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10+ Health Benefits of Spinach | palak benefits

By eating cinnamon in spinach, its cold nature changes. Cooking spinach does not destroy its properties. Vitamin A, B complex, C, iron and calcium are

Health benefits of spinach:

Scientific name of Spinach:  Spinacia oleracea
Nature of spinach:  Digestive wet and cold.

By eating cinnamon in spinach, its cold nature changes. Cooking spinach does not destroy its properties. Vitamin A, B complex, C, iron and calcium are found in abundance in spinach. Eating raw spinach feels bitter and salty, but it is beneficial. Raw spinach raita with curd is very tasty and beneficial. In qualities, the herb of spinach is the best among all the herbs. If its juice is not good to drink, then mixing flour in its juice should be eaten by making roti.

Benefits of Spinach

Physiology Coordinator:

Spinach juice is a cleansing agent and nourisher for the entire digestive system system (stomach, small and large intestines). Raw spinach juice contains all kinds of purifying elements of nature. Spinach protects against infectious diseases and diseases caused by toxic germs. Vitamin 'A' found in spinach is useful for protecting mucus and membranes.

Respiratory Disorders:

If there is cough, burning sensation in the throat and mild swelling of the lungs, then gargling with spinach juice is beneficial.

Blood disorder:

Blood disorders and dryness of the body are removed by the consumption of spinach. Mix two spoons of honey in half a glass of spinach juice and drink it for 50 days. This will increase the amount of blood in the body.

Spinach is best to remove the deficiency of blood. In the diseases related to blood loss, if spinach juice is taken thrice a day in the amount of 125 grams, then all the diseases will be removed and redness on the face, energy, enthusiasm and power circulates in the body. Bleeding is rapid. With continuous use, the complexion of the face becomes brighter. blood increases. Its juice along with raw leaves or peel should be eaten by adding spinach leaves to moong dal. Spinach is beneficial in jaundice, mania, hysteria, thirst, burning and gall fever.


Spinach juice strengthens teeth and gums. The patient of pyorrhoea should eat raw spinach by chewing it with his teeth. Pyorrhea is cured by drinking spinach juice on a hungry stomach in the morning. Mixing carrot juice in this and drinking it stops bleeding gums.

Eye diseases:

By drinking 250 grams of spinach juice, the decreased vision increases and the eyes get strength and all kinds of diseases of the eyes, such as blurring, watery, reddening, pain, etc., are cured.


Many people believe that eating spinach causes stones, but it should be understood that the consumption of raw spinach juice never causes stones.

Diseases of the digestive system:

Constipation is cured in a few days by drinking half a glass of raw spinach juice in the morning. Eating spinach's herb is beneficial in intestinal diseases. Constipation is also cured by eating spinach and bathua vegetables. Eating spinach in large quantities continuously for a few days is beneficial in stomach diseases. Spinach juice is beneficial in gastric ulcer, intestinal wound etc.

Frequent urination at night:

Eating spinach vegetable in the evening does not cause frequent urination at night.

Throat Pain:

Boil spinach leaves and filter the water and squeeze the leaves too. Gargling with this warm water cures sore throat.

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