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30+ Honey benefits | Use of honey for masculine power and many diseases

Honey is a sticky and sweet syrup-like product collected by bees that are collected by beekeepers, and beekeeper farmers make even more profit by taki

Honey: Introduction

Honey is a sticky and sweet syrup-like product collected by bees that are collected by beekeepers, and beekeeper farmers make even more profit by taking the hive to fields, where they use “bees” for crops. to pollinate. Therefore, bees are not only producers of honey but also help in the pollination of crops.

Honey benefits

There may also be subtlety in the taste of honey produced by bees. There are different subspecies of bees, each producing a specific type of honey. More importantly, the source of the pollen affects the taste of the honey obtained from it.

Nature of Honey

Honey is mild. As soon as it reaches the stomach, it gets digested and mixes in the blood, and gives instant power to the body. It shows the same effect as honey when mixed with it, that is, it shows a warming effect when taken with hot things and shows a cooling effect when taken with cold things. Sugar also comes out of honey, so seeing grains of sugar in honey should not immediately doubt its purity. There is also the effect of country, time, and forest on honey, hence there is a difference in its color and taste.

Special precautions in the consumption of honey

Honey should never be heated on fire. Drinking honey mixed with hot water destroys its properties, so it should be mixed with lukewarm milk and water only. If any harm is seen by the consumption of honey, then it is cured by the consumption of lemon.

The most caution is required in the consumption of honey and that is that if honey is taken in equal quantity with ghee, oil, or other greasy substance, it becomes poison and can also lead to the death of the person. So be careful while consuming honey.

Method of eating Honey

Honey can be eaten mixed with milk, water, yogurt, sour cream, tea, toast, bread, fruit juice, lemon, or any other item. Honey should be consumed naturally during the rainy season, with hot drinks in winter, with cold food in summer.

How to identify pure Honey

1. Put a few drops of honey in the water and if these drops remain in the water then the honey is real and if the drops of honey mix or dissolve in the water then the honey is adulterated.

2. Dip a cotton wick in honey and burn it, and if the wick continues to burn, the honey is pure.

3. A dog does not eat pure honey, that too is the hallmark of the purity of honey.

Disinfectant properties in honey

Honey contains potassium, which destroys the germs of the disease. Diseases caused by germs like typhoid etc. The germs of many diseases are destroyed by honey.

Honey as a Healthy Tonic

1. Honey is rich in iron content. If the skin is pale yellow, then it is due to a lack of iron in the blood. Therefore, after meals in the morning and evening, drink a little water mixed with honey and lemon juice. You can also drink milk mixed with honey.

2. Honey contains up to 50% glucose, 37% fructose, 2% sucrose, and equal amounts of maltose, dextrin, gum, and aroma.

3. Honey contains vitamins A, B2, B6, and vitamin C.

4. Honey also contains essential minerals such as iron, copper, magnesium, potassium, sodium, phosphorus, sulfur, iodine, carotene, and antiseptic elements.

5. Honey contains all the elements that are necessary to keep the human body strong. Honey is a tonic, potent medicine. But how many people do not have the right information about its properties and they waste a lot of money on a lifelong affair with many other energizing tonics? One teaspoon of honey contains 100 calories of energy.

6. Honey is beneficial only when it is pure. Honey is used as a medium in the intake of many other medicines.

Use of Honey in many Diseases

Here are some important disease, in which use of honey for its treatment.

Use of Honey in Lung diseases

Honey is beneficial in lung diseases like bronchitis, asthma, pneumonia, asthma, etc. In Russia, honey is more used in lung diseases.

Mixing two spoons of onion juice or two spoons of honey in the pulp, and feeding it to a weak person whose lungs are full of mucus or phlegm and there is difficulty in breathing, provides immediate relief. This is an old recipe. Asthma and lung diseases are cured by the consumption of honey. Honey strengthens the lungs. Honey cures cough, dryness of the throat, and neuralgia. Removes wheezing in the chest. Only honey can also be consumed.

For tuberculosis treatment, 25 grams of honey should be mixed with 100 grams of butter. Taking one spoon of honey mixed with milk stops the decomposition of the body and increases strength.

