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Fix to Eye allergy and learn to time of surgery

If you do not pay attention to such small problems, then these problems become serious in the future. Something similar happens with older people. The

Eye Care Tips: Eyes Will be Healthy

By removing the problems of the eyes in time, they can be kept healthy. Often people have itching in the eyes or their vision starts getting impaired, then they ignore it as a minor problem, or else they put medicines in the eyes at the behest of someone. 

Fix to Eye allergy and learn to time of surgery

If you do not pay attention to such small problems, then these problems become serious in the future. Something similar happens with older people. They do not pay much attention to the health of the eyes, due to which the problem becomes serious. Let us know about some special things related to the eyes.

Care in Allergy Season

1. Eye allergies can happen in any season. Itching in the eyes often occurs due to allergies. So be a little careful.
2. Even if the eyes are itchy, do not rub them.
3. Wash eyes with clean and normal water.
4. In the case of itching in the eyes, in winter, with normal water, and in the summer season with cold water. If found at night, consult an eye doctor immediately.
5. Wear good-quality goggles when you go out.
6. Drink a sufficient amount of water.

Time of surgery

Many people do not like to have cataract surgery in the summer. They think that infection can happen in summer, but this is a misconception of the people. Now science has made so much progress that there is no need for surgery, so surgery can be done in any season and this surgery is completely safe.

Cataract problem

In most cases, cataract is found more in older people, but now it is not so. Due to the change in lifestyle, the problem of cataracts has started appearing even in the youth, so if there is a problem in the eyes then one should go to the doctor soon.

What to do for the problem of cataracts

Whenever there is blurred vision, get an eye examination done by an ophthalmologist, if there is a cataract and if the doctor recommends surgery, then get it done in time. Although it is not emergency surgery, there is no use in delaying it. With timely surgery, the quality of eyesight is maintained and this leads to a better life.

Technological advances in the treatment of cataract

With the advent of new advanced technologies, the treatment of cataracts has now become better than before. Let us know those technological developments due to which it is now possible to give youthful vision to cataract patients.

Latest Biometry

With the latest biometry, we harness the power of artificial reading lenses in the eye. The more accurate the power of the lens, the more clearly it will be visible after the treatment. In addition, biometric devices of the past used to measure only the average measurement of our cornea's front and back surface, rather than the actual measurement, making the power of the IOL (artificial lens) less accurate. Today we are able to get the exact size of each person's eye by taking the original measurement of the cornea, which helps us to extract the power of the artificial lens. Only the latest Biometry software provides accurate power extraction software for those who have previously performed eyeglass removal treatments such as Legic, Post R-K, and Post Legic.

Image-Guided System

This is an unprecedented achievement in the treatment of cataracts. In patients who have always had a smaller or higher number of cylinders, this device allows surgeons to determine where to make an eye incision, effectively targeting the precise axis of the cylindrical power prosthesis. can. Due to this, the eye surgeon is able to put the artificial lens in the correct access. In this way, the patient gets rid of the cataract as well as the cylindrical power.

State-of-the-art Feco Machine:

Although phaco machines have been available for a long time, but in the latest machines, all the measures have been taken for complete protection of the eyes and screens during the treatment of the patient. Since the latest machines have more power, they do the treatment faster and use less energy. Due to this, there is little swelling in the eye and light comes very soon, due to better equipment, the complete treatment is done well, especially the patients who have glaucoma with cataracts or problems related to the screen.

Screen Imaging System:

No matter how dense the cataract is with people today, we can estimate the screen of the eye and its actual position with this new device. It is especially beneficial for those with diabetes (who must undergo cataract treatment). Apart from this, we can also get a fair idea of ​​how much trouble people will face after cataract treatment. Thanks to all these achievements, cataract patients today can confidently expect the best results.


Due to the progress made in the field of science, there has been a remarkable development in the field of technology. Especially in the treatment of eyes, where a few years ago a cataract patient was happy only after getting the eyesight, today by treating the same patient, we are able to give him better vision than before and science has succeeded in treating many other eye diseases.

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