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10+ Amazing Health Benefits of Radish

Boil 35 grams of radish seeds in half a kilo of water, when the water remains half then filter and drink. By taking it for a few days, the stones.....

Health Benefits of Radish

  • Scientific name: Raphanus sativus
  • Nature: moist, medium


(1) Boil 35 grams of radish seeds in half a kilo of water, when the water remains half then filter and drink. By taking it for a few days, the stones of the bladder get dissolved.

Benefits of Radish

(2) Drink 20 grams juice of radish thrice every four hours and eat its leaves after chewing. Bladder stones will break down and come out with urine. Do this experiment for two-three months. By drinking radish juice, the formation of gallstones stops.

Kidney diseases, dysuria:

Drinking half a glass of radish juice ends burning sensation and pain at the time of urination.

Decreased urination:

If the formation of urine stops due to kidney failure, then give radish juice to drink, drinking two ounces per quantity, urine starts to form again.

Hemorrhoid :

(1) Eat raw radish or make vegetable of its leaves and eat, it is beneficial in piles in every way. Eating raw radish stops bleeding from piles. Apart from this, if the piles are bloody or without bleeding, take a cup of radish juice. Add one spoon of desi ghee to it. Shake and drink twice daily in the morning and evening, it will be beneficial.

(2) Cut a white radish and apply salt and keep it in dew at night. Eat it on an empty stomach in the morning. Wash the anus with radish water after defecation.

(3) Soak jalebi made of 100 grams desi ghee in 125 grams radish juice for one hour. Then drink water after eating jalebi. Consuming this way for a week will cure all types of piles for life.

(4) Fry radish pieces in ghee and eat it with sugar. (5) After cutting radish and adding sugar to it, eating it regularly for two months cures piles.

Abdominal pain:

Mixing salt and chili in a cup of radish juice and drinking it cures stomachache.


Grinding half a teaspoon of radish seeds and taking it with warm water cures throat.

Scorpion sting:

(1) Applying salt on a piece of radish and keeping it on the place of scorpion bite, the pain subsides. The poison of scorpion has less effect on those who always eat radish.

(2) Feed radish to the patient and apply radish juice on the bite site.


Grind radish seeds in lemon juice and apply it after heating. There will be burning sensation, pain on the first day, it will reduce on the second day. Won't happen if you get well. It is beneficial in both dry and wet ringworm.

Throat Wounds:

Mixing equal quantity of radish juice and water and gargling it with salt cures sore throat.


Eating four leaves of radish stops hiccups.


Eating radish or drinking its juice is beneficial in diabetes.

Intestinal diseases:

Radish juice acts as an antiseptic in the intestines. In case of heartburn, anorexia, chronic constipation, gas, add salt and black pepper to radish and eat it daily for two months. will benefit. Radish chutney, pickle and vegetables are also useful in stomach diseases.


(1) Jaundice is cured in a few days by eating a raw radish every morning as soon as you wake up. (2) Mix 30 grams sugar in 125 grams juice of radish leaves and drink it in the morning. There will be benefit as soon as you drink it. The patient will be cured in a week. Radish juice is beneficial in all types of jaundice.

Acid bile:

If there is sour belching due to the effect of heat, drinking a cup of radish juice mixed with sugar candy is beneficial.

Bothersome, stopped menstruation

Many girls have severe pain during menstruation. Till the menstruation does not come openly, the pain continues. By giving 4-4 grams powder of radish seeds thrice daily in the morning, afternoon and evening, menstruation comes freely, pain gets cured. If menstruation has stopped, has not come for many months, then take radish, soya fenugreek, carrot seeds in equal quantity and drink fresh water after eating four grams each. Stopped menstruation will open. If acne comes out due to lack of menstruation, then eat a radish with leaves in the morning daily. By eating jaggery after eating radish, there is no smell in belching.

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