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Onion benefits | Know How to Onions Good For You

Onion is beneficial in these. In homeopathic method, these patients are often given medicine made from onion, Allium cepa, to eat....

Health Benefits of Onions

  • Nature of Onions: Hot and dry
  • Scientific name of onion: Allium cepa

Onion benefits

Neurological and rheumatic diseases:

Onion is beneficial in these. In homeopathic method, these patients are often given medicine made from onion, Allium cepa, to eat.

Heart failure:

As a result of research conducted by Britain's 'Royal Victoria Infirmary', it has come to the conclusion that by eating a plate of chopped fried or boiled onions regularly in the morning breakfast, a person will not get heart attacks. They say that onions prevent the formation of blood clots in the coronary arteries and thus protect the heart from possible damage.

Those who have increased heartbeat, want to avoid heart disease, they should eat a raw food daily while eating. This will make the heartbeat normal. The heart gets strength.


Giving a cup of onion juice to any intoxicated person will reduce the intoxication greatly.


Apply onion juice thrice daily on the callus. Cut off the callus when it becomes soft.

Enhancing Masculine Strength:

Lick one spoon of onion juice mixed with two spoons of honey. Onion creates a stir in the mind. Wakes up sex. Produces and stimulates semen. Gives the power to have sex for a long time.

Mix white onion juice, ginger juice, honey, desi ghee, each 6. grams and lick in the morning. By consuming it for 40 days, even an impotent becomes a man. A lot of semen is produced.

If the manly power is less due to some disease or being engaged in more sensual pleasures, then to remove it, do the following experiment: -

(1) Mix 60 grams fine pieces of red onion, same amount of ghee and 250 grams milk and heat it. When it becomes thick while heating, then cool it and mix sugar candy and consume it every morning for 20 days. The lost masculinity will come back.

(2) Knead dough in onion juice and bake the bati and eat it with onion curry. Manhood will come in a month.

(3) Drink one spoon of onion juice mixed with half a spoon of honey. This will remove the thinness of the semen and will increase the semen.

Hot for women:

Menstruation of women brings about openly. For these, take onion juice with honey. Iranian citizen Yahya Ali Akbar Beg Nari married 168th at the age of 88. The reason for his youth being intact till this age is because of his eating one kilo of raw onion. -Veervani, Jaipur, dated 18-7-1976

Dream Interpretation:

Drinking 10 grams of white onion juice, 8 grams of ginger juice, 5 grams of honey and 3 grams of ghee while sleeping at night does not cause bad dreams.

Snake bite:

Mix 15 grams of onion juice, 15 grams of mustard oil and give it to the patient. It is a quantity. Give three such quantities to drink every half an hour. The patient will be cured after getting rid of the poison of the snake. Also try to get treatment in the hospital.


Frequent consumption of raw onion causes more urine and it is a good medicine for dropsy.


This is the best medicine for cold. Eating raw onion cures cold. There is benefit in diseases caused by cold. This has been seen many times by giving it to patients.

Skin disease:

Eating raw or cooked onion cures yellowness of the skin and heals the skin. Skin color is beautiful. Roasting it in fire and tying it on hot boils, pus comes out. 'Swelling, burning, pain etc. are relieved and the wound heals quickly. There is no wound of infection.

Homeopathic doctors Cooke, Gabiel and Minchen state that washing a putrid, pus-filled wound with one part onion juice mixed with four parts water and then applying gauze soaked in this solution to the wound will heal the wound. Is. It purifies the blood; kills germs; Removes itching. By rubbing onion after grinding it, the pimples stop within a few days.

Dark spots:

Applying onion juice on black spots removes blackness.


Put onion juice in the nose in case of nosebleeds. Onion juice cures nose and throat infections.


Many years ago Dr. Pers of England used to tell to eat raw onion for tuberculosis or T.B. Dr. W. C. Minchen has said that onion juice destroys the attack of tuberculosis germs on the body. Eating raw onions also has a similar effect. It is a health protector, disinfectant. Eating raw onion with salt is beneficial in tuberculosis. As a result of the research of Italian doctors, it has been found that onion juice has also proved effective in tuberculosis. They injected onion juice into tuberculosis-afflicted guinea pigs and found that it inhibited the progression of tuberculosis. Russian doctors say. It also has some antibiotic properties.


People who are deficient in blood can increase blood by eating onion juice or raw onion, because onion contains a lot of iron. Due to the presence of valuable minerals like vitamin iron, sulphur, copper in onions, it stimulates the digestive organs. Onion increases physical strength.

Venomous Animal Bite:

If bees, poisonous insects, barbs, scorpions, sheep etc. are bitten by poisonous animals, then grinding onion and applying it is beneficial. On being stung by a scorpion, onion pieces should be fed with salt. Jaggery can also be fed.


Vomiting stops by taking two spoons of ginger and onion juice. In case of toothache or pain in the gums, keeping a piece of onion in that place stops the pain.

Onion Smell:

By eating coriander or cardamom or sugar after eating onion, the smell of onion does not come. To remove the smell of onions from the vegetables made by adding onion, after cooking, dissolve some sugar in water and put it in the vegetable. The smell of onion will not come. To remove the smell of onion from the utensils, they should be cleaned with lukewarm water mixed with salt.

Caution with onions:

Onion is beneficial only in the form of medicine. Not as a diet or addiction. According to American scientist Dr. Robert Husson, onions can prove harmful for patients related to urinary disorders; Because a substance called uric acid is found in onions; Which is harmful for urinary diseases. By the way, substances like sodium, sulphur, potash etc. found in onions are absolutely suitable for the human body. Apart from this, the possibility of flatulence, brain weakness, gout, headache etc. cannot be ruled out by eating too much onion.

Avoidance of Losses:

Before using onions, soak them well in salt water, only then use them. Due to this, the bad qualities of onion go away.


Cough which is not cured by many medicines, is cured by this.


If the lump or boil has ripened, there is unbearable pain, then grind the onion, mix turmeric, wheat flour, water and pure ghee in it and cook it on the fire for a while and make a poultice. Then tie it on hot, boils or knots. This will burst the boil, there will be no need for operation.


Mixing mustard oil and onion juice and massaging it is beneficial in arthritis.


If there is headache due to heat stroke, then grinding onion and applying it on the soles is beneficial. Smelling a cut onion also ends headache.


In case of cholera, drinking half a teaspoon of onion juice with a little salt every hour is beneficial, or mix mint juice in onion juice and give it one spoon every ten minutes. Mixing one part of lemon juice, green mint and onion piece in half each, giving it repeatedly is beneficial. In cholera, drinking only lukewarm onion water is beneficial.

Prevention of Cholera:

To prevent cholera from spreading, drinking 25 grams of onion juice, one cup of water, one lemon, a little salt, black pepper and ginger juice regularly four times a day does not cause cholera.

Tooth Decay:

When onion is eaten raw, it destroys harmful bacteria in the mouth and prevents tooth decay. It also eliminates bad breath.

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