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Causes and prevention of colorectal cancer

At present, there are many types of cancer, but among them, worldwide colorectal cancer is the third common cancer in men (10% of the total ie 6 lakh

Colorectal cancer

At present, there are many types of cancer, but among them, worldwide colorectal cancer is the third common cancer in men (10% of the total ie 6 lakh 63 thousand cases) and the second common cancer in women (9.4% of the total i.e. 5 lakh 71 thousand cases). ) Huh. Worldwide, the rate of colorectal cancer cases varies up to 10 times as compared to both sexes, i.e. the rate of colorectal cancer (CRC) is different. Cases of colorectal cancer are often low in South Asian countries, while cases of colorectal cancer are high in developed Asian countries.

Causes and prevention of colorectal cancer

Colorectal cancer has expanded rapidly in most economically well-off countries, such as France, Japan, Korea and Singapore. Although the cases of colorectal cancer in India are very less as compared to the world, but due to the adoption of western lifestyle in the last few years, the cases of colorectal cancer are increasing in India too.

Researchers say that India has been witnessing more cases of colorectal cancer for the last three decades because most Indians are adopting the lifestyle and eating habits of more western countries. The data collected from various population groups and hospitals across the country has turned out to be quite interesting and contradictory. In all the provinces of the country, the cases of cancer of the rectum (the part of the large bowel that connects the anus) are more than colon cancer.

Colorectal cancer is also spreading more rapidly among women. In the list of the most common cancers worldwide, colorectal cancer has increased by 49% percent within 15 years to the second place in 1990, up from the fourth in 1975. 

Cases of colorectal cancer are seen more in urban areas than in rural areas in India. However, cases of colorectal cancer are still limited across the country. In contrast, there is a greater difference between North-South India in terms of gastric cancer and gall bladder cancer.

What is colorectal cancer

Colorectal cancer is a malignant tumor in the wall of the large bowel that first appears as a benign tumor, then gradually progresses to a malignant tumor. At the beginning of this cancer, no special symptoms are seen.

Causes of colorectal cancer

The common reason for getting colorectal cancer is the consumption of more chemical and irregular food of people. According to chemotherapist doctors, the rate of colorectal cancer cases in developed countries is very high, due to their unhealthy eating style. The cases of colorectal cancer seem to be increasing more due to the high consumption of non-vegetarian, low fiber diet and fast food.

About 6% of colorectal cancers are also caused by genetics, and about two-thirds of cases are related to lifestyle and eating habits. Family environment and lifestyle also partly play a role in causing colorectal cancer. However, the role of gin in the formation of colorectal cancer requires special study.

According to experts, the facts of colorectal cancer have revealed that cases of colorectal cancer are seen more in Indian expatriates from UK and US, which is a matter of concern. In fact, poor lifestyle and eating habits are the main causes of colorectal cancer. This means that the cases of colorectal cancer are increasing more in India in the families of low income to middle income and high income group economy.

Prevention of colorectal cancer

Various studies are constantly trying to find out the relationship between non-vegetarian and red meat consumption and colorectal cancer. Along with this, experts are also exploring how the consumption of vegetables and fruits in the diet (dose or food) can be effective in preventing colorectal cancer.

Since there are no unusual symptoms in the early stages of colorectal cancer, it is important to get tested regularly. The treatment of colorectal cancer depends on its size, location, and spread. Along with this, the health and age of the patient is also taken care of. 

In the initial stage of colorectal cancer, that is, as long as the colorectal cancer is in the form of benign tumor, at that time it can be completely cured with homeopathic medicines and there is a possibility of being cured with homeopathic medicines even if it is in the mild form. Surgery is generally the best treatment for colorectal cancer.

In a country like ours where the population is very high, the cases of colorectal cancer are still low. Despite this, due to delay in its treatment or unnecessary referral from one place to another, the disease increases greatly. Apart from this, there is some deficiency in the method of treatment in the country, because some doctors do not treat the patient's disease accurately in the greed of earning more money. 

Along with this, chemotherapy and radiotherapy also play a special role in the advanced stage of colorectal cancer. Nevertheless, advanced modern methods have led to great improvements in the treatment of the disease.

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