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Learn to take care of children easily

There are also many parents who are able to take good care of their children; But it is also that there are some parents who are not able to take care

Proper way to take care of children

There are also many parents who are able to take good care of their children; But it is also that there are some parents who are not able to take care of their children properly, because some people do not have enough time to take care of their children, some people do not know how to take care of their children properly. Just don't know. This article describes some special ways of taking care of children.

The right way to take care of children

From 6 to 11 years of age, children begin to understand a lot. You too must choose your children's likes and dislikes. Some children of this age are able to distinguish between right and wrong and good and bad. This age in a way acts as the foundation of the children. That's why the test of parents, patience, affection and intelligence begins from here.

Take care of children

At this age, hundreds of types of questions arise in the minds of children, various types of curiosities are born, which are the duty of parents or guardians to pacify or encourage them. At this age, children easily recognize disregard, parental indifference or any kind of tension between them. In such a situation, either they start living in fear or feeling expected, they start living alone, otherwise they become irritable again. Most of the children even start behaving undesired. Criminal or evil tendencies in children usually start growing at the age of 6 to 11 years.

The age of 12 to 15 years is considered to be the most sensitive age of human life. Children of this age know their good and bad, but the changes and environment taking place in them affect them very quickly and very much. He walks very easily on wrong and bad paths. In such a situation, children often fool their parents by lying, by clever behavior, by being base, and the parents do not even know that the child is making a fool of them.

Therefore, parents need to be very prudent and alert every moment, step by step. If at this age the children grow up, then it is as if the parents took a bath in the Ganges and their boat has crossed the world, and if they go astray, there is nothing left but to repent.

According to the facts, children brought up in adverse or bad conditions often become victims of some mental deformity. Therefore, parents should keep their children satisfied in the right way by making their mutual harmony, do not allow adverse situations like animosity, excitement, home conflict, neglect etc.

For the proper development and nutrition of the children of this age, the parents themselves have to be very disciplined. Only then will they be able to teach discipline to their children.

At bedtime, read some good books to the children or ask them to read for you.

By the time they are nine to ten years old, you must give your children the opportunity to find friends in themselves.

Be sure to use some axioms of good and informative books in your daily life. By doing this, the whole story will remember its good qualities, which will prove to be helpful in building the character of the child.

Whatever gifts you give to children, give them very thoughtfully and keeping in mind their need.

Even a small responsibility of the house can be given to the children.

Give children at this age the freedom to make choices, such as placing only two outfits or objects in front of them and saying which of them they should prefer.

Give special importance to homework received in school and complete the homework yourself. Do the work of reminding the children under your own supervision.

Give some time an opportunity to understand and explain religious things and moral values. You must also explain to the children to listen to the voice of conscience.

Try to inculcate any good hobby in your children. Like painting, singing songs, playing an instrument, in some sport or related level, motivate them to reach the top, which will increase their concentration and they will not waste their time in vain and make good use of their time.

You yourself should be the friend of your children so that they do not need much outside friends.

Also keep in touch with the school regularly, whether the child reaches the school every day or not and how he behaves there.

Give one or two small responsibilities of the house to the children and motivate them to discharge them.

Avoid quarreling in front of children and with them under mutual tension. By not doing this, they will start feeling insecure and will start looking for friends outside, they may even get their friends wrong outside.

Keep inspiring your children towards the purpose of your life and human life and show the way to fulfill it.

Teach important things to make children of this age self-respecting and must help them to become self-respecting, so that the child is not completely dependent on others.

Do not allow children to stay out of the house more than necessary, nor allow them to roam for unnecessarily long hours.

Also meet the child's friends and listen to them from time to time from the second line of the phone.

If children go to tuition, then keep in constant contact with that teacher too, so that how the child behaves there.

Be sure to ask lovingly the reason for coming home late from the child. If his answer is not satisfactory, then examine the situation yourself.

At the end of the week or some months do exciting work like visiting a religious place, etc., so that special feelings are awakened in the child.

Children run away from home due to the indifference or rigidity of some parents or lack of basic needs, most of them are children of this age. Therefore, at this age, recognize the abilities of children and explain to them their situation and teach them to behave appropriately. 

They need to be given the right direction. Increase the concentration of children by seeing their strengths and abilities. Always help them to achieve their true purpose.

Children of this age naturally develop attraction towards the opposite sex. If you feel like this, talk to your child about this topic and give them the right information, feel free to explain the advantages and disadvantages and also the merits and demerits. Don't hesitate to take the help of school teachers and psychiatrist if needed.


At this age, children are lost in the world of dreams, it is not wrong. Let them take flight of fancy. Support their right wishes and explain to them the right way when wrong intentions arise. Just you direct their correct flights. This is possible only if you are their best counselor.

You are the inspiration of your children. Whatever you do, your children often do the same after seeing it. So, do something good that you become their example, because you are the definition of perfect for your little one.

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