Use of Honey in blood disorders

Honey purifies the blood and makes new blood. The biggest property of honey is to remove fatigue.

Use of Honey for Beauty and Skin disorders

Make a paste by mixing honey, and applying it to the face or pimples. If there is any skin disease, then tying a bandage of honey provides relief. In skin diseases like ringworm, scabies, boils, etc., mixing 40 grams of honey with 300 grams of water and drinking it for a few months in the morning purifies the blood. Honey makes the skin soft and beautiful. Ringworm is cured by applying pure honey to ringworm or herpes. Applying a mixture of lemon, honey, gram flour, and sesame oil brings a natural glow to the skin and enhances beauty.

Use of Honey in Cracked Heels

Cracked heels, Blisters on the palate (Itching of feet due to rainwater, Pimples), Broken nails If there is no, etc., honey should be applied three to four times.

Use of Honey when burning with fire

Applying light honey on the organs burnt by fire reduces the burning sensation. If there is a wound, till it heals, then by applying honey, the burn wounds also get cured. After the treatment, white spots of the burn remain, applying honey on them and tying a bandage removes the spots.

Use of Honey in Gout

People suffering from arthritis should be fed honey for a long time, it is very beneficial. This reduces joint pain.

Use of Honey Longevity

Honey helps in providing strength and longevity to the body. Honey is the best nutritious food for older people. It prevents the troubles of old age.

Use of Honey to relieve constipation

Honey is a portion of natural food. Drink 50 grams of honey mixed with fresh water or milk in the morning and before going to bed. Honey has a good effect on the stomach.

Use of Honey for Body Power

Consumption of honey gives strength, energy, and strength to the nerves. People working in the sea, who have to stay in the water for a long time, can get this power from honey.

Sugar damages the digestive organs and creates air in the stomach, but honey prevents the build-up of air, and increases mental and physical strength. After doing all the work at night or whenever you feel tired, drink half a glass of warm water with two spoons of honey and squeezed lemon juice, all the tiredness will go away and you will get freshness again.

Use of Honey in Diabetes

If there is a strong desire to eat sweets in diabetes, then sugar can be stopped in the urine by the consumption of honey. Chronic kidney diseases can be avoided by consuming a small amount of honey instead of sugar.

Use of Honey in Eye diseases

The use of honey has proved to be very beneficial to avoid terrible diseases like black cataracts, night blindness, and blindness of the eyes. People can avoid this disease by consuming 5 grams daily.

Use of Honey in half headache

If the headache starts from sunrise, then as soon as the sun starts setting, the headache stops, put a drop of honey in the other nostril from where the pain is occurring, and the pain will go away. Sometimes there is sudden severe pain in half the head, the patient also vomits in pain, and the pain stops after vomiting. If this pain keeps happening again and again, then taking two spoons of honey at the time of food daily does not cause pain. Sometimes even if there is pain, taking two spoons of honey provides relief.

Use of Honey in Sore throat

Licking a spoonful of honey thrice a day is beneficial if there is swelling in the throat. If the voice of the throat has become calm, then gargling with a cup of water mixed with a spoonful of honey ends the voice.

Use of Honey in Sleep crying of a baby

If the child cries in sleep, then understand that he is dreaming due to indigestion, give him honey, and the indigestion will go away, and crying will stop in sleep.

Use of Honey to increase Heart power

Honey is the best among all the medicines in the world which give strength to the heart. Due to this, the heart becomes so powerful as eating green barley gives strength to a horse.

Inflammation of the heart muscle is removed by the consumption of honey. While it gives strength to a diseased heart, it strengthens a healthy heart. Consumption of honey also prevents heart failure.

When the patient is afraid of fainting due to the lack of glycogen in the blood, feeding honey can save the patient from fainting.

Honey generates energy and enthusiasm within minutes and strengthens a weak and failing heart. When the heart beats fast, suffocation occurs due to cold or weakness, then taking two spoons of honey gives new energy.

