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Use of lemon: Hot water with lemon benefits

Lemon can be consumed in all seasons. It adjusts its properties according to the changing season and protects it from seasonal defects. The main funct

Various uses of lemon

The scientific name of lemon: Citrus Medica

Lemon can be consumed in all seasons. It adjusts its properties according to the changing season and protects it from seasonal defects. The main function of lemon is to destroy the toxins in the body and remove them.



Squeezing a lemon in a glass of boiling water and drinking it, new energy starts to be experienced in every part of the body. The eyesight gets brighter. Mental weakness, headache, and tremors in the buttocks stop. Too much work does not make you tired. It should be drunk in small sips without adding sugar and salt. If you want, you can add two teaspoons of honey. Excess consumption of sugar and salt is injurious to health. In incurable diseases, food is not given immediately after fasting for a long time, but after drinking lemon juice mixed with water repeatedly, the contaminants of the patient come out and their diseases are cured. Its regular consumption gives stamina. Lemon should not be given in case of stones.

Vitamin C :

Lemon juice is a storehouse of Vitamin C to avoid various diseases, and get healthy, and strength. A deficiency of vitamin 'C' in the body causes diseases like scurvy, anemia, bone joint pain, bleeding, dental diseases, pyuria, whooping cough, asthma, etc. Consumption of lemon benefits them and the defects generated are also removed.


For those whose body is deficient in blood, the body falls day by day, and the food of lemon and tomato juice benefits them.

Increasing age:

According to Prof. Schmol; If a little lemon is consumed regularly, then the age increases. Its excessive consumption is harmful.

Digestive system diseases:

If your digestive organs do not work properly, food is not digested, there is a burden on the heart due to gas in the stomach, stomach bloating, sleeplessness at night, or food is not digested correctly, then take lemon in a glass of warm water. By mixing the juice and drinking it several times, the digestive organs and the body are washed. Blood and all the toxic substances of the body are removed through the urine. Within a few days, new energy and strength start to be felt in the body. In case of indigestion, the food is easily digested by sucking salt on the slices of lemon. Lemon is beneficial in all diseases of the liver.

Abdominal pain :

Taking 12 grams of lemon juice, 6 grams ginger juice, and 6 grams honey together ends in stomachache.

Sucking lemon slices filled with black salt, black pepper, and cumin seeds after heating end stomachache and destroys worms.

Loss of appetite:

Eat lemon and ginger chutney. Coriander leaves can also be added according to the season. If there is no appetite, indigestion, sour belching, then (1) squeeze a lemon in half a glass of water and mix sugar, and drink it regularly. (2) Drink a spoonful of ginger juice, lemon, and rock salt mixed in a glass of water.

Constipation :

Taking the juice of one lemon with a glass of warm water at night breaks loose motions.

Mixing 12 grams each of lemon juice and sugar in a glass of water and drinking it at night ends chronic constipation in a few days.

Diarrhea :

Squeezing lemon in milk is beneficial. If there are convulsions in diarrhea, if there is vomiting, then use lemon. Drink the juice of one lemon mixed with a cup of water. Similarly, give five times in a day. This stops diarrhea.

Mixing one drop of lemon juice, one spoon of water, a little salt, and sugar and drinking it five times a day stops diarrhea.

Nail growth:

If your nails do not grow, squeeze a lemon in hot water and keep your fingers in it for five minutes, then immediately place your hands in cold water. This will make the nails grow.

By applying lemon juice to the nails, they remain very strong and beautiful. Wash the fingers and dry their forearms by rubbing them in lemon.

Airball (Gas) :

Taking 3 grams of lemon juice mixed with half a glass of warm water provides relief.


Squeezing half a lemon in half a glass of fresh water and drinking it thrice a day is beneficial.

Drink 250 grams of milk, and sugar according to taste, and squeeze half a lemon in an earthen pot. There is a benefit in dysentery. Due to this, there will be slight burning in the stomach and the bloody diarrhea will stop.


