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Create a Content Calendar for Podcasting or Blog Publishing

Creating a calendar for podcasting work or blog publishing content can really help stay organized. But why is it so important?

Create a Content Calendar:

As we have already told how to curate a content. But what about the next steps? Let's go to it!

Content Calendar

Content Calendar Requirement:

Creating a calendar for podcasting work or blog publishing content can really help stay organized. But why is it so important?

Creating a content calendar is really handy to help you stay organized and stop you from feeling overwhelmed (discouraged). If you create a content calendar of what you'll talk about each week, as well as when to record and edit each episode, you'll be less likely to fall off the bandwagon as time goes by. So let's start thinking about our calendar.

How to create a content calendar:

1. First, think of planning your podcast like writing a large book. Each episode can be a separate chapter if you prefer. You can also set specific times to create your calendar. It doesn't need to be more than that. However, do this work with a copy-pen.

2. Once you have set aside time, brainstorm possible concepts. You already have your general ideas for the content you want to create. But now take some time to write down an episode idea or title.

3. Once you have your episode ideas, the next thing you can do is put it into an MS Excel or LibreOffice spreadsheet. Putting this into a spreadsheet can also really help you divide your calendar around the season of your podcast. For example, you can have one season revolve around a specific theme and another season revolve around another theme. This may allow you to take a break between recordings so you are less likely to lose interest. Once again, you won't get down like that.

Something else you can also do is group your episodes with a set number of episodes per season. Again, this can keep you from getting overwhelmed when you know you only have specific episodes to record in one go.

So now we have our spreadsheet set up. Let's go a little deeper.

4. Take a look at your spreadsheet and each idea you put into it in turn. Then take a moment to explain each one and add a relevant title, if you haven't already. Don't worry, this can be changed at any time later. Jot down whatever makes the most sense to you at the time.

5. Then think of some other ideas. In what order should you order the episodes? Again, nothing is set in stone here. Move your episodes around in whatever order makes the most sense to you personally.

6. Once that's set up, add the dates you want each episode to be published. It can be weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. The important thing is that it is consistent. Whatever is most comfortable for you works perfectly.

7. And, if you plan to interview people, you can always add a column to your spreadsheet for that, too. But always remember, your episode idea should come first. If you're thinking of adding a column for the interviewers, you can also enter their names, their availability dates, and their contact information. Whatever helps you get in touch with the easiest at that time.

8. You did an amazing job creating your spreadsheet. Now as a final step in this module, let us review your ideas. This is something you can do on a weekly or monthly basis, depending on what works best for you personally.

Epilogue :

Check in to see if the order and dates you set for each episode still make sense to you. Nothing is certain at this point either. You can always change your mind and move things around in your spreadsheet.

Please try and be consistent with your dates. But at the same time, don't beat yourself up if it doesn't work. Planning is half the battle here, and you've already made an excellent start.

Thanks for reading: Create a Content Calendar for Podcasting or Blog Publishing, Please, share this article. If this article helped you, then you must write your feedback in the comment box.

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