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Use of pineapple | Ananas fruit good for you

Pineapple is anthelmintic. Pineapple juice has the ability to digest protein-rich substances. An element similar to pepsin called "bromelain" is extra

Health Benefits of Pineapple

The scientific name of pineapple: Pineapple comosus

Pineapple is anthelmintic. Pineapple juice has the ability to digest protein-rich substances. An element similar to pepsin called "bromelain" is extracted from pineapple juice, and it is used for digestion. To make a delicious pineapple drink, make a mixed juice of pineapple and apple and drink it after mixing one spoon honey, quarter spoon ginger juice. This brings out the acidity from the intestines. High blood pressure, asthma, cough, indigestion, menstrual irregularities are removed by this juice.

Use of pineapple

If there is swelling in the tonsils, throat, eating pineapple is beneficial.

Diphtheria :

Pineapple juice cuts the membrane of Diphtheria, keeps the throat clear. Sore throat is cured by eating pineapple.

Pimples :

Applying pineapple pulp on pimples is beneficial. By drinking its juice, the unhealthy tissues of the body become fine and strong.

Urinating :

Putting salt and black pepper on the cleavage of pineapple and eating it, it is beneficial in urinating.

Powerful :

Pineapple removes anxiety. Decreases thirst, strengthens the body. It does not cure cough and cold. Gives strength to heart and mind. Digestive power increases by eating pineapple on an empty stomach. Drinking pineapple syrup in summer gives freshness, coolness and quenches thirst. The stomach heat subsides. Urine comes out freely. Therefore, eating pineapple and drinking its juice is beneficial in stone.

Swelling :

If there is less urine with swelling of the body, albumin goes into the urine, there is pallor, especially swelling around the eyes and on the face, then eat only ripe pineapple and drink cow's milk for a few days. The cause of swelling and inflammation will end the disease.

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