Lemon should be consumed as soon as nausea starts, it does not cause vomiting. Lemon should not be used after heating it in vomit.

Milk vomiting of babies:

Drink five drops of lemon juice mixed with three spoons of water. This will prevent the baby from turning down the milk.

Stomach worm:

If worms have developed in the stomach, make a powder by grinding the seeds of lemon and take it with water. This will destroy the worms in the stomach. Quantity- One to three grams for adults, one-fourth for children. Drink lemonade on a hungry stomach.


Lime is an acid destroyer. Acidity is destroyed by drinking lemon juice in hot water in the evening. Dosage- Take one cup of warm water, and one teaspoon of lemon juice thrice in one hour each. Dr. Albert has written in his book 'Fruits for Health' that people fear lemon juice as acidic. As a result of this mistake, not recognizing its medicinal properties, do not consume lemon in acidity. The potassium found in lemon destroys acid poisons.

Hiccup :

Mixing lemon juice, honey, one teaspoon each, and black salt as per taste ends hiccups.

Dizziness :

If there is a liver disorder, dizziness due to stomach gas, seizures, then squeezing lemon in hot water and drinking is beneficial. Quantity- One cup of warm water, one and a half teaspoons of lemon juice.

Squeezing lemon in tea is beneficial in the case of headaches. Take out the juice by crushing the lemon leaves and smell the juice. Those who always have headaches, take this remedy. This will cure headaches forever. Dried lemon leaves and drinking it daily after making tea will give miraculous results.

Jitters in the heart :

Squeezing lemon in cold water and drinking it in case of heart palpitations, or a burning sensation in the chest is beneficial. Those with thin lean bodies also add sugar to it.

Spleen Enlargement:

After cutting a lemon in the middle, heating it, adding some salt, and sucking it before meals for several days, the enlarged spleen comes to its natural size.

Hemorrhoid :

After filtering lemon juice with a clean fine cloth, mixing an equal quantity of olive oil in it, and putting two grams of glycerin in the anus through a syringe at night ends burning of piles, pain, and warts become small. Cooking is done without pain. In case of severe pain in piles, or bleeding, keep fast and drink lemon in fresh water. If there are bleeding piles, add the juice of half-lemon in hot milk and give it immediately after every 3 hours.

Cut lemon and fill the ground catechu in both slices. Then keep both the pieces in the onus overnight. Suck both the pieces in the morning, and it will stop bleeding.

Heat suffocation:

In case of suffocation from the heat of summer, drinking lemon juice refreshes the mind.

Lemon Sorbet:

Lemon juice is made by mixing lemon juice, black salt, and sugar in cold water. It is beneficial in digestive, nausea and vomiting, malaria, and bile fever.


Fever, in which the patient feels thirsty again and again, after drinking lemon squeezed in boiled water, the temperature of the fever drops. Quantity- One cup of water, and two teaspoons of lemon juice.

Cut two lemons, put them in 250 grams of water and boil them. When the water remains half, take it off and filter it. Mix two grams of rock salt in it and drink it. Take this one dose thrice a day like this. Do not eat Doing this for two to three days cures all types of fever.

Squeezing lemon in water and drinking it, again and again, reduces the heat and temperature of fever.

Malaria :

In malaria, hot sucking after filling with salt, black pepper, and lemon in it ends the heat of fever. Mix the juice of two lemons with lemon peels in 500 grams of water and boil it in an earthen pot at night and keep it halfway. Drinking it in the morning stops malaria. Squeeze lemon in water and mix sugar according to taste and drink it, it stops malaria in four days. If vomiting starts in malaria, then suck the lemon filled with salt. Drink lemon and sugarcane juice mixed together. Inversions will stop.


These diseases can be avoided by drinking lemon juice in hot water in case of various parts of the body and broken bones, nausea, and cold. It should be drunk again and again. Honey can also be mixed in this water.

