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Alopecia or Hair loss | Hair fall solution at home

The age of the hair on the head is about 6 years, after completing this age, the hair becomes weak and falls and new hair keeps growing in its place.

Alopecia or Hair loss: Introduction

Alopecia or hair loss is a big problem in the modern era. There is no doubt that due to more use of artificial means to make human life easier, the body is becoming a home of diseases. Generally, each hair on the head has its own age, after that age those hairs fall out and new hairs grow in their place. The age of the hair on the head is about 6 years, after completing this age, the hair becomes weak and falls and new hair keeps growing in its place.

Alopecia or Hair loss

When the body becomes unhealthy due to any reason or there is an increase or decrease of vitamins or minerals in the body, then the hair of the head starts falling very quickly and more than one or weakening and breaking and their new The hair at that place does not grow back or becomes very weak and thin, which later falls out. There is also such a situation that all the hair cells of the head become dead and their ability to produce hair disappears together and the whole head becomes bald.

Causes of scalp Alopecia or Hair loss

1. When unrest, anxiety, mental restlessness, anger, fear etc. are always present, often hair starts falling on the head.

2. Deterioration of the whole body is the cause of rapid hair loss.

3. Anemia.

4. After high fever, the hair of the head often starts falling due to the inactive skin of the head.

5. Hair fall is often due to some chronic skin disease present in the scalp.

6. People who keep the clothes tightly tied on the head for a long time or always wear a cap, then due to the lack of proper blood flow, due to the lack of blood flow to the lower epithelium of the scalp, hair loss starts.

7. Due to lack of vitamin H and vitamin B1 and calcium deficiency, due to lack of complete nutrition of the hair, the hair of the head becomes white prematurely and also falls.

8. Hair loss is also a genetic disease in some people.

9. Staying in a place with more radiation causes hair fall.

10. Constipation.

11. Menstrual disturbances.

Alopecia or Hair fall solution at home

1. Remove the above reasons.

2. Cleanse the scalp and hair with regular natural methods.

3. To stop hair fall, wash the hair with gram flour and curd.

4. Before sleeping at night, mix a little lemon juice in coconut oil and massage the hair roots with it.

5. Move the comb over the head in such a way that the teeth of the comb touch the skin of the head.

6. If you apply coconut or mustard oil in your hair, then it will be better or from a good company, whose oil is not rich in chemicals.

7. Eat more green vegetables.

8. Soak dried gooseberry overnight, wash your hair with this water in the morning.

9. Grind beet leaves with henna and apply it on the scalp, it stops hair fall within a few days.

10. Make a cup juice by grinding small wheat plants and drink it regularly, hair fall stops, the root becomes strong.

11. Do Sarvangasana regularly for 5 minutes.

12. Grind basil leaves and gooseberry powder together and rub it on the head, take care that it does not get in the eyes, Due to this hair fall stops and the hair starts to freeze and also become black.

13. Do not use shampoo regularly but at intervals of 3-3 days with water.

14. No soap should be used for washing hair.


The problem of hair loss is actually a very difficult and understandable disease. If you use plasma or other substandard products sold in the market, there may be some benefit in the beginning and after a few days your scalp may become bald. Therefore, this disease should be treated very wisely.

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