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Obesity: meaning, symptoms and causes

Here we will get detailed information about obesity, such as what is obesity, why it happens, what are its disadvantages and how to avoid it!

Obesity: Introduction

Here we will get detailed information about obesity, such as what is obesity, why it happens, what are its disadvantages and how to avoid it!


So first of all we will know that how many types of people are there in this world -
There are generally five types of human beings found on this earth:

1. Extremely weak person suffering from malnutrition.

2. Of medium size and body, which is neither too weak nor too fit.

3. Healthy and fit - Strong people, who are strong but are not called fat.

4. Normal obese people, who do not exceed their obesity threshold.

5. Extremely fat people, who cross the limits of obesity and do not do any work and almost always like to sleep.

Often obesity is also found in people who do not eat much food. On the contrary, many people do not become fat even after eating more food. A tall man looks as ugly as a fat man of short stature. One is malnourished and the other is overeating.

Being overweight is a dreadful disease in itself and the root of many diseases. Due to this excessive load remains on the body structure. The increase of excess meat in the body has a bad effect on the functioning of the body.

Obesity makes humans ugly, ugly, socially despised and psychologically crippled and a cause of laughter, and for those fat people there is always a calamity from all sides.

Main causes of obesity:

1. Overuse of modern equipment and lack of physical exertion are the main causes of obesity whether male or female. Therefore, only such things should be used where work cannot work without them.
2. The reason for increasing obesity in some people is also the descendant nature.
3. Improper functioning of the endocrine glands.
4. Excessive consumption of foods containing carbohydrates and fats (the highest intake of saturated fat).
5. Eating more than hunger, eating several times a day, the habit of always eating something or the other.
6. Lack of fiber-rich foods in the diet.
7. Eating potatoes fried in ghee or oil increases obesity, due to which fat reaches the body in large quantities.
8. The main reason for being obese is found to be eating more nutritious food and not doing physical exertion according to the quantity of food.
9. Apart from this, not working properly and adequately of thyroid gland is also the cause of obesity.

Symptoms of Obesity:

Although obesity can be known only by looking at the patient, but we have described some of the major symptoms found in patients suffering from obesity:

1. Due to obesity, the amount of cholesterol in the blood often exceeds normal, due to which the functioning of the heart starts to get disrupted.
2. Due to excess obesity, every part of the body has to work more than necessary, due to which diseases start to form.
3. Digestion gets worse.
4. The amount of urine decreases and the process of excretion of toxins by the kidneys slows down, which leads to many diseases and along with it, the smell of sweat starts coming.
5. Shortness of breath and tiredness even after a little physical exertion.
6. Lack of distaste and desire for physical exertion.
7. Back pain, joint pain, arthritis, calcium deposits in the joints, increase in uric acid, stones, inability to move etc. diseases occur.
8. Obese people often get diabetes.

How to avoid obesity and what to eat:

1. Your diet should be low-fat and low-carbohydrate, low-salt and low-sugar.
2. Eat more green leafy vegetables, which contain fiber.
3. Reduce the intake of maida, jaggery, sugar, ghee, oil, milk, butter, nuts, dates etc.
4. Wheat and brown rice help in preventing obesity.
5. Drinking a glass of fresh or lukewarm water mixed with lemon juice and a little honey in the morning on an empty stomach, reduces obesity.
6. Digestion is better by consuming citrus fruits.
7. Always eat food only when you are hungry and eat nutritious food in small quantities and chew a lot.
8. Must use salad in food.
9. Do not sleep immediately after eating food. Take a short walk after having a meal.
10. Lying on the left side after eating food also helps in digestion or do Vajrasana for 5 minutes.
11. Get regular massage and exercise.
12. If possible, run 2 km in the morning or swim in water (pond or river or swimming pool) for half an hour for good health.


Dear friends! Because obesity is the parent of many diseases and is a major disease in itself. So it is wise to stay away from it.

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