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Effects of UV rays on the eyes and skin

We all know that eyes are precious. Our eyes show us the world. Without eyes, the living entity cannot know anything very well about the world. Life

How to take care of eyes

We all know that eyes are precious. Our eyes show us the world. Without eyes, the living entity cannot know anything very well about the world. Life is dark without eyes. This is the greatest achievement of eye-sighted creatures.

Effects of UV rays on the eyes and skin

Talking about statistics, India has the largest number of blind people in the world. According to the survey, about 40 million people in the world are living a dark life. Of these, more than one crore blind people are in India. Out of this total number, maximum 60% have been blind due to cataract, 19% due to reactive error, 6% from glaucoma and the rest due to other diseases. Every seventh child out of a thousand is suffering from eye disease. According to a 2007 survey, there was a need for 40000 Tread Eye Specialists in India, whereas at that time there were only 8000 doctors in the country. At present the number of doctors is almost less than sufficient.

If the eyes are well taken care of, then they show the beautiful sight of life, but with a little carelessness, it can deprive us of all the happiness of the world. Many types of infections can be avoided by taking care of eye hygiene and health. Due to infection, many people put their eyes in a difficult disease or lose their eyes. If a person takes some special precautions, then he can avoid eye diseases to a great extent.

The health of the eyes does not depend on the thickness or thinness of the body, but it depends on the amount of vitamins present in the body and the effect of the environment on the eyes.

Some major diseases of the eyes:

1. Corneal ulcer
2. Computer Vision Syndrome
3. Cataract
4. Visual impairment (near, far or nearsightedness)
5. Samalbai or Glaucoma
6. Diabetic Retinopathy
7. Allergies or Conjunctivitis
8. Cry in the eyes (painful pimple)
9. Night blindness.

Symptoms of some major eye diseases:

1. Diminished or less visible light,
2. Rapid increase in symptoms, less visible in equine and diabetic retinopathy,
3. double vision,
4. Sudden sighting of stars or bright objects (due to weakness),
5. Eye irritation,
6. Watering eyes,
7. Feeling more glowing in the sun,
8. Headache persists,
9. Excessive sleep during mental exertion or studies or other above mentioned eye troubles.

Causes of some major diseases of the eyes:

1. Deficiency of vitamins in the body due to consumption of unhealthy diet,
2. Doing more work than the body needs and giving less rest to the eyes,
3. uncleanness of the body,
4. Side effect of harmful radiations (UV Rays, etc.).

Prevention of eye diseases:

1. Use green vegetables and salads in food and use fruits in more quantity.
2. Diabetes and blood pressure patients keep regular check-ups along with measures to control it.
3. Wear sunglasses before going out in the sun.
4. People of all ages must undergo eye screening once a year. Children above 3 years of age can be screened. Children under 3 years of age should not be screened for their eyes.
5. Use anti glare screens on computer and smartphone screens and must wear anti-radiation glasses while using.
6. Feed nutritious food items containing vitamin A to children.
7. Make a habit of closing the eyelids frequently or constantly looking at the digital display while working on the computer.
8. Wash eyes with fresh water twice a day in the morning and evening.
9. Give enough rest to the eyes, or get enough sleep.

Effects of ultraviolet (UV) rays on the eyes

Eye protection, especially from the harmful rays of the sun, should also be done, because where some of the sun's rays form vitamin-D in the body, the excess amount of ultraviolet rays harms the body. As the mercury rises or the middle of the day approaches, the rays of the sun begin to scorch the skin. This causes sun-burn, as well as many other types of damages to the body. Therefore, it is also necessary to have complete knowledge about the harmful rays of the sun, which will save you from untimely cataracts, mouth ulcers and many eye problems and premature ageing.

According to scientific research, staying in the strong rays of the sun for a long time is the cause of cataract. This is a condition of muscular d-generation called pterygium, in which the white parts of the eyes are covered with yellowish-yellow spots. Exposure to the strong rays of the sun for a long time causes more development of melanoma in the eyes. 

Therefore, before leaving the house in strong sunlight, wearing sunglasses of good company, which are with ultraviolet protection, should be worn out of the house.

Effects of ultraviolet (UV) rays on the skin:

The ultraviolet rays of the sun have the property of loosening the elasticity of your skin, making it look like wrinkles in the skin, which take the form of folds. Due to this, premature aging-like symptoms start appearing in the person. Along with damaging the skin, it also reduces its shine a lot. They also cause dark spots (the formation of dark spots).

In such a situation, wearing sun-blocks and wearing clothes that protect from the strong rays of the sun such as white clothes can reduce the damage caused by its rays more. It is common to have sun damage due to the rays of the sun, 
That is, if a person endures the rays of the sun for a long time every day, then it can also cause damage to the DNA of your skin cells. In such a situation, either these cells are destroyed or they are repaired or mutated by their mechanical system. If the damage is too severe, the cells cannot repair it adequately and it manifests as skin cancer.

Exposure to the sun's rays for too long has a negative effect on the immune system, which is our body's natural immune system that fights diseases. Ultraviolet rays weaken the resistance to bacterial agents and increase the risk of infection.

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