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Constipation: Know the symptoms, causes and overcome it

Need for a strong digestive system:

Our health is dependent on the activity of the digestive system itself. The Ayurveda system of our Indian culture emphasizes on special attention to routine and rituals, but we tend to ignore it due to our busyness. In Ayurveda, a different diet is fixed for each season, that is, it is necessary to take care of the change in the diet as the season changes, otherwise that diet will not prove beneficial according to the nature of our body; Which has a direct effect on our digestive power. Many diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity and fatty liver are the result of this digestive system disorder. According to Ayurvedic belief, poor digestion is the cause of all our diseases.

Constipation: Know the symptoms

The fire of the digestive system of our body is called Jatharagni. There are four types of this fire element – ​​sharp, dim, even and odd.

A person with a sharp digestive fire can digest any type of heavy food, but his body does not develop properly. The digestive system of a person with slow digestive fire is very weak and he often suffers from diseases like constipation etc. On the other hand, a person with odd digestive fire sometimes feels less or sometimes more or there is a problem of loss of appetite. A person with even digestive fire is considered good.

Whatever we eat and drink makes food juice and from this all our organs get nourishment. If our digestive fire is not even, then whatever we eat, it will not be able to digest properly and get absorbed in the body.

Symptoms of Constipation:

Constipation is considered the mother of many diseases. The main symptoms of constipation are as follows-

1. Absolutely no defecation or no urge to defecate for several days.

2. The stool does not come out of the stomach even after the desire.

3. Frequent urge to go to the toilet.

4. There is no hard pain in the stomach with defecation but you have to go for defecation frequently.

5. The main symptom of constipation is the passage of small amounts of stool even after frequent defecation.

Cause of Constipation:

1. Lack of ability to excrete bowel movements.

2. Lack of greasiness in food.

3. Do not consume milk, curd or buttermilk.

4. Side effects of allopathic or any other medicines.

5. Avoid consuming leafy and fibrous (fibre-rich) green and fresh vegetables and foods.

6. Use less water or drink less water.

7. More intake of food containing meat- fish.

8. More chilies - consumption of spices.

9. Do not take labor work from the body.

10. Sleeping more or getting more rest.

11. Hormones imbalance.

12. Masturbation and masturbation.

13. Bad vision of planets and constellations are the main causes of constipation.

Home Remedies for Constipation:

1. If you want to get rid of constipation, then balance your food and include the amount of fibrous and green greens - vegetables, fruits, milk - curd etc.

2. Use sufficient amount of ghee in your food.

3. Use dates. Boil dates in milk and consume it before sleeping at night.

4. Consume plums, cantaloupe, watermelon and bael fruits.

 5. Cook ripe papaya or raw papaya in vegetable and consume it in food. Papaya is a special food item for constipation, cut it and add black salt to it and consume it in proper quantity. There is a possibility of thin diarrhea due to excessive consumption of papaya, so if there is loss, use it sparingly.

6. Taking the powder of Triphala (Amla, Harra, Bahera) before sleeping at night ends constipation. People are of the opinion that in the complaint of constipation, Triphala powder should be taken with cold water in the amount of one small spoon with cold water. Taking a small spoonful of Triphala powder with lukewarm milk is more beneficial for the brain.

7. To remove the complaint of constipation, take spinach vegetable in the food. People who have a complaint of stones or have a fear, they should not use spinach, because the sand and iron content are more in spinach.

8. Consuming isabgol husk with milk is the best remedy. The special property of Isabgol is that it removes the purity of the intestines. Provides strength to the process of excretion of intestines. Its other quality is that it does not cause stimulation in any organ. Those who have chronic complaints of constipation, by taking it continuously for a few days, the causes of constipation are removed and the problem of fecal bond goes away.

9. Drink one or two glasses of water one hour before going to the toilet in the morning. If possible, squeeze lemon juice in fresh or pure water. If you want, you can also add a little salt as required.

10. Use only whole wheat ground flour in the food. Its bran helps a lot in relieving constipation because it is rich in fiber. Those people who consume roti or double roti made of fine flour, they can never get rid of constipation because the things made of maida or fine flour stick with the intestines and obstruct the bowel movement.

11. Mustard greens are also very beneficial in constipation. Therefore, in the season of mustard, consume greens of mustard leaves in large quantities. It is also very tasty. You can also add a little butter or ghee to it. If you eat bread made of corn together, you get even more benefits, because maize flour is thicker than other flours, due to which it does not stick in the intestines and helps in the careful removal of stool.

12. The glutinous substance present in lady's finger, it gives relief from constipation.helps to do. But never use okra in kidney diseases.

13. Seasonal, orange juice or consume them naturally. They have very strong properties of purification of feces.


Dear friends! We have provided you detailed information about constipation. We believe that by using this information you can get rid of your constipation disease and you can get rid of many diseases.

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