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Learn to make a naughty baby wiser

As everyone knows and accepts that children are the builders of the future and it is also said that "It is okay to increase wealth, but not to grow in

Make a naughty baby/child wiser

As everyone knows and accepts that children are the builders of the future and it is also said that "It is okay to increase wealth, but not to grow in mind." Therefore, it is the duty of every parent to make them intelligent, well educated and disciplined. The parents who do not try to make their children well educated, disciplined and sensible, their children become evil and mischievous in nature and can become troublesome for the civilized society.

Make a naughty baby wiser

As the saying goes; Only raw clay pots can be molded into proper shape, the pot cannot be changed when it is cooked, and if an attempt is made to change the shape of the cooked pots, they break. Similarly, as long as the age of the children is small or the children are of young age, they should be given proper education to bring them on the right path and proper rites should be provided by keeping the children disciplined, so that children can help in building a beautiful society. be able to contribute. If children are not taught proper sanskars at a young age, they will remain evil in nature even when they grow up. Therefore, it is the duty of every parent to make every effort to make their children cultured, so that the children grow up and contribute in the creation of a beautiful society and grow up to do good and great work.

If your child is more playful than necessary, then you need to be careful, not overjoyed. Growing up, your child may be suffering from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). In this disease, the child behaves like children older than himself, but behaves badly, he is not able to concentrate. This disease is usually seen in school going children above 3 years of age. Because of this, the studies of your fickle child may get affected. He is unable to read properly due to his fickleness.

According to the survey, about 4% of school going children in India are found to have this disease. Now 60% of the children affected by this disease are not able to recover. As children get older, fickleness decreases, but good concentration is not achieved. The child tries to do wrong things, he also becomes stubborn and starts taking wrong decisions in excitement and may start taking drugs as he grows older.

Signs of more playful children:

1. The child is more playful for his age,

2. Not sitting still and always trying to do wrong things,

3. Not feeling comfortable even in class,

4. Lack of interest in studies, poor handwriting, hatred of studies,

5. intentionally making mistakes,

6. Do not wait for your turn during any group work,

7. Not doing everyday work properly,

8. Not paying attention to serious things, being careless,

9. unnecessary talking in the middle of the conversation between two people,

10. To be involved in other extravagant tasks or to divert attention even during studies.

The reason for the child being more playful:

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is considered a congenital disease. These children have a deficiency of neurotransmitter hormones in their brains at the time of birth, due to which this disease occurs. Apart from this, there are also many reasons that cause this disease, such as putting unnecessary pressure on children, scolding more without reason, always complaining, making unnecessary comparisons with other children, staying away from parents, with proper guidance. Sanskars are not teaching knowledge etc.

Preventing the child from being overly fickle:

1. Such a fickle child needs to be identified first. Most parents are or are not ready to accept that their child is mentally ill.

2. People at home and outside should treat him properly, so that there is no mental pressure on him.

3. Try to find out why the child does not want to study.

4. Appreciate and praise his good work. Instead of scolding him for making a mistake, explain it. Use instructive stories to explain.

5. Parents should be present at the time of study. If he is studying, don't let him do something else.

6. Divide the class and homework into pieces, so that he does not feel burdened.

7. Ask for some rest while studying, so that you do not feel mental pressure.

8. Get the coloring and painting done within the lines and pictures, this helps the children to concentrate.

9. Solve good puzzles, it also takes attention.

10. Let the matching game play.

11. Let the children listen to TV and radio. Keep only those channels on TV and radio, on which informative things are shown and explained. After that, ask Prem what he saw, what he heard and understood and what he wants to understand.

12. Provide children with informative story books or take out time to teach proper values ​​and good conduct through informative stories.

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