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Learn How To Prevent AdSense Disable For Blogger

I will provide all the important information related to AdSense security on Blogger Website, how you can protect AdSense from being disabled on.....

AdSense Disable From Invalid Traffic and Click:

Dear friends! Today in this article, I will provide all the important information related to AdSense security on Blogger Website, how you can protect AdSense from being disabled on your blogger website in every way. Whatever advice I am giving is my own experience as I got my AdSense account disabled on three websites. So I am well aware of this problem. So carefully you read this article of mine completely and understand:

Prevent AdSense Disable from invalid traffic

The first dream and goal of every new blogger as soon as he starts his blogging business is to get Google AdSense Approval for his blog website. Because today Google AdSense is the world's No. There is 1 advertising platform, and in today's time no advertising platform pays more money than AdSense, that's why Google AdSense remains the first choice of every new blogger. However, AdSense typically pays for clicks on ads, and very little for impressions.

Getting Google AdSense Approval has not been such an easy task anymore. Because day by day the policy of AdSense is getting tougher. So unless you follow its policy, you will not get AdSense Approval. But if you apply for AdSense keeping its policy in mind, then you will easily get AdSense Approval within 24 to 48 hours. The more difficult it is to get Google AdSense Approval, the more difficult it is to keep it safe.

By the way, there are many policies of Google AdSense, which you have to follow at all costs, but the most important of them all is prevention from Invalid Click Activity and Invalid Traffic.

AdSense publishers are ultimately responsible for the traffic on their ads. For this reason, make sure that you are diligently monitoring your ad traffic to make sure that your account complies with AdSense policies and is not generating invalid traffic.

Invalid Click Activity:

If you are a New Blogger and you have monetized your blog with Google AdSense, then in this post we are giving you complete information about what is AdSense Invalid Click Activity and how to avoid it:

When a Visitor visits your website, and he repeatedly clicks on Google Ads without any reason or if he is going more than 2 Clicks in 1 hour or more than 5 Clicks in 24 hours from one device, then Google's In the eyes of intelligence bots, this is an Invalid Click Activity. This increases the earning of the publisher, but the advertisers do not get any benefit, which Google does not want at all. This type of activity is called Invalid Click Activity. This is because repeated clicks on the ads indicate that the person is clicking on the ads repeatedly to earn more and not because of being attracted by the ads.

In the absence of information and experience, new bloggers click repeatedly with some of their friends or on their own to raise money from Google AdSense ads, but they do not know how harmful it can prove to be. And in the next few days, their AdSense account gets permanently suspended.

If you are also doing this, then maybe today or tomorrow Google will disable or permanently disable your AdSense account. Therefore, even by mistake, do not think of clicking again and again with your device or anyone's device.

Invalid Traffic:

Maybe you do not know, so let me tell you that there are three types of traffic on the website-

1. Organic traffic
2. Social traffic
3. Direct traffic

Organic traffic is when a visitor comes to your website directly through Google, Bing or other search engines after searching your title etc.

Social traffic is that, when you write an article and share it on social media, then people come to your website from there.

Direct traffic is when people come to your website by searching the name of your website.

In the absence of information and experience, new bloggers use some such Websites and Software, which generate Instant Traffic, to earn more from their website. When some bloggers initially get approval from AdSense, they fondly open their website again and again, although they do not click, yet it is added to invalid traffic and within a few days their AdSense account will be closed by Google. 

When your website has more than 50% social media traffic or less than 50 or 60% organic traffic, Google AdSense also considers it as invalid traffic. So always keep your organic traffic around 50 or 60%.

You can find out the full details of your traffic from Search Console Insights (you will find its link at the top of the Google Search Console dashboard) and Google Analytics.

Invalid Click & Traffic Detection and Blocking:

If the CTR (Click Through Rate) in your Adsense account is below 10%, then your AdSense account is absolutely safe. There is nothing to worry about in this. But if your CTR is between 11-13%, then you need to be careful immediately and you have to find out from where your website is getting clicked and you have to block that IP address immediately.

