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What is endocarditis - symptoms and causes

What is Endocarditis:

The membrane or membrane covering the chambers of the heart is called the endocardium and the disease formed when it becomes inflamed is called endocarditis.

What is endocarditis

In this the mitral valve of the heart is affected. The mitral valve is also called the bifocal valve. The mitral valve is made up of two valves and is located between the left atrium and the ventricle. This valve also becomes inflamed, which obstructs the flow of blood.

Mitral valve narrowing:

When the inflammation of the endocardium subsides but the mitral valve opening remains narrowed, the condition is called mitral valve stenosis.

Mitral valve incompetence:

 When the mitral valve becomes so distended due to endocarditis that it cannot close completely, the condition is called mitral valve incompetence. In some patients, contracture and inability of the mitral valve are found together.

Calcification of valves:

As the disease of endocarditis becomes chronic and difficult, sometimes the valves become calcified and harden. In this case surgery is required.

The cause of Endocarditis:

The disease is mainly caused by rheumatic fever and most commonly occurs in children and young people, but it can occur in people of any age. This disease also arises when gout is suppressed with strong medicines.


Heart is the most important part of our body. Therefore, pay special attention to its safety and health and do not do any kind of carelessness.

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