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Learn to causes of nightfall | Tips to stop the nightmare

Involuntary ejaculation due to a disorder in the endocrine system and nervous system of the body, during the night or day itself, while sleeping or in

स्वप्नदोष: Cause and best treatment for nightfall

Involuntary ejaculation due to a disorder in the endocrine system and nervous system of the body, during the night or day itself, while sleeping or in sleep, in a dream with a female, is called nightmares. In fact, it is a men's disease only.

Disease comes from disease-causing habits. So sick people need medicines as well as education.

Cause of Nightfall

When the child enters adolescence from childhood, during that time period, many male hormones start being produced in the body, mainly FSH, LH, TSH, Androgens, Testosterone, etc. play the role of male hormones. Dreaming usually happens only to young people.


Since spermatozoa continue to be produced in the testes (testicles), especially under the influence of testosterone hormones, and then sperm from there, the sperms keep accumulating.

Foods and pornographic activities that stimulate the secretion of testosterone hormone also lead to rapid sperm production. If the spermatozoa are already filled with sperm, an internal equilibrium process in the body called homeostasis expels the extra spermatozoa through the dream.

Some of the main reasons helpful in increasing the level of testosterone hormone unnecessarily:

1. Bed thoughts in mind all the time,
2. Masturbation,
3. More sensual nature,
4. Constipation,
5. Falling asleep immediately after having a meal,
6. Worms in the stomach,
7. Reading and listening to pornographic stories,
8. Listening to obscene songs/songs and watching porn videos,
9. Seeing and thinking of nude or semi-nude pictures of girls/women,
10. Drinking warm milk before sleeping at night,
11. sleeping by eating eggs,
12. Sleeping by eating stimulating foods that increase the level of the testosterone hormone is prominent.

Side effects/harm of Nightfall

If one or two times in a month there is a dream disorder, yet sleep comes well, there is no pain and lethargy in the body, then no one should worry, but if there is a problem in them, then it should be considered as a disease. Some of the special disadvantages of dreaming and masturbation are as follows:

1. The beauty of the face goes away,
2. Many minor and major diseases start occurring in the body because due to frequent masturbation and sleep deprivation, the immune system weakens due to excessive semen loss,
3. The memory power/memory of the brain becomes weak,
4. The eyes seem to be sunken inwards,
5. Vision/sight becomes weak,
6. Constipation occurs,
7. A state of lethargy, lethargy, and always sleepy arises,
8. Pain in the back, waist, knees, or whole body,
9. Semen becomes thin and there may also be a lack of sperms in the semen.

Remedy/Treatment for Nightfall

Since somnolence occurs in unmarried young men, they do not have the opportunity to have intercourse, so the spermatozoa continue to be expelled. Therefore, there is much medical advice to avoid dreaming, and masturbating daily or repeatedly; But this is completely wrong, those doctors give such disgusting advice only to make young people sick. Because of the stage in which young people start having dreams, at that time those young people masturbate a lot/excessively and there is also a lot of dreaming. Therefore, getting rid of dreams by masturbating is completely wrong and misleading.

Masturbation is a misdemeanor and not karma, if masturbation was good then it would not have been termed a misdemeanor. When a boy is ejaculated by masturbation or dreaming, then how does he feel weak, you ask that boy and this condition of weakness also arises after ejaculation during intercourse.

At the beginning of adolescence, every boy masturbates, because it is a natural and natural compulsion, but masturbating daily or repeatedly is fraught with danger, and can cause severe disturbances in the body because unnecessary stimulation increases the level of each hormone. spoils it. It is not at all that if you do not continue to masturbate frequently in adolescence, then your male glands will become inactive.

Semen is the basis of the body. Semen should not be considered only as the secretion of the glands, because the glands do not make semen in the same way, the glands need precious nutrients to make semen. Semen has the ability to produce offspring. Semen keeps the body active. The formation and mechanism of semen are very complex and are not easily understood by everyone.

You are a young man and you want to be good in life, so you have to protect your semen. If you will not protect your semen, your memory power or memory power/memory will become weak due to excessive semen loss; So you will not be able to advance in your studies or get the sharp intelligence to win any competition and many more. Such as difficulty in getting a child after marriage etc. Some more remedies are helpful in getting rid of masturbation and dreaming:

1. Remove the above reasons,
2. Before sleeping at night, wash hands and feet up to the top with cold water and wipe them down and go to sleep,
3. Eat food 1 hour before sleeping. Eat sattvik diet as far as possible, and avoid the rajasic and tamasic diet,
4. Make a habit of being busy, especially in good work,
5. Indulge in religious work and read religious books and stories daily,
6. Pursue good knowledge and good deeds,
7. Stay away from obscenity and follow celibacy,
8. Avoid obscenity (obscene photos/videos/songs/songs) on social media and the internet and learn to make good use of social media and the internet.

