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Uses of Gooseberry | Health benefits of amla

Gooseberry has the power to cure all diseases, provided the way of its use should be known. Gooseberry is to give youth to youth and youth like power

Contribution in Maintaining Health of Gooseberry:

Scientific name of Gooseberry:  Emblica officinalis

Gooseberry has the power to cure all diseases, provided the way of its use should be known. Gooseberry is to give youth to youth and youth like power to old people. If you feel dizzy in summer, if you are nervous, then get Gooseberry syrup. If there is more palpitations and nervousness in the heart, then eat gooseberry jam. Vitamin 'C' is found the most in Gooseberry. Humans need 50 mg of vitamin 'C' daily which is found in 1.6 ounces of Gooseberry juice. One gooseberry is equal to two oranges. Gooseberry makes teeth and gums hard and healthy. It increases the health power in the body. Gooseberry marmalade is powerful. 

Uses of Gooseberry

Gooseberry is beneficial for pregnant women. A good Gooseberry gives more strength than an egg. Gooseberry is beneficial in blood pressure, brain, heart restlessness, palpitations, spleen, blood pressure. Gooseberry is powerful and healthy. Weakness goes away from it. There is shine in the teeth, there is thinning of the brain fibers. The quality of dried gooseberry is that of a broken bone, a metal enhancer. Raw Gooseberry juice should be drunk. At bedtime, ten grams powder of Indian gooseberry mixed with twenty-five grams of honey should be taken. Gooseberry should be taken in any kind of chutney, raw pickle, sherbet, murabba in food.

Nosebleeds :

Those who often suffer from nosebleeds, soak dry gooseberries at night and wash their heads with that water daily in the morning. Eat Gooseberry murabba. If hemorrhage does not stop in any way, then drip the juice of Gooseberry in the nose, sniff and grind Gooseberry and apply it on the head, it will definitely be beneficial. If fresh gooseberry is not available, then soak dried gooseberry in water and apply it on the head. This will also remove mental heat and happiness.

Heat protection :

Drinking gooseberry syrup in summer does not cause thirst again and again and prevents summer diseases.

Lisp :

Children's stuttering, stuttering gets cured by chewing Gooseberry, the tongue becomes thinner and the voice starts to come clear.

Urinating in bed :

Some children, even when they grow up, urinate in the bed. This patient who gets cured by medical treatment. Mix one gram of ground Gooseberry, one gram of ground black cumin and two grams of powdered sugar candy. Drink cold water from above. This will cure the disease of urinating in the bed.

Dream Interpretation (Nightmare) :

1. Eating one gooseberry of marmalade regularly is beneficial in sleep disorders.

2. Grind 20 grams dried gooseberry in a glass glass. Fill 60 grams of water in it and then soak it for twelve hours. After filtering, add one gram of ground turmeric in this water and drink it. It is the best medicine for young people's dreams.

Chronic fever :

Add dry Gooseberry to moong dal and eat it after cooking. It is beneficial in chronic fever.

Stones :

Eating powder of Gooseberry with radish provides relief in urinary stones.

Bleeding Hemorrhoids :

Grinding dry gooseberry finely and taking one tea spoon with buttermilk or cow's milk twice in the morning and evening is beneficial in bloody piles.

Blennenteria :

1. Mixing three grams of powdered Gooseberry powder, 6 grams of honey and taking it once daily for 30 days is beneficial in white leucorrhoea. Avoid souring.

2. Mixing some quantity of honey in twenty grams of raw Gooseberry juice, drinking it continuously for a month, it is beneficial in white leucorrhoea.

Leprosy :

Take one spoonful of Gooseberry powder in the morning and evening.

Burning urination :

Mix 10 grams of green gooseberry juice, 5 grams of sugar or honey, and drink some water in the morning and evening. This is a dosage amount. This will allow urine to come freely. Burning and pain will be fine.

Diabetes :

Diabetes is cured by drinking 10 grams juice of fresh gooseberries mixed with honey.

Constipation :

One spoon grounded Gooseberry water or milk at night clears diarrhea in the morning, does not remain constipated.

Diarrhea :

Grind equal quantity of dry gooseberry and black salt and take half spoon with water, it stops diarrhea. Anemia:

In anemia, drinking half a cup of Gooseberry juice mixed with two spoons of honey, a little water is beneficial.

