, tomato should be consumed alone, that is, it should not be taken with any other thing. Lemon also has similar properties.

When a red rash has formed on the skin due to the defect of blood. The bones of the mouth are swollen. If there is blood coming out of the teeth, there is a possibility of scurvy disease, blood disorders, ringworm, beriberi, then drinking tomato juice 3-4 times a day is beneficial. It purifies the blood. Skin diseases are cured by drinking tomato juice regularly for a few weeks.

Eating raw tomatoes removes dryness of the skin. It also removes heat, so eat it in summer also. By adding tomatoes to the vegetables whose nature is hot, their nature changes, they become cold.


Mix one spoon of tomato juice, two spoons of coconut oil and massage it on the place of itching, then squeeze a lemon in warm water and take bath with it. Itching will disappear.

Night Blindness:

 Eating tomato is beneficial in low vision and weak eyesight.


It is useful to eat tomato for the patient of arthritis.


Tomato is very beneficial to cure diabetes. Tomato sourness reduces the amount of sugar in the body. The passing of sugar in the urine gradually decreases. It is also useful in Prameha.

Drought disease:

Tomato consumption is beneficial in curing dry diseases of children. Feeding raw red tomato juice to the child four times daily for a month, the child becomes healthy. Apart from this, tomato is also beneficial in diseases like obesity, stomach diseases, diarrhoea, jaundice, leucorrhoea etc.

Dental diseases:

Teeth are strong by eating tomatoes. Get rid of pyorrhea and cavity.

Baby power booster:

Mothers of the baby should eat tomatoes and feed the baby tomatoes regularly. Due to this, the physical development of babies is good, digestion power remains good and teeth come easily.

Caution in consuming tomatoes:

Do not drink water after eating tomatoes. Tomato has alkaline property which keeps the stomach clean. Drinking water after eating tomatoes destroys this quality. It is harmful to eat raw tomato in severe cough. Tomato should not be consumed by the patient of kidney stones or gallstones. Tomatoes should not be consumed if there is rheumatism, muscle pain, swelling anywhere in the body.

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