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What is a blogger | Learn what is blog writing

In this article, we are explaining in detail about Blogging and Blogger with basic information of Internet.

When any person (whether it is a student or a common man) steps in this field to understand the world of the Internet, then a situation arises to understand the words blogging, vlogging website, application, search engine etc. tries to understand the meaning of Although it should also be tried. Actually the person who doesn't know about blogging and blogger, he doesn't know anything about internet. For him to know about blogging he must have initial knowledge about internet. That's why we start this article with the introductory knowledge of the Internet. In this article, we are explaining in detail about Blogging and Blogger with basic information of Internet.

What is a blogger

How does the Internet find content?

When you want to search any content through internet in your mobile, laptop or computer, first of all you turn on internet connection in your device then by opening any one of Google, Chrome, Bing, Yahoo, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, Yandex etc. You search by typing your desired keyword in its search box, then in a few seconds you get the content related to your keyword.

First of all you should know what is Google, Chrome, Bing, Yahoo, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, Yandex etc., and how they work. Until you understand them, you will not understand about blogging and blogger. So let's go, first of all you understand this.

What are search engines?

What do you think, do Google, Chrome, Bing etc. display their own created content to you? No. No! It's not like that at all! In fact there are search engines like Google, Chrome, Wing, Yahoo, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, Yandex etc. and their function is to display the websites with content according to your keywords in front of you and operate those websites.

Each of the major search engines like Wing and Google have their own webmaster console where websites are verified and submitted and these search engines are told through these that this type of content is available on our website. When a person searches keywords related to that content in these search engines, then these search engines display the website with that content according to that type of keyword.

Now you would like to know what a website is, so let's try to understand it now!

What are websites?

"Websites are the means of doing everything on the Internet."

Websites are used in the application or app version and applications are created by website technology. You can say that the basis of the applications is also the website itself. There are currently several lakh websites uploaded to search engines and crores of articles are uploaded on the internet every day through these websites.

Now you must be wondering how websites are built and operated? So let us now understand how the website is built and operated?

How is website made?

Websites are built and operated by Content Management System (CMS) providers. These CMS providers mainly include WordPress, Google's Blogger, Google Sites, Wix, Joomla, Wibbly, Tumblr, Godaddy, Drupal etc. With the help of these CMS providers, different websites that perform different functions are created and operated. These websites are ranked globally or in a target country.

When you browse the Internet, you are seeing many types of websites. Some of these are government websites, some news websites, some tool websites, some financial websites, some business websites, some shopping websites, some educational websites, some video websites, some audio websites and some photos websites.

What is a blogger?

In these, some such websites also appear on which articles containing many paragraphs are written with images, videos, audio etc. or articles containing only several paragraphs are written. This is the "blog website" and the person who operates these blog websites, writes and publishes posts on them, is called "blogger". Although the name of a content management system of Google is also "Blogger", through which most of the blog websites are created and operated. Creating blog websites and publishing blogs/articles/posts on them is called "blogging".

Therefore, a blogger is one who regularly writes articles/posts containing several paragraphs for his own blog website or for someone else's blog website and publishes on that blog website. A political blogger can publish current events on his blog website as a regular or weekly article.

What is a Blog?

Blog is a type of website where author or group of writers share their views on a particular topic at a global level or for the people of a particular country. This can be for personal use or for commercial purposes. Blog websites are regularly updated with content, with the latest posts displayed at the top of the page.

Especially articles or posts related to a specific topic on a blog website are published regularly or when time is available. These articles include health, education, entertainment, technology, ideas, events, stories, lifestyle, current affairsArticles related to , drawing etc. are published. Anyone can read these articles and gain knowledge by accessing these websites with the help of search engines.

Benefits of blogging:

Although there are many benefits of blogging, you can make it your career, it earns very well, if you want, you can start blogging career sitting at home and spread your knowledge globally.

But to achieve success in this field, patience is needed along with special experience and knowledge. It may also happen that even after making many efforts, your blog website does not rank, and you will not get any financial benefit, even if there is a financial loss.


If you want to be a successful blogger, make sure you are buying a suitable domain name and hosting plan that is best for you or start using the right CMS for you. Then, select a blogging topic and start blogging while developing your content writing skills. We will publish information about many facts related to blogging in the next posts.

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