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Learn yogasanas to reduce your obesity very fast

Yoga is considered a wonderful way to attain spiritual enlightenment. But did you know that yoga is also a wonderful, powerful physical exercise...

Yogasanas that help you in reducing obesity:

Yoga is considered a wonderful way to attain spiritual enlightenment. But did you know that yoga is also a wonderful, powerful physical exercise?

Incurable and chronic diseases are removed from the asanas, after this, if one continues to do these asanas with other yogic activities in a methodical manner and his death does not happen due to an accident or in the middle, then there is no reason why he cannot attain immortality or he attains a long life; Because with the effect of the asanas, the body's stool or poison which is the cause of death gets removed and the body becomes pure and divine.

 Experts say that the physical aspect of hatha yoga or yoga involves specific body postures or alignment exercises, which help a person attain the physical fitness required to attain spiritual enlightenment.

Although yoga, asanas, or exercises work on all parts of the body, they are especially helpful in reducing body fat and fighting obesity. As we all know that obesity is one of the most common problems that many people face today. Due to a sedentary lifestyles and unhealthy diets, people are becoming more obese and suffering from a serious physical illness, which is called obesity.

Therefore, we give you information about 6 such easy yoga postures, which can help you in fighting obesity-

1. Naukasana:

Naukasana or Boat Pose helps you reduce belly fat, tone the abdominal muscles, and strengthen your lower back. It is beneficial in constipation and diseases related to lungs and indigestion power.


Lie down on your stomach and stretch your arms forward in a namaste posture, pulling only the upper and lower part of the stomach on both sides with force and lifting it so that the legs and hands of the body become like a boat.
Take some deep breaths. Remain in this position for a few seconds or as long as possible. Feel the constant stretch on your chest, abdominal and back muscles. Slowly come back to normal position. Relax the pose while exhaling and come back to the original position. Repeat the asana at least three times.

2. Pawan Muktasana:

This asana is very useful for reducing the fat of your thighs, hips, and abdominal region. It reduces the enlarged stomach.



Lie down on your back. Keep both legs straight. Interlace the fingers of both hands and hold them by bending the knees. In this position, bring your feet close to the body.

Hold this position for a few seconds. Slowly release this posture and bring your head to the floor. Once you have done this asana, straighten your legs and lie down in a relaxed posture. It is enough to do this asana for 1 - 3 minutes.

3. Bhujangasana -

This asana is also known as the cobra pose. This yoga asana is especially helpful in correcting and stretching your arms, muscles, shoulders, buttocks, thighs, back, and abdomen. It is best for removing obesity and for the liver. Bhujangasana is a great posture to reduce belly fat. If practiced regularly, this yoga asana can help flatten your stomach. 

Caution: This asana should not be practiced by hernia patients.



Lie down on your stomach with your legs spread on the asana. The legs should be tight and the soles are visible outwards. Keep your palms near the shoulders. While inhaling, lift the body up to the navel. Stay in this pose for a few seconds and slowly come back to the original position. This asana can be done for 5 seconds to a minute or more than 3 minutes. Repeat this asana three times.

4. Paschimottanasana:

This yoga asana is also considered to be a great asana to fight belly fat. This asana helps to reduce belly fat and correct your abdominal area, pelvic area, thighs, hips, shoulders.

Caution - Do not forcefully do this asana.


Lie down on the seat and spread your legs in front and straighten your legs. Inhale and move your arms above your head. Now while exhaling bend your body forward and try to touch your knees with your forehead.
Keep doing this asana for a few seconds and keep breathing normally. Now slowly come back to normal position while inhaling. Repeat the asana twice.

5. Veera Bhadrasana:

It is also called warrior pose. Apart from reducing body fat, this asana also helps in increasing body alignment and reducing overall body fat.


Stand with your feet at least one foot apart. Now move your gaze to the right and bend your right leg at 90 degrees. Now take a deep breath in and raise both your hands at shoulder level, then raise them above the head. Turn your head to the right and continue this pose for a few seconds or as long as you can. Come back to the original position while inhaling. Repeat the asana at least twice. It also brings agility and freshness.

6. Halasana:

In this posture, the position of the body becomes like a plow, hence it is called Halasana.

Along with removing obesity, Halasana also provides other benefits to the body, in which all the nerves and organs of the body become strong, the muscles of the back and stomach are strengthened, constipation is removed, all diseases of the liver and spleen go away go.

 It helps a lot in removing skin diseases, uterine diseases, obesity.


Lie on your back on the seat. both hands will be on the side; As in Sarvangasana, keeping both the legs together and straight, lift them up by stopping them at an angle of 30°-60°-90° and 120 degrees and slowly move them back towards the head, even to the side of the leg. Let the paws touch the ground.

After that, extend the legs a little more, by doing this the part of the waist will come right above the head. In the final stage, both the hands will be above the head and the fingers will be together. Now spread both the hands on the ground and the chin should settle well in the hole of the throat. 

To come to the former state, first, the hands should be removed and brought directly on the ground, and the legs should be brought back in the same way as they were brought slowly while stopping.

 Special: In the beginning, this posture should be done as much as can be done easily. It should not be done by force. This asana should not be done in case of enlarged liver and spleen.


If all these asanas are done regularly, it will not only help you in reducing belly fat, but can also reduce unnecessary fat from the whole body.

Losing belly fat is currently the toughest task in the world and it requires a lot of effort from a person. But, this task is not impossible either. With practice and patience, you or anyone can get really good results in a very short amount of time.

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