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Easily Understand to What is Podcasting

ince podcasts are usually found in the form of series, they encourage long-term subscriptions from your listeners and encourage them to stay for your

Introduction of Podcasting:

Hello, welcome to the Podcasting Course for Beginners at If you are new to, welcome. We are very glad to have you. Also we heartily greet our old visitors.

What is Podcasting

Before you start this podcast course of ours today, please go ahead and take a look at some of our articles on this website. This will set you up with the perfect foundation for creating a Blogger or WordPress site on which to host your podcast at the end of the course, as podcasting requires a website of its own. Don't worry about the technical aspects of your podcast just yet because we'll cover that in the course.

So what exactly will this podcasting course cover? Our goal is to wake you up and leave you feeling confident with your first podcast. We'll give you a solid foundation from your content ideas to technical issues, through submitting your first episode, building your community, and if you so choose, earning money from your work so you can make it your own. Can choose a career

We really hope that you enjoy this course, and that you will be able to take this knowledge with you into the real world.

In this first article, we'll cover the foundations of your podcast. We'll find out what podcasting really is. So let's start.

What is podcasting?

Podcasting is a method of recording spoken word audio and then distributing it via the Internet. It is usually audio episodic and can be downloaded for easy listening from websites or listened online through streaming applications and specialized podcasting services.

Since podcasts are usually found in the form of series, they encourage long-term subscriptions from your listeners and encourage them to stay for your next episode. Anyone can listen to podcasts from podcasting sites. You can stream through websites or your mobile device, or even download the episodes and listen in comfort with play whenever it suits you best.

The History of Podcasts:

The term 'podcast' actually comes from a portmanteau of the words 'ipod' and 'broadcast', and was first coined by journalist Ben Hammersley in a 2004 article he wrote for The Guardian newspaper . The term has been in use ever since, but you will sometimes hear podcasts referred to as netcasts.


In this article, we have given the primary information about podcasts, what is podcasting. In the next article, we will tell about the better topic of podcast.

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