If there is any problem like weakness of the heart, sitting of the heart, then drink a glass of warm water mixed with a spoonful of honey. Consuming one spoon of honey daily strengthens the heart.

Use of Honey in Stomach ache

If eating something causes stomach pain, as often asked by stomach pain patients, if the stomach pain increases due to food and drink, then consuming honey for a few days is beneficial.

Use of Honey for Strong nervous system

Honey removes the weakness of the nervous system.

Use of Honey to join broken Bones

If the bone is broken, then consuming honey regularly helps in connecting the bone.

Use of Honey in Insomnia

If you do not sleep due to business worries and exhaustion, then drinking two spoons of honey mixed with lemon juice at night brings sleep. After waking up, drinking two spoons brings sleep again. If there is no lemon, then drinking a glass of water mixed with a spoonful of honey brings sleep. Honey has a sedative effect on the body, so sleep is good.

Use of honey in High Blood Pressure

In case of hypertension or high blood pressure, honey has a sedative effect on the body and lowers blood pressure by reducing the stimulation of blood vessels.

Use of Honey for Players

Honey is the best food for all types of sportsmen to give strength, and energy and relieve fatigue. Players should take 20 grams of honey instead of sugar.

Use of Honey to reduce Obesity

To reduce obesity, wake up in the morning and drink lukewarm water mixed with honey. But, To increase obesity, drink honey mixed with milk daily. This also increases the power.

Use of Honey in Pregnancy

Honey contains protein. Consuming protein during pregnancy improves the parental qualities of the child. Honey contains certain hormones that maintain the youth and complexion of a pregnant woman. There is anemia in pregnancy. During this, honey is consumed more in things that increase blood. If a pregnant woman drinks two spoons of honey regularly, there is no lack of blood, strength comes, and a child of beautiful, plump, fresh, and strong mental power is born.

Feeding women with honey mixed with milk from the beginning or for the last three months makes the child healthy and attractive.

Use of Honey to increase Male Potency

Drinking honey mixed with milk increases strength and semen in the body. Honey is beneficial. Consumption of honey removes semen defects like lack of sperm.

Use of Honey in treat bed urine

Some children urinate in bed at night. It is a disease. This disease is cured by giving honey to children at bedtime for a few days.

Use of Honey in Cramps

If the patient bends his eyelids, again and again, there is a spasm and tremor in any part of his body, then the spasm of the limbs is removed by the consumption of honey.

Use of Honey in Pneumonia and Typhoid

In these diseases, the digestive organs and respiratory organs become unable to function properly. Taking a glass of boiled water mixed with honey cures typhoid or typhoid fever within a few days and the patient does not become weak. The patient with typhoid should not be given more solid food until the typhoid is cured.

Use of Honey in Paralysis

In case of paralysis, calcium should be given more to the body. Mixing two spoons of honey in one ounce of boiling water, cooling it, and giving it to the patient provides an adequate amount of calcium. In this way, by giving honey for three weeks, the paralyzed organs start functioning.

Use of Honey in Jaundice

Jaundice is cured by mixing one spoon of honey in a glass of water and taking it thrice a day. In anemia, mix honey with water or milk and drink it thrice a day.

Use of Honey in Stomach worms

If there are worms in the stomach, then taking honey in the morning and evening kills the worms. Mixing two parts curd, and one part honey, and licking it kills stomach worms and comes out with stool.

Use of Honey in Problem of Teething

Rubbing honey on the gums of toothless children ends the swelling of the gums. Constipation or diarrhea in children is also removed by giving honey.

Use of Honey in Cold and Influenza

Mixing 30 grams of honey, and two spoons of ginger juice with some warm water and taking it in cold and flu is useful to cure a cold, flu, and influenza.

Mix two spoons of honey, 200 grams of milk, and half a teaspoon of sweet soda and drink it in the morning and evening. This will cause a lot of sweating, and it will cure a cold. In the case of flu, consumption of honey destroys germs, and fever and headache are also reduced.


We have provided detailed and proven information about honey in this article, which you must know so that you can learn to use honey for good health. As you know that adding honey to your diet keeps your body healthy naturally. You must read it to know.

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