Yellow Fever:

Mix lemon with lukewarm water and give it to a patient with yellow fever, the patient gets cured soon. Do not add sweeteners to it.

Cough :

Filling salt, black pepper, and sugar in lemon and sucking it is beneficial.

Identification of Syphilis:

To know whether a man or woman has syphilis, apply lemon juice to any part of his body. If it seems unbearable, then understand that he has syphilis.

Cough and cold:

Squeezing lemon in lukewarm water and drinking it cures cold. If you have a severe cold, drink a glass of boiling hot water mixed with lemon, honey, as desired, and drink it at bedtime.

Sore throat :

If there is a sore throat, redness, or swelling in the throat, then squeeze lemon in freshwater or warm water and add salt and gargle thrice.


In the case of nosebleeds, dripping two drops of lemon juice in the nose stops bleeding from the nose. -Dhanwantri, September 1975


Licking lemon juice mixed with honey stops shortness of breath.

Obesity :

Mixing a lemon, salt, and a loaf of lukewarm water in lukewarm water and drinking it on a hungry stomach in the morning reduces obesity. Take this continuously for a month or two. It is more useful in the summer season. It is better if you add honey too. After this, drink water mixed with lemon, and honey whenever you feel thirsty during the day. If you mix honey, don't add salt.

Travel :

Consuming lemon while traveling does not cause nausea and makes the journey pleasant. Climbers – Lemon is beneficial for those who climb high mountains.

Cleaning of teeth :

Dry the lemon peels in the sun and grind them and use them as a paste. This will clean the teeth and remove bad breath. Regularly brushing with salt, mustard oil, and lemon juice strengthens the teeth. Almost all diseases of the teeth are eradicated. Brushing teeth with small pieces of squeezed lemon, teeth start shining in a few days.

Dental diseases:

Squeezing lemon in freshwater provides relief from dental diseases. Gum swelling and mouth odor are removed. Rubbing the teeth with squeezed lemon makes the teeth clean, beautiful, and shiny.


Rubbing lemon juice and honey on the gums stops bleeding and pus and strengthens the teeth.


Wherever there are rashes on the skin, rub a slice of lemon on them. Rub alum stuffed in lemon. This will lighten the rashes and make the skin glow. Rubbing a little lemon juice after washing hands, hands become soft, and nails become beautiful.

Uric acid :

The uric acid that causes gout disease is destroyed by lemon. To destroy uric acid, drink a glass of warm water mixed with the juice of one lemon and half a teaspoon of ginger in the morning on a hungry stomach. All uric acid will be removed through the urine.

Lemon is beneficial for heart patients.

For beauty :

Lemon purifies the blood and makes the skin healthy, and radiant. Mix lemon juice, rose water, and glycerin, all three ingredients, and fill the vial. Apply it on the face before sleeping at night. Taking bath mixed with lemon and salt water makes the body beautiful. Washing hair with lemon water makes hair attractive. Cracked hands and feet are cured in winter. If there is no glycerin, mixing lemon in mustard oil can be used. To make your hands beautiful, mix an equal quantity of juice of a ripe tomato, lemon juice, and glycerin and massage it after washing your hands. Wash off when dry.

Nail Acne:

Mixing lemon juice with four times glycerin and rubbing it on the face removes acne, and pimples, and makes the face beautiful. Rubbing all over the body makes the skin soft and smooth.

Squeezing a spoonful of lemon juice on the cream that settles on warm milk and rubbing it on the face ends acne.

Applying lemon juice only on the face or mixing an equal quantity of lemon and rose water cures acne.

Constipation leads to the formation of acne, so drink 250 grams of lemon in lukewarm water in the morning and evening after squeezing it.

Itching :

Massaging with coconut oil mixed with lemon juice provides relief in itching. If there is a rash in itching, then mix lemon juice with coconut oil and apply. Rub alum in lemon and rub it on the itchy area. Squeeze lemon in warm water and rub it with stools and take bath, it ends up itching.


