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AdSense side rail ad format is coming soon, know the specialty

Now Google AdSense will earn more:

Today (02/12/2022), Google AdSense announced a new ad format called 'Side Rail' and informed all Google AdSense users about it by email.

AdSense's side rail ad

Features of side rail ad:

'Side rails' are ads that stick to the sides of your pages when viewed on widescreen devices such as desktops.

When will 'side rail ad' start:

As Google AdSense mentioned in the email, 'side rail ad' side rails will automatically start appearing on Google AdSense monetized sites after 13-12-2022. If you already have anchor ads enabled, side rails will automatically start appearing on your site after 12-13-2022.

How to enable 'side rail ad':

Users who have enabled auto ads on their site, you will start appearing on that site after 13-12-2022. Users who haven't enabled auto ads on their site can manually integrate 'side rail ad' on their sites by going to AdSense section of users dashboard.

If Auto Ads users do not want to show the side rail, they can turn off this option in their Auto Ads settings.

What should AdSense users do next?

  • You do not need to do anything for this change to take effect on your sites.
  • If you're using anchor ads, starting 12-13-2022, this ad format will begin serving on your sites on large screens like desktop devices.
  • The change will apply to all sites that have "anchor ads" enabled in your AdSense account. You can see an increase in your auto advertising revenue.

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