Digestive :

Digestive power increases by taking a spoonful of powder of dried gooseberry after meals.

Worms :

Worms are destroyed by drinking one ounce of fresh Gooseberry juice daily for 5 days.

Energizer :

Lick one spoon of ground Gooseberry mixed with two spoons of honey, drink milk from above. It always keeps good health. There is happiness. When fresh Gooseberry is available, drink half a cup of Gooseberry juice mixed with two spoons of honey and half a cup of water in the morning. Drink milk from above. Due to this, the tired knowledge-fibers get good nutrition. After drinking regularly for a few days, new energy and consciousness will come in the body, youth will come out in life. Those who want to be healthy, they should drink Gooseberry juice regularly in this way. To increase memory power, eat gooseberry jam every morning.

Eyesight enhancer :

Consumption of Gooseberry improves eyesight. Soak 6 grams dry gooseberry in a loaf of water overnight. Strain this water in the morning and wash the face thoroughly. It cures all diseases of the eyes and improves vision. Take a tea spoon of powdered Gooseberry powder with water at night.

In case of bleeding from the cut, applying fresh juice of Gooseberry on the cut area stops bleeding.

Acidity :

Drink two tea spoons of Gooseberry juice mixed with the same amount of sugar candy or mix finely dry ground Gooseberry and sugar candy in equal quantity and mix it with water. This cures acidity.

Weakness of heart and brain :

After taking half a meal, drink 10 grams juice of green gooseberries mixed with 35 grams water, then take half the meal. In this way, by consuming it for 21 days, the weakness related to heart and brain is removed and health improves.

Heart disease :

1. Drinking ground Gooseberry with cow's milk cures all the diseases of the heart.

2. Grind dry Gooseberry and sugar candy in equal parts. Taking a spoonful of this tea with water regularly cures all the diseases of the heart.

3. Taking Gooseberry murabba with milk does not cause any kind of heart disease and the diseases caused are cured.

Pregnant nausea :

If there is nausea in pregnancy, then feeding gooseberry of gooseberry twice a day four times a day will stop the nausea.

If there is itching, burning sensation in the urinary tract of a woman, taking 50 grams of Gooseberry juice mixed with a little honey provides relief.

Irritation of Measles :

If there is burning, itching in the body after measles, then after boiling dry gooseberries in water, wash the body regularly or take bath with it. Itching and burning will go away.

Hair fall :

Soak dried Gooseberry overnight. Wash your head with this water in the morning. It strengthens the hair roots, enhances the natural beauty of the hair. Dandruff stops freezing. Benefits the brain and eyes. After grinding henna and dry gooseberry, mixing it in water, the hair becomes black.

Aesthetics :

Rubbing ground Gooseberry like udder makes the skin clean and soft and does not cause skin diseases.

If there is darkness in front of the eyes, burning in the head, frequent urination, then mixing gooseberry in water and drinking it in the morning and evening is beneficial in four days.

High blood pressure, eating gooseberry jam regularly in the morning, in the heat of the blood, cures this disorder. Gooseberry is a blood purifier.

Dizzy :

If you feel dizzy in summer, if you are nervous, then drink the syrup of roasted gooseberry.

If metal goes in the urine, then mix two spoons of Gooseberry juice, two spoons of honey and drink it. This stops the passing of metal in urine. It is also a powerful tonic.

If there is a worm in the tooth, if there is pain, then mix a little camphor in the juice of Gooseberry and apply it on the tooth. The pain will go away.

Eye diseases :

 Soak Triphala (Harr, Bahera and Gooseberry) overnight in an earthen pot in water. Filtering in the morning and washing the eyes with this water keeps the eyes healthy.

Gout :

Boil 25 grams dried gooseberries, 50 grams jaggery in a glass of water. Filter it after one-fourth of the water remains and drink it twice daily. In this period, eat roti without salt and add sandal salt, black pepper to moong dal and avoid cold air.

Cough: Mix one spoon of ground Gooseberry with one spoon of honey and lick it twice daily.

Swelling of voice: By taking ground Gooseberry with water, the throat opens, the voice starts to come clear.

Masturbation :

Metal becomes thin by masturbation, so young man should stop masturbating. Grind equal quantity of Gooseberry and turmeric and fry it by adding ghee. After frying, add the ground sugar candy equal to the weight of both. Take a spoonful of tea with warm milk in the morning and evening, then the metal-depletion will be removed.

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