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Home remedies for pain in bones and joints | Osteomalacia

Special care of bones and joints:

By the way, in winter, a large number of people suffer from the problem of bone and joint pain. The reason for this is that due to the decrease in temperature, the nerves start to shrink somewhat and due to deficiency of vitamin D, bone and joint pain increases and there is a lack of flexibility in the bones. Due to this, stiffness also comes in the joints. Therefore, in winter, people should take special care of pain in their joints and bones.


In modern life, the age limit of a person is of no use for joint pain. But as the age progresses, the strength of the bones to bear the weight decreases and the synovial fluid in the joints decreases. Calcium and other substances start accumulating in the bones in a contaminated form. Due to the effect of age on the cartilage, there is a hindrance in their working capacity and the joints also start weakening.

Often such a condition occurs mostly in those people who are overweight. Weak joints that cannot bear the weight of the body either twist or their mobility is affected, which is called "stuff joint".

Cartilage has the ability to attract fine particles of calcium, due to which it becomes hard. The oily substance (synovial fluid) in the joints also starts decreasing. Since this substance protects the joints from friction, brings them flexibility and thereby lubrication or lubrication, which helps the bones to move in cooperation with each other in friction and wear and tear.

In this disease, there is terrible pain in the large joints, especially in the knee joints and waist, there is more swelling and pain and in severe condition every joint and bones of the body start to feel pain.

Some researchers have come to the conclusion that changing or altering the diet does not provide any benefit in these types of diseases. But contrary to this belief, many expert researchers have been able to control this disease in people only by improving the food process.

Treatment of joint pain through balanced diet:

For the treatment of pain in bones and joints, it is important both what you eat, which you should not eat and what you do not eat, which you should eat?

Since nutritional deficiencies can be met by making appropriate changes in the diet.

1. The main nutrients for the treatment of pain in bones and joints are iodine, calcium, copper, vitamin D, B, A and vitamin C.

2. If there is less secretion of hydrochloric acid in your stomach, then the absorption of calcium from the food you consume is not possible and the calcium of the food will go out of the body without being absorbed, due to which there is a lack of calcium in your body. it happens. Adequate amount of vitamin A in the body is also necessary for the absorption of calcium.

3. Vitamin C is capable of destroying the germ cells associated with gout. 600 I.U. of Vitamin E daily. Inflammation of the bones can be prevented by its consumption and it is very helpful in the treatment of the disease.

4. When the adrenal gland stops functioning properly, there is a blockage in the secretion of steroid hormones like cortisone released from it. In order to reduce osteoarthritis, the functioning of the adrenal gland has to be started properly and for this special attention should be given to food and nutrition.

5. In this disease, it is also necessary for the thyroid gland to work properly and for this it is necessary to have sufficient amount of iodine in the body.

6. Vitamin B3 is very helpful in curing osteoarthritis.

7. Bones are made up of high amount of calcium, but to keep bones healthy, only calcium intake is not enough, but vitamin D intake is also necessary. Deficiency of vitamin D leads to stiffness in the bones and weakness in the muscles.

Vitamin D is absorbed in the body only by the presence of vitamins A, B, C and calcium is also absorbed by the presence of vitamin A. If these problems are to be avoided and bones are to be kept strong, then a sufficient amount of vitamin D and calcium-rich foods should be consumed.

Multivitamins are also beneficial to some extent, but take them after consulting a doctor.

Benefits of morning rays in joint pain:

You probably know that when our skin comes in contact with the rays of the sun, the body makes vitamin D. But in winter, people always prefer to wear woolen clothes due to the light of the sun and to avoid the cold. If you do not massage and exercise for some time in the winter sun, then your body will not be able to make vitamin D properly.

Sitting in the sun for a while can provide great relief from joint pain. Remember! Vitamin D from the sun's rays is natural, for which there is no other better option.

Benefits of yoga and exercise in joint pain:

By doing yoga and exercise, the bones get warmth and the bones and muscles remain flexible, due to which there is no problem of stiffness in the feet. People who do not stay in the sun for some time in winter or do less physical activities, they are more prone to joint pain.

Although morning walk is good for health in every season, but it gives some special benefits during winters. But yes elderly people should avoid walking in the morning. Walking on a regular basis gives warmth to the body and is also helpful in keeping away from health problems related to all seasons.

The amount of walk or morning walk depends on the distance, season and age. It is better not to go out for a walk when it is very cold.

Walking not only increases physical but also mental capacity and relieves stress. During moderate cold days it is necessary to walk at least 3 kilometers per day. Apart from this, doing weight-bearing exercise or climbing stairs is beneficial in keeping bones healthy at all ages. Apart from this, dance is also a great exercise.

During winter, the blood vessels get constricted due to which the blood flow is not able to flow normally. The blood does not reach the various parts of the body in sufficient quantity. Therefore, when the amount of oxygen decreases, tension arises in the nerves of the body, due to which the pain in the bones starts decreasing. To overcome the lack of oxygen, live in an open and pollution-free environment.

Take bath with warm water in winter:

For people suffering from joint pain, bathing with warm water, keeping the feet in lukewarm water for some time provides relief from joint pain.

Take care of food and drink in winter:

To maintain healthy bones, dietary rules should be followed so that the body gets enough nutrients and can get rid of joint pain and those problems. You can meet the requirement by including milk, broccoli, green leafy vegetables and almonds as food items.

Tips for those doing digital work:

Joint pain is a common problem for people who sit for long hours to work on the computer and this problem gets aggravated in winters. Sitting in one place for a long time causes stiffness in the bones due to cold, which leads to joint pain. To avoid this problem, stretch the body after getting up after a while and use heater etc. near you. Do not sit in the same posture for a long time and do not sit with the neck bent too much. Use warm clothes, shoes, etc. to protect the feet from the cold.

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