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Use of Banana for Health

Banana should not be eaten on a hungry stomach. Eating banana after meals gives strength and strengthens muscles. Do not eat more than 3 bananas at a

 Use of Banana for Health

Scientific name of banana: Musa sapientum

How to eat Banana:

Banana should not be eaten on a hungry stomach. Eating banana after meals gives strength and strengthens muscles. Do not eat more than 3 bananas at a time. By eating banana at night, gas is formed in the stomach. Cardamom should be eaten after eating banana. Banana and sugar should be eaten together for the pacification of all three doshas, ​​Vata, Pitta, and Cough.

Use of banana for health

Banana is a nutritious substance :

Banana is a semen booster and is very beneficial in curing eye diseases. Banana is a powerful food. Banana is no ordinary fruit. It should also be eaten with roti. Bananas are high in starch, protein (albumin) and sugar. It can be given to young children with milk or mixed with it. Banana is anti phlegm and blood bile. In this way, it is best to eat fresh bananas.

Typhoid :

Banana is the ideal food for the patients of enteritis. It reduces uncontrolled hunger, thirst.

Mixing ripe banana and honey in the habit of eating soil of children gets rid of this habit.

If there is ringworm, scabies, baldness, then grind banana mace with lemon juice and apply, it is beneficial. Shingles will look bloated by applying, but do not be afraid, keep tying. Ringworm will be fine.

Swelling :

Banana is beneficial in curing all kinds of inflammation. Tie the banana peel on injury or rub, does not increase the swelling.

Make paste of ripe banana and wheat flour by heating it in water.

Stomach diseases:

Eating banana in the form of food in various types of gastrointestinal diseases is helpful in disease prevention. It is nutritious food for children and weak people. Banana is healthy in the form of food in all types of diarrhea, gastritis, colitis and gastric ulcer of children and adults. It removes inflammation of the intestines.

In case of nausea, acidity (burning sensation from stomach to throat), eating two bananas mixed with sugar and cardamom is beneficial. Eating a ripe banana by pouring ghee on it ends the excess of bile.

White matter :

After eating two bananas, drinking honey mixed with milk from above is beneficial in white leucorrhoea. Eat one banana with eight grams of ghee twice in the morning and evening for ten days. Making kheer in cow's milk and eating it with banana is also beneficial.

Heart colic :

Taking two bananas mixed with 15 grams of honey is beneficial in heart pain.

Consuming milk and banana together is very beneficial in gastric ulcer. Drink milk while eating banana.

If the albumin element is low, then it should be filled by eating banana.

Diarrhea :

Banana causes constipation. Taking two bananas, half a loaf with curd for a few days ends diarrhea, dysentery and constipation.

Blister :

If there is a blister on the tongue, take a banana with cow's curd in the morning.

Grinding a banana on it is beneficial when it is burnt by fire.

Nosebleeds :

Mix sugar in a glass of milk and take it with two bananas for ten days continuously.

Becoming fat :

Banana is beneficial in sleep disorders and gonorrhea. It makes the body fat. After eating two bananas, consuming one loaf of warm milk regularly for three months will make you fat. Do not consume it if you have stomach upset.

Stopping urination :

Mixing four spoons of juice of banana stem, two spoons of ghee and taking it, the closed urine comes openly. This is the best remedy for urinary incontinence. Ghee mixed in this juice cannot stay in the stomach and urine comes quickly.

Frequent urination :

After eating a banana, drink half a cup of amla juice mixed with sugar as per taste. Frequent urination will stop. Eating banana alone also reduces frequent urination.

TB (Tuberculosis) :

The fresh juice of the banana tree or the raw banana, which is used to make vegetables, is used to remove tuberculosis. is a panacea for. One who is suffering from Tuberculosis, coughs excruciatingly, profuse mucus, sweats so much at night that all clothes are getting wet, very high fever, diarrhoea, loss of appetite The weight has also reduced a lot, after extracting the juice of a piece of thick banana stem and filtering it, one or two cups should be given after every two hours by choking. The patient will be greatly benefited by giving juice for three days. Tuberculosis can also be cured by this therapy for two months. The juice of the banana tree should be extracted fresh after every 24 hours. Put 8-10 grams of banana leaves in 200 ml of water and leave it lying. After filtering this water and drinking one big spoon three times, the thick mucus accumulated in the lungs becomes thin and comes out. Mixing the juice of banana leaves with honey and giving it to the patient of tuberculosis also fills the wounds of the lungs, reduces mucus and stops bleeding from the lungs.

Snakebite :

As soon as the snake bites, take off the clothes of the patient and make the patient lie on top of the banana leaves, so that the juice of the banana reaches the body through its skin holes. Along with this, take out 20 grams fresh juice of banana stem and filter it and mix 12 black peppercorns in it and drink it. Do not let the patient sleep. With this therapy, the venom of the snake becomes ineffective and the patient is saved from dying. Keep giving juice for a while until the patient gets the benefit. Tie the peel of a banana stem on the snake bite.

Blood pressure :

Bananas are low in sodium, sufficient in potassium which is essential for high blood pressure control.

Bananas do not contain cholesterol. Banana does not increase fat.

Baby food :

One-fourth of the amount of vitamin 'C', niamin, riboflavin and thiamine required for a breastfed infant is found in one banana. Children and adults should eat two bananas with milk in the morning itself. asthma:

Asthma patients should eat less banana And it should be kept in mind that even eating banana does not aggravate asthma. If asthma is found to be increasing, then banana should not be eaten. Banana allergy is found in asthma.

Caution in eating banana :

The patient of poor digestion power, arthritis, asthma and diabetes should not eat banana. If you have indigestion from eating banana, then eat cardamom. Do not eat more than three bananas at a time. Banana and bitter gourd should not be eaten together or in the same condition under any circumstances, because banana and bitter gourd together produce deadly properties.

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