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Shortcuts Keys List of LibreOffice Writer for CCC Students

Hello friends! In this article, we are presenting the complete shortcut keys of the functions that come under all the menus of LibreOffice Writer.

List of LibreOffice Writer shortcuts:

Hello friends! In this article, we are presenting the complete shortcut keys of the functions that come under all the menus of LibreOffice Writer. 

Shortcuts Keys List of LibreOffice Writer

Since there are a total of 11 menus in LibreOffice Writer. Therefore, we are giving below the shortcut keys of all the menus respectively. Note: The words in bold are frequently asked in CCC Exam, so they are important.

1. Shortcut Keys of File Menu:

New-New Text Document Ctrl+N
New-Templates Ctrl+Shift+N
Open Ctrl+O
Templates-Manage Templates Ctrl+Shift+N
Save Ctrl+S
Save As Ctrl+Shift+S
Print Preview Ctrl+Shift+O
Print Ctrl+P
Exit LibreOffice Ctrl+Q

2. Shortcut Keys of Edit Menu:

Undo Ctrl+Z
Redo Ctrl+Y
Repeate Ctrl+Shift+Y
Cut Ctrl+X
Copy Ctrl+C
Paste Ctrl+V
Paste Spaceial-Paste Unformatted Text Ctrl+Alt+Shift+V
Paste Spaceial-Paste Spaceial Ctrl+Shift+V
Select All Ctrl+A
Select Text Ctrl+Shift+I
Find Ctrl+F
Find and Replace Ctrl+H
Go to Page Ctrl+G
Edit Mode Ctrl+Shift+M

3. Shortcut Keys of View Menu:

Rulers-Rulers Ctrl+Shift+R
Formatting Marks Ctrl+F10
Field Shadings Ctrl+F8
Field Name Ctrl+F9
Sidebar Ctrl+F5
Styles F11
Navigator F5
Data Sources Ctrl+Shift+F4
Full Screen Ctrl+Shift+J

4. Shortcut Keys of Insert Menu:

Page Break Ctrl+Enter
More Break-Insert Manual Row Break Shift+Enter
More Break-Insert Column Break Ctrl+Shift+Enter
OLE Object-Formula Object Ctrl+Alt+=
Comment Ctrl+Alt+C
Hyperlink Ctrl+K
Formatting Mark-Insert non breaking space Ctrl+Shift+Space
Formatting Mark-Insert non breaking hyphen Ctrl+Shift+-
Formatting Mark-Insert soft hyphen Ctrl+-
Formatting Mark-Insert Narrow no break space Alt+Shift+Space
Formatting Mark-No width optional break Ctrl+/
Field-More Field Ctrl+F2

5. Shortcut Keys of Format Menu:

Text-Bold Ctrl+B
Text-Italic Ctrl+I
Text-Single Underline Ctrl+U
Text-Double Underline Ctrl+D
Text-Superscript Ctrl+Shift+P
Text-Subscript Ctrl+Shift+B
Text-Increase Size Ctrl+]
Text-Decrease Size Ctrl+[
Text-Cycle Case Shift+F3
Text-Small Capitals Ctrl+Shift+K
Align Text-Left Ctrl+L
Align Text-Centered Ctrl+E
Align Text-Right Ctrl+R
Align Text-Justifide Ctrl+J
Clear Direct Formatting Ctrl+M
Lists-No List Ctrl+Shift+F12
Lists-Unordered List Shift+F12
Lists-Ordered List F12
Move Item Down Ctrl+Alt+Down
Move Item UP Ctrl+Alt+UP
Page Style Alt+Shift+P

6. Shortcut Keys of Styles Menu:

Text Body Ctrl+0
Heading 1 Ctrl+1
Heading 2 Ctrl+2
Heading 3 Ctrl+3
No List Ctrl+Shift+F12
Edit Style Alt+P
Update Selected Style Ctrl+Shift+F11
New Style From Selection Shift+F11
Manage Style F11

7. Shortcut Keys of Table Menu:

Insert Table Ctrl+F12
Edit Formula F2

8. Shortcut Keys of Form Menu:

No Any Shortcut key.

9. Shortcut Keys of Tools Menu:

Spilling F7
Automatic Spell Checking Shift+F7
Thesaurus Ctrl+F7
Auto Text Ctrl+F3
Update-Field F9
Extension Manager Ctrl+Alt+E
Option Alt+F12

10. Shortcut Keys of Window Menu:

Close Window Ctrl+W

11. Shortcut Keys of Help Menu:

LibreOffice Help F1
Search Commands Shift+Esc


We have presented all the shortcut keys of LibreOffice Writer in this article, which will be helpful for LibreOffice users and students preparing for the CCC exam. In the next article, we will present all the shortcut keys of LibreOffice Calc.

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