And if your CTR goes above 20%, then understand that your AdSense account is completely in danger, and that 24Hr. Temporary Suspend or Permanently Disabled can happen at any time inside.

If your AdSense Earning is $10 and it becomes $4 after 2 hours or your total earning decreases, then you should understand that Invalid Click has happened on your AdSense Account.

If you are showing 10 Clicks in your AdSense account and the CPC (Cost Per Click) is exactly $0.00, then this is also an indicator of a type of AdSense Invalid Click Activity, which happens when you click from your own device.

If you see any such type of activity in your account, then immediately fill and submit the AdSense Invalid Click Activity Appeal Form, so that Google will deduct the Earning done through Invalid Click Activity from your account and Original Earning will be given to you. Will leave balance in the account and may save your AdSense account from getting disabled.

If you start Blogging, then do not get involved in Google AdSense for a year or at least 6 months and write fiercely good posts / articles and try to increase traffic from social media etc. or in any way possible. When your website starts getting 2000 and more traffic per day, then after a year or 6 months, you give your website for Google AdSense approval and when your website is approved, you can easily place Google AdSense ads on your website. You can invest and earn a lot. But if you take Google AdSense approval in the beginning and your website does not get very good traffic, then you will panic or do some wrong thing like sharing more and more on social media or clicking on your own. If you do then your Google AdSense account can be disabled forever. Therefore, with our advice, do not get caught in Google AdSense for a year or 6 months and try to increase your traffic.

If you feel that Invalid Click Activity or Invalid traffic is happening on your account, then immediately remove all AdSense Ad Code from your blog.

After removing the Ad Code, submit AdSense Invalid Click Activity Form by filling it, so that AdSense thinks that you have not clicked on your ads by yourself. And you are careful about your AdSense Account. With this, Google AdSense will maintain a trust towards you and your account will be saved from being Suspended / Disabled.

Some publishers have problems with invalid traffic when partnering with low-quality ad networks, search engines, or directory sites in an effort to increase traffic to their site. So avoid buying traffic.

Understand your advertising traffic and site visitors well. Check your implementation twice and thrice.

Use Google Analytics to get detailed information about your site visitors, and monitor any suspicious user behavior. (Where do my users come from geographically or on the web? What pages do they visit, how long do they stay on my site?)

Don't click on your own ads, or refresh the ads again and again.

Do not click on Google ads running on your own website, even if you are interested in an ad or are looking for its destination URL.

If you are using a custom domain on your blogger, then host it on Cloudflare, no matter where you bought it from, you can host it on Cloudflare, just by changing the nameserver. On Cloudflare, you can host for free for an unlimited amount of time and get the best security. We have written an article for this.

Always keep Under Attack Mode and Bot Flight Mode ON on your domain after hosting on Cloudflare.

Keeping Under Attack Mode ON will be beneficial that when any visitor or person will open your website, first of all Cloudflare will check his device whether this device is valid or illegal. If the traffic remains illegal, then your website will not open in that device and no one will be able to send bot traffic or invalid traffic to your website, nor will anyone be able to refresh your website again and again using illegal extensions. That's why I would request you to host your domain on Cloudflare and activate Under Attack Mode, by doing this your website will be saved from invalid traffic. Also, you will be able to track the IP address of the devices in which your website will be open, even if you want, you can block the IP address of any illegal activity.

Install the App named AdSense Guard on your Blogger Website by going to the App section in Cloudflare's dashboard; By doing this your website will be protected from all kinds of AdSense threats.

If the traffic of social media starts going up to 50 or 60-70%, then remove the link of your website from social media.

After getting the approval of Google AdSense or when Google's ads start running on your website, then you should depend on more and more Organic traffic, and do not get involved in social media or Bot traffic, otherwise your AdSense account will be disabled.


The solution we have given to protect Google AdSense for a website made on Blogger is infallible and absolutely tried and tested myself. That's why you do all these measures, contact us immediately for any problem and contact us to ask any information.

Thanks for reading: Learn How To Prevent AdSense Disable For Blogger, Please, share this article. If this article helped you, then you must write your feedback in the comment box.

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