Homeopathic medicine for Nightfall/Sleep deprivation

Homeopathic medicine is the best if you want to take medicine to get rid of nightmares because sleep disturbances are caused due to hormonal imbalances, and the principle of homeopathic medicine is that it normalizes the system of the body. If your hormone level has increased unnecessarily, then homeopathic medicine will reduce it to normal. If your hormone level is less than required then homeopathic medicine will increase it to normal as per requirement. The following are these surefire and absolutely safe homeopathic medicines for dreaming:

Staphysagria 200: 

If excessive masturbation causes sleeplessness, excessive weakness, or sleeplessness, then take five to five tablets thrice a day.

Digitalis P 200:

It is an effective medicine to cure all types of nightmares. Take five tablets of this twice a day.

Dyscoria 200: 

Five-five tablets should be taken twice a day in case of dreaming two or three times in the night.

Nux Vomica 200: 

If there is constipation and sometimes little bowel movement has to be taken, then take this medicine five tablets before going to bed.

Some Important Questions Answered (FAQ)

Question 1. Does the sadhana fail if there are Nightmares while sleeping at night?

Answer:  Since you cannot have any control over involuntary ejaculation in a dream or dream. Therefore, according to the Hindu religion, if a man has involuntary ejaculation or dreams, then after bathing methodically, purity is attained and sadhana will not be considered a failure. Some sadhanas are considered unsuccessful because they require complete restraint.

Question 2. If there are Nightmares during Navratri, then is it prevented?

Answer:  According to the Hindu religion, if a man has involuntary ejaculation or dream defect, then after bathing methodically, purity is attained and sadhana will not be considered a failure. In the event of involuntary ejaculation or sleep deprivation, the body is considered holy only after bathing.

Question 3. Does the fasting break due to Nightmares?

Answer:  Yes! The fast is broken due to dream defects because you have not been able to maintain complete restraint. If there is a dream defect in the fast, then the result of the fast is not available, but the fast must be completed after taking a bath.

Question 4. Do the Nightmares break the fast?

Answer: The importance of fasting is only by fasting during the day, when meat and alcohol can be consumed at night, then it can not make any difference if there is a dream disorder.

Question 5. What should not be eaten in Nightmares?

Ans: The severe patient with dreaming disorder should not eat stimulating food (Tamasy food/ non-vegetarian/ eggs/ hot milk at night), as this stimulating food disturbs the level of testosterone hormone.

Question 6. Allopathic medicine for Nightmares/Nightfall?

Answer: Actually there is no effective allopathic medicine for somnolence, and at present, the strength medicines and some other medicines (Biolin, Revitol, Norflame 400, Norflox, Spemen forte, etc.) are given, they do harm instead of benefit. it occurs. It would be better if you take the help of homeopathic medicine.

Question 7. Yoga to stop Nightmares?

Answer: Even only yoga cannot give full benefit to dreaming. If you do Surya Namaskar and all other major yogasanas (Shirshasana, Bhujangasana, Tadasana, Vajrasana etc.) after meals, there will be some benefit.

Question 8. Benefits of garlic in Nightmares?

Answer: Since garlic is a stimulating food, so consuming garlic in dreams is not beneficial at all.

Question 9. Will the Nightmares be correct after marriage?

Answer: After marriage, the dream problem becomes correct. By the way, the disease of dream disorder in young people gets cured on its own after 2-3 years even without marriage.

Question 10. Tell me ayurvedic medicine for Nightmares?

Answer:  Actually there is no effective Ayurvedic medicine for sleep deprivation, and at present, the medicines of strength and some other medicines (Ashwagandha churna, Chandraprabhavati, etc.) do not give any special benefit. It would be better if you take the help of homeopathic medicine.

Question 11. Why do the Nightmares always occur at night?

Answer: Since the mechanism of sleep deprivation is very complex, which is roughly the homeostasis action removes unnecessary semen from the body on the basis of dreams. People see dreams, especially at night, some people get dream disorders even during the day.

Question 12. Worship should be done in Nightmares?

Answer: If a man has involuntary ejaculation or dream defect, then after getting purity after bathing methodically, he can worship.


With my advice, you can be completely healthy, this I explain my human religion!

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