By applying lemon juice on the callus, they become soft. You can also tie a lemon slice on it.

Toxic Bite:

Dr. Haring has said that if there is severe pain due to a mosquito bite, then apply lemon juice on it. Mixing its juice with salt and applying it on the bites of scorpions, spiders, wasps, and bee provides relief. Lemon should be applied on bedbugs and flea bites.

Blood pressure and heart failure:

Lemon has special properties to remove the weakness of the heart. With its continuous use, the blood vessels get suppleness and softness and their hardness goes away. Therefore, lemon is useful in curing diseases like high blood pressure. Due to this, the heart remains strong till old age and there is no fear of heart failure. Whatever be the high blood pressure, squeeze lemon in water and drink it several times a day, it is beneficial. It is beneficial to drink the juice of one lemon mixed with warm water in the morning.


If blood comes from the lungs, stomach, kidney, uterus, and bladder, drinking lemon juice mixed with cold water thrice a day provides relief.

Joint pain:

Rubbing lemon juice on the joints ends joint pain and swelling. Lemon juice reduces the excess acidity (sourness) of the stomach, intestines, and blood, due to which joint pain, nerve pain, excessive weakness, etc. Even though lemon is sour, its nature is alkaline (saline) and removes acidity.


Squeezing lemon in a glass of water and drinking it regularly in the morning is beneficial.


Dr. E. P. Enschaus in his book Therapeutic By-Veges has written that a German doctor cured 80 patients with lemon juice and only one of them died. He used to make gargles by mixing lemon with water or asking the patient to suck a little lemon juice.

Stopping urination:

Grind lemon seeds in cold water and tie them on the navel. This leads to stagnant urination.

Diseases of the rainy season:

Stomach diseases and fever, boils, and pimples are very common in the rainy season. Consuming lemon in this is beneficial. Mix lemon in hot water and drink it regularly.

Blood purification:

Lemon purifies the blood. Lemon should be drunk in lukewarm water thrice a day. The water should be hot like tea.

Ringworm :

Scratching ringworm and applying lemon juice four times a day cures ringworm.

Easy Delivery :

If a pregnant woman is fed a lemon shikanji (squeezing sugar and lemon in water) daily from the fourth month till the time of delivery, then the delivery takes place easily without any trouble.


Mix 11 leaves of basil, salt to taste, cumin, asafetida, a glass of warm water, and 25 grams of lemon juice, and drink it thrice a day.


Drink warm water mixed with salt and lemon juice. After vomiting, drink again. Keep drinking till the vomiting keeps happening. This helps the patient to recover. Cholera and disease infections are reduced by eating a pickle of lemon during cholera. Consuming lemon prevents cholera. Bile is quenched. After heating lemon and applying sugar, it is useful in sucking, nausea, and cholera. Taking lemon juice, onion juice, sugar, and water mixed together is beneficial in cholera. Mixing one part lemon juice, half-and-half of green mint, and onion and giving it is beneficial.


In diabetes, take a drink by squeezing lemon in water when thirst is high. There are benefits to be had.

Oily skin:

Oily skin tends to get more acne and blemishes. Rubbing lemon on the face is beneficial for oily skin.


Make four pieces of lemon, put salt on them and heat them one after the other, and press each piece by placing them on the sore teeth and molars respectively. In this way press the four pieces one after the other. This will be beneficial for toothache.

Hair fall in rashes:

If a bunch of hair or a rash has flown from somewhere on the head, then keep rubbing lemon juice there for a month or two. Doing this can cause hair to grow.

Caution in consuming lemon:

Lemon should not be given to the patient with pain in the joints of the feet, sore tonsils, ulcers in the stomach, and gall or kidney stones. Such as people should also use lemon with caution, who have dizziness or low blood pressure due to used lemon.

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