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Learn to fix vitamin A deficiency in child

Experts believe that most children who fall ill again and again are not aware of personal hygiene, such as washing hands well before eating and bathin

Ways to keep the child healthy:

Experts believe that most children who fall ill again and again are not aware of personal hygiene, such as washing hands well before eating and bathing daily, etc. When children do not stay clean, they become infected with many types of infectious factors. Due to the infection of harmful microbes in children, nutrients start getting destroyed in the body and there is a possibility of the child suffering from malnutrition. Physical and mental development gets stunted due to malnutrition.

Vitamin A deficiency in child

If your child gets sick frequently, due to this, the number of school holidays for his days becomes more. So don't ignore it at all. This not only affects the education of the child but his physical and mental development gets hampered. Vitamin A deficiency occurs due to infection with harmful microbes in children and the child's immune system can be weakened.

Vitamin A deficiency is a big problem in children. Due to the deficiency of Vitamin-A, children become weak and some of these children suffer from many diseases of the eyes. Rather, young and old people also suffer from vitamin-A deficiency, but children suffer the most. The deficiency of Vitamin-A also increases the mortality rate in children. In India alone, a quarter of the world's children suffer from vitamin-A deficiency, because some do not get nutritious food, and some suffer from vitamin-A deficiency due to other reasons.

Talking about statistics, every year 20000 children become blind due to deficiency of Vitamin-A and many children suffer from many types of infections.

Use of Vitamin A in children:

Vitamin-A enhances the ability of the eyes to see and provides the power to fight infectious diseases because with the help of Vitamin-A the human immune system is strengthened. Vitamin- A strengthens each part of the eyes.
If a sufficient amount of vitamin A is present in the body, then the human digestive system is able to absorb a sufficient amount of calcium from the food consumed. Therefore, if there is a deficiency of vitamin A in children, then they will also be deficient in calcium, which leads to bone deformities, or bones becoming weak and crooked in children.

Causes of Vitamin A deficiency in children:

The biggest reason for the deficiency of Vitamin- A in children is diarrhea (diarrhea or diarrhea) and stomach worms. When children become infected with these diseases, it is possible that they will be deficient in Vitamin A. Vitamin A deficiency is most common even after measles. It has been observed that after prolonged diarrhea in children, there is a deficiency of Vitamin A in their body, while they keep on eating a balanced diet. Due to diarrhea and intestinal worms, the intestines of children become weak, in such a situation they are unable to absorb vitamin A from the substances, and vitamin A comes out with the stool.

About 1.8 million children under the age of 5 have been diagnosed with diarrhea and pneumonia because they do not maintain regular personal hygiene in everyday life. The main cause of diarrhea in children is infection and the reason for this is not taking bath daily and washing hands properly before eating. If the child expels loose stools 3 times or more in a day, it may be a symptom of diarrhea.

Intestinal infections in children also hinder mental development. The intestinal infection affects not only the bowel but the entire digestive system, which includes all organs from the digestive tract. These infections are mainly caused by bacteria and viruses.

In a developing country like India, diarrheal infections are more frequent among children aged 1 year to 5 years, and due to this, the problem of malnutrition occurs. The main reason for this is due to excess fluid from the body during diarrhea. If it is not treated properly, then the problem increases, due to which there is a hindrance in mental development along with physical development.

Symptoms of Vitamin A deficiency in children:

1. Night blindness or night blindness, in night blindness children see very little at night. The patient cannot see after sunset.

2. There is dryness (dryness or lack of tears) in the eyes, burning, redness, and itching also start in it. This disease is called xerosis.

3. The pupils of the eyes gradually turn white. This disease is called corneal opacity. If it is not treated on time, the patient also becomes blind.

4. There is a wound in the cornea of ​​the eye which does not heal quickly. This disease is called a corneal ulcer.

5. The child is always suffering from some disease again and again and looks very weak.

6. If children have a problem with excessive sleep and eye pain or water falling while studying, then these are symptoms of vitamin A deficiency.

Diagnosis of Vitamin A deficiency in children:

Vitamin-A deficiency is known only after looking at the diseases in the eyes of children. For this identification, attention should be paid to the above symptoms. Apart from this, due to a deficiency of Vitamin A, the child falls ill again and again and suffers from many types of diseases. Vitamin A deficiency is detected precisely by blood tests.

Remedy to remove Vitamin-A deficiency in children:

First of all, fix the child's digestive system. The best way for that is an experienced and learned person Get the child treated by a homeopathic doctor because homeopathic medicines cure the disease with great accuracy without side effects. A qualified doctor of any other method can get the child treated properly.
Injective and oral medications to treat vitamin A deficiency in children; Both types of medicines are available on the market. 

If the child is less than 6 months old, 50,000 IU vitamin A injection is given only once. If the child is more than 6 months old, a 1 lakh IU vitamin A injection is given once every 6-6 months.

Milk, curd, butter, green leafy vegetables like spinach, mint, radish, carrot, beet, tomato, etc., and yellow sweet fruits like mango, papaya, etc. in proper quantity to overcome the deficiency of vitamin A through nutritious food in children. It is consumed.

Parents take regular care of their children. If the child complains of itching in the eyes, immediately consult an eye specialist.


Experts believe that along with supplying vitamins, mineral salts, etc. to enhance concentration and immunity in children, it is the responsibility of parents to teach their children about cleanliness and personal hygiene. Many schemes organized at the national level have been started by the government to remove the deficiency of Vitamin-A in the child, yet it is necessary that the parents of the children are facing the deficiency of Vitamin-A in the children and any other Know the reason, which hinders the overall development of the child and tries to overcome it yourself.

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