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Learn to do SEO of blogger post for high traffic and ranking

If you are worried about low traffic and low ranking of your blog website powered by Blogger CMS platform, then this article can be helpful for you to

SEO of Blogger Post for High Traffic and Ranking:

If you are worried about low traffic and low ranking of your blog website powered by Blogger CMS platform, then this article can be helpful for you to get rid of this problem, because in this post we have discussed those important facts related to SEO of Blogger platform. Presented here which most of the successful bloggers implement on their blog website, but do not want to tell other beginner bloggers. However, we are presenting here those important facts related to SEO of blogger platform so that even beginner bloggers can get success in blogging field.

SEO of blogger post

Since every blogger has his own dream that whatever article or post he writes on his blog website, he should rank more and more on the internet and get more and more traffic, and when this happens then blogging is a pleasure, because then hard work is done. It is worthwhile.

If this does not happen, then there is a feeling of resentment towards blogging because you prepare and publish a blog post by putting your important time and mind, but it does not reach more people, and advertising networks also do not earn. 

However, this happens when the website has SEO related deficiencies, and these deficiencies are of many types. Since the type of your post also depends on the type of post you publish on your blog website to get high traffic and ranking of the blog post. Posts with some contemporary, less competitive and interesting titles are seen ranking higher without SEO. But initially it is very important to do SEO of website and blog post.

So let's first know from where high traffic comes on the blog post, which is helpful in ranking high.

Types of website traffic:

The sources from which websites get people, or high traffic, are the following:

Direct traffic:

When people reach the website by searching the website or by typing any URL of the website in the browser and search engines like Google, Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Bing, Yahoo etc., or by opening the PWA (Progressive Web App) of the website or by opening the home page of the website. If you reach the website by clicking on the screen icon, then it is called direct traffic.

Organic traffic:

When people search their desired keywords in Google, Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Bing, Yahoo etc. and reach the website through them, it is called organic traffic.

Referral traffic:

When people click on a URL of your website displayed on another website and reach your website through them, it is called referral traffic. This includes traffic heads from the following sources:

    • Traffic received from Google News and Bing News
    • Traffic from Google Discover and Bing Discover
    • Traffic from social media
    • Traffic from backlinks

Especially referral traffic is responsible for high traffic and ranking.

It has become a matter of traffic. Now it should be known that what are those SEO shortcomings due to which blogger posts are not indexed and ranked quickly. So let's know those shortcomings one by one.

Basic Settings of Blogger:

When many new bloggers initially start blogging by creating a blog website through Google's blogger platform, they do not understand the basic settings of blogger in blogger's settings dashboard due to lack of experienced knowledge. Due to SEO errors made from here, blogger posts are not indexed and ranked quickly. So let us tell you how to remove those shortcomings.

When you open the settings panel of blogger, then in the basic section of the settings, you should choose the title, description and blog language correctly for your blog website. Keep the title or name of the blog website to a maximum of 25 characters, and limit the description to a maximum of 150 characters. The description should be such that it can briefly describe your blog website.

In the language in which you will publish the post on your blog website, choose the same language in the blog language. Also, make sure to put a favicon of up to 100 KB for your blog website.

Now make sure to turn on 'Visible to search engines' in the privacy section of the settings. If you do not turn it on, then no search engine will be able to access (index) your blog website and post.

If you are using custom domain in your blog website then keep 'Redirect domain' on in Publishing section of Settings. Doing this will open your website with the www feature, which is good for SEO.

Now make sure to keep 'HTTPS availability and HTTPS redirect' on in the HTTPS section of the settings. By doing this, your blog website will open with SSL certificate, and instead of opening with http protocol, it will open with https protocol, which is more secure and user-friendly.

Now the SEO of the Formatting section of the settings has to be done. Here 'Time zone' select the time in which you operate your blog website by staying.

Now the SEO of the Meta tags section of the settings has to be done. Here, keep 'Enable search description' on and save it by writing the description in the search description, which you have written in the description of the basic section above.

When you keep 'Enable search description' on, you will be able to add different meta description for each of your blog posts.

Now SEO has to be done in the Crawlers and indexing section of the settings. Here you can keep 'Enable custom robots.txt' on if you want, if you want to add some advanced robots.txt. If you keep it off then according to better SEO from blogger the robots.txt file remains added.

For better indexing and ranking, keep 'Enable custom robots header tags' on here and keep only 'all' on Home page tags, Archive and search page tags, Post and page tags in these three.

Now keep 'Allow blog feed' on full in the Site feed section of the settings. By doing this, search engines will have access to each post of your blog website. You can get the URL of your blog feed by opening the coding of the web page by 'view page source'.

In this way you can do SEO of blogger's settings panel. Now it comes to SEO of blogger post. So let's understand it now:

SEO of Blogger Post:

When many new bloggers initially start publishing a blog website through Google's blogger platform by writing posts on it, then due to lack of experienced knowledge, they are not able to prepare SEO friendly posts, nor can they do it properly. Know how to publish. So let us understand the important SEO facts of blogger post for better indexing:

When a new blog website is launched, after submitting it to Google Search Console, posts are published daily on it, even then blog posts are not indexed for about 5 or 6 days. This situation should not panic, but post daily and go to Google Search Console and incept the URL of that post and resubmit the sitemap again and again. If other SEO settings are correct then every post of yours will be indexed as soon as it is published from 5 or 6 to six days after website launch.

Although a detailed article is available on this website about how to write SEO friendly title and description of the blog post, read it carefully and understand it.

If we talk about better indexing, then adding 'Labels' to blog posts plays an important role. If you publish your blog post without labeling or apply two or more labels then your blog post will not be indexed and 'Breadcrumbs' error message will appear in Google Search Console. Therefore, publish only one label in your blog post.

Talking about better ranking, it is also very important to add location to the blog post. The permalink of the blog post should also include the main keyword in the title of the blog post for better ranking.

Ways to rank blog posts to Google News and Discover:

Since most of the traffic on blog posts comes from Google Discover and Google News. Therefore, if you want your blog post to get traffic through Google News and Bing News, then for this the website has to be approved by 'Google Publication' and 'Bing Pub Hub', which involves several steps.

There are several conditions for a blog post to go to Google Discover:

1. The title of your blog post should be interesting, attractive and long (about 75 characters).
2. Your blog post specifically provides information about a current topic.
3. Robot meta tag (<meta content='index, follow, max-image-preview:large' name='robots'/>) is used between <head> and </head> of your blog website.
4. The width of the image in your blog post should be 1200px and the height should be 675px.
5. One or more number of posts are published daily on your blog website.
6. Posts related to any one topic are published on your blog website

If these rules are followed on your website, then the chances of your blog post going to Bing and Google News and Google Discover increase and in this way more traffic comes to your blog post.


In this article, we have explained the important facts related to SEO of blogger. By following these rules, blog posts index and rank quickly. If you still have any doubt in this matter, then comment below so that we can consider that problem and present its solution to you.

Thanks for reading: Learn to do SEO of blogger post for high traffic and ranking, Please, share this article. If this article helped you, then you must write your feedback